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The Ten Gentlemen’s feast was held on the third ke[1] of Chen hour[2].

Mu Xi Yao went out early along with Zhao Qing and two orchid flowers.

The last arrangement, the carriage, was parked not far from the side door.

“Hui Lan, go and look for Yu Ying in a moment.

Tell her that if an accident was to occur she has to cover me.” For the outing today, Mu Xi Yao has informed lady Yu that she had accepted Di Wu Yu Ying’s invitation to attend the gathering of the maidens from the noble families.

“Mo Lan, change the clothes for me.” The two then started to get busy inside the carriage.

Zhao Qing stood outside.

Eventually, he could not refrain himself and had to remind them again.

“Miss, you made the effort to change your attire to go to the academy, yet your reason for visit is to…..if his Highness learnt, what are we to do”

“Since there’s no one to leak the information, how would his Highness know Even if he were to learn about it, it would be only afterward.

What can he do to me then” Mu Xi Yao raised her eyebrows.

“But miss, why are you going to see those irrelevant men His Highness’s handsomeness in Shengjin is among superior ones.

Next month as you marry over, you’ll be accompanied by his Highness day by day.

Wouldn’t it be better” Mo Lan was puzzled.

“If you ate “meat” every day, wouldn’t you get tired of it Moreover, your Highness’s inner yard flourishes with “flowers”, each with its own distinctive beauty and he graces countless of them every night.

So, where’s that day by day coming from “

Zhao Qing’s face distorted.

The one they were talking about was his sixth Highness

He then heard an androgynous voice speak up, ” What do you think The sort like your young master is much more reliable than your Highness.”

Afterward, they saw a handsome young man step out of the carriage.

The young man had only a jade hairpin as his hair adornment.

His hair which was like black ink was bound on top of his head, with the hair at the back loosely draped over his shoulders.

His slightly closed eyes were shining with light.

He looked outstanding attired in green-blue robe.

The only accessory on his body was the amber-colored jade pendant hung on his waist.

His aura was stern and expression proud and aloof. This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

This appearance shocked everyone.

They have never thought that the usual pampered and lovely maiden, after changing her image, would have such an exuberant look and a strong character that was as if made by Heaven.

Mu Xi Yao’s temperament when disguised as male and female was diametrically opposite.

Apart from people around her, nobody would be able to tell the two apart.

Mu Xi Yao smiled devilishly, “I will have to trouble brother Zhao regarding the identity card issue.” After finishing speaking, she strode toward the academy.

Zhao Qing had no other choice but follow her closely with a taut face.

What they did not know was that the whole scene was witnessed by the people of the prince’s estate that has long ago arrived to Yu estate and hid in the corner.

They heard clearly the master and servants’ conversation.

Everyone was flabbergasted, their minds blown away.

Even on Zhong Zheng Lin’s indifferent face, one could see the corners of his lips slightly twitching, the veins on his forehead protruded upon the closer observation.

His sixth Highness Zhong Zheng Lin thought that the most absurd thing he did since being born was falling for this kind of woman.

Even now he only felt infuriated yet had no thoughts of regret.

After seeing that “stunning” disguise even his anger began to slowly dissipate.

He was indeed bringing the anger upon himself.

Besides, inwardly, he was actually secretly feeling a bit of proudness As if being fortunate for not missing such a wonderful maiden who could disguise herself both as man and as woman with different temperaments and that he had caught her in his hand.

For the first time ever, Zhong Zheng Lin thought that his head must have been muddled to fall into Mu Xi Yao’s trap.

When Wei Zhen and the others heard Mu Xi Yao’s rebellious speech, they quickly distanced themselves from their Highness, acting like they heard nothing.

Inside their heart, they were secretly complaining that mistress Yao was too scary.

There was not even once they weren’t petrified by her.

If his Highness felt that his face has reached rock bottom[3] and wanted a purge, unbeknownst, how many people would suffer

“Ye Kai.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s deep voice spoke up.

His voice seemed to be laced with the raging fury, both of his eyes were fixed on Mu Xi Yao’s back that was parading at the front.

“Catch up with her and stop her!” Subsequently, he turned around and entered the carriage.

Mu Xi Yao was in high spirit.

Taking Zhao Qing along, she planned to watch closely the scholars who have dropped out, but at this time one carriage suddenly stopped in the front, blocking her way.

Her brows knitted.

Upon a closer look, she saw Zhong Zheng Lin lifting up the curtain with an icy-cold face and going out.

Not saying anything further, he pulled her arm and lifted her up.

Like this, they entered the carriage.

Zhong Zheng Lin afterward instructed Ye Kai to look out for a secluded place.

The carriage then slowly retreated.

Mu Xi Yao’s whole body stiffened.

Looking at Zhong Zheng Lin’s action, she immediately knew that her plans had changed.

She did not dare to make even the slightest move hence she obediently sat there.

Even her expression turned placid.

Where was her gentleman’s manners from before

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at her pitiful appearance.

She, who was shrunk in his arms, was just a tiny bit.

He felt both vexed and amused at the same time.

His heart has inexplicably gone soft.

“Observing handsome men” His tone was gentle.

Mu Xi Yao’s body shook.

Knowing that things were going to be bad for her she dug her head deeper in Zhong Zheng Lin’s bosom, her eyes turning, trying to come up with a countermeasure.

“Bendian indulges himself in soirée[4] and graces countless of women each night” His palm tenderly caressed back and forth the side of Mu Xi Yao’s slender neck making her body break out in goosebumps.

She worried that Zhong Zheng Lin would strangle her to death under the anger’s stimulation.

“When accompanying Bendian it’s like consuming a meat, you got a little tired of it” Mu Xi Yao began to swear inside her heart.

Zhong Zheng Lin this shameless man has actually sent people to monitor her Why did the jade pendant not send her a warning Having one’s privacy invaded, wasn’t it a great danger

Mu Xi Yao very indignantly expressed, the one who does not pursue the quality of one’s spirit when cultivating should be careful as to not get hit by a thunder!

“You still can be distracted” Zhong Zheng Lin’s voice became even more gentle.

His hands quickly unfastened Mu Xi Yao’s outer garment.

Looking at the unfamiliar man’s robe, Zhong Zheng Lin had the urge to burn it down.

“I’m scared~~” Seeing that she won’t be able to dodge it today, Mu Xi Yao attempted to sweet talk.

Her coquettish eyes were surging with light, eyelashes fanning.

She raised her head slightly to look timidly at Zhong Zheng Lin.

“You still recognize the word afraid Didn’t you want to snatch someone else’s name card” His hand did not cease its movements.

He directly tore the outer clothing and lift his hand to throw it away.

The remaining inner garment covered very well the maiden’s full bosom.

This time, Zhong Zheng Lin was determined to teach this woman a lesson.

Otherwise, this woman will not know the immensity of heaven and earth[5] at all.

If he wasn’t by her side, wouldn’t even sky get overturned by her

When he pulled apart the inner garment, he saw a cloth tightly wrapped around her chest, bound very sturdily.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s anger again flared up.

He gathered the internal force and with a thunderous noise tore the binding cloth.

Both of his eyes instantly fixed on that place.

A pair of snow-white plump breasts vividly jumped out.

The delicate peaks trembled together with the bottom snow-white.

Instantly, Zhong Zheng Lin felt dazzled by the sight.

Mu Xi Yao did not expect Zhong Zheng Lin to be so fierce today.

Seeing that her upper body was exposed, she anxiously reached out to cover herself.

However, her wrists were caught by the man’s big hands and firmly fixed behind her back.

Looking at the plump roundness, Zhong Zheng Lin leaned over to suck that dazzling red peak.

Hooking, pulling, licking, tugging.

In a moment, the soft peak unbearably erected, inciting Zhong Zheng Lin into using a little more force.

The woman under him had skin like a congealed ointment[6] and enticing curves which made one burn with desire.

This was the first time Zhong Zheng Lin got so aroused by just a mere look at a woman’s body.

His desire stood up straightly.

Suppressing the lust in his body, Zhong Zheng Lin turned Mu Xi Yao over and made her bend down over his knees.

His palm fell down and slapped her full bottom twice.

“Observing handsome men and snatching other’s name card” Two more slaps fell.

Although the sound of the slap was loud the strength used was well measured.

Yet, when the slaps fell, that plump button would bounce back making Zhong Zheng Lin’s body surge with heat.

“Don’t, your Highness.

Hurts~~” Mu Xi Yao turned her head and glanced at Zhong Zheng Lin with watery eyes, her voice soft and sweet.

Her words and expression caused Zhong Zheng Lin’s desire below to grow even bigger.

“You asked for it, provoking people.” Afterward, he took off Mu Xi Yao’s underpants and hit directly on her flesh.

Then he ferociously grabbed the flesh and started kneading it.

Inside the carriage, the man’s clothes were neat and his appearance handsome.

The woman was on the other side naked and bent over with face deep red.

The two were so closely pasted on each other they could clearly distinguish the other one’s temperature.

Mu Xi Yao was fuming inside.

Did that man come to look for her because of the matter with the academy or because he wanted to act like a hoodlum with her[7] Why was he well dressed while she did not even have a thing to cover herself

Mu Xi Yao could not stand Zhong Zheng Lin acting all highly whilst her being embarrassedly pushed down.

When her stubbornness came out she wanted to either for the fish to die or the net to split[8].

She subsequently went to hug Zhong Zheng Lin’s thigh, wringing her body with all her might, grinding back and forth against the bulge under the man’s body, her mouth uttering soft moans.

Humph! Stinky man, I let you beat me, I let you talk, I let you act like a hoodlum.

I let you burn with desire!

Zhong Zheng Lin did not expect Mu Xi Yao to be so bold.

Her teasing made him unbearably heated.

Finally, he could not hold back and softly groaned.

“Your Highness, give me~~the clothes~~” This demoness poured oil on the fire[9].

She deliberately teased him.

Her voice was so soft and powerless that when Zhong Zheng Lin heard her his scalp felt numb and his expression was dazzled.

Mu Xi Yao used this opportunity to push Zhong Zheng Lin away.

She propped herself against his legs and jumped up.

She immediately fled to the other side……



[1] Ke – in traditional Chinese timekeeping ke equaled to 0.24 hours, 14.4 minutes, or 14 minutes 24 seconds.

[2] Hour of Chen means 7-9 AM

[3] Face has reached rock bottom is a phrase meaning to be thoroughly discredited

[4] Indulges oneself in soirée is a Chinese idiom meaning that the emperor is indulging himself with extravagance and immorality

[5] Not know the immensity of heaven and earth is a phrase meaning an exaggerated opinion of one’s own abilities.

[6] Skin like a congealed ointment is a phrase describing a flawless skin that is fair and soft

[7] To act like a hoodlum with her is a phrase meaning to take liberties

[8] Fish to die or the net to split is a Chinese idiom meaning struggle to life and death struggle

[9] Poured oil on the fire means to aggravate a situation; to enrage people and make matters worse


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