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The Beloved Imperial Consort Chapter 18


After arriving to the imperial prince’s palace, Zhong Zheng Lin went directly to the study.

There he heard that Tian Fu Shan had a matter to report to him.

“What matter”

“Your Highness, from the next month newcomers will start to enter the estate.

The month after it will be two shufeis appointed by his Majesty.

The courtyards in the inner yard…..”

“Leave Danruo Pavilion alone.

The other ones are up to you to arrange.” Following a moment of thinking, Zhong Zheng Lin added, “Make it so the other courtyards would be further away from Danruo pavilion.” Afterward, he paid no more heed to Tian Fu Shan.

How could Tian Fu Shan not know that this Danruo pavilion was prepared for the mistress Yao As a result, he replied yes, bowed to Zhong Zheng Lin and withdrew.


On the following day, Mu Xi Yao called Zhao Qing to discuss some matters with him.

“Once I enter the prince’s estate, I won’t be able to take you with me anymore.

Do you have any plans”

Zhao Qing contemplated for a while and then he said, “I will do as miss tells me.”

Seeing that Zhao Qing had no idea, Mu Xi Yao pondered for a moment, “After I leave, go to your brother’s side.

I will let him know.

The current Emperor is the man with great talent and bold visions.

He won’t let go of Mobei’s[1] repetitious provocations.

Once the war outbreaks in few years, join the army and gain some military merits.

Men ought to fight in the battlefield and make name for themselves.

Wasting time in the inner yard is meaningless.” Subsequently, she ordered Mo Lan to bring his contract[2] and return it to him.

She also had Zhao Qing make preparations in the private.

Once she left her maiden chamber[3], he was to immediately set off and join the military camp to hone himself.

Zhao Qing’s hand that was holding onto the contract trembled slightly.

He respectfully kowtowed to Mu Xi Yao and then left with large strides.

“Miss, will there be truly a war against Mobei” Mo Lan carefully asked in a low voice.


In two-three years timespan a war will definitely outbreak.

Once you leave this room, speak and act cautiously.

Today, you had heard nothing related to Mobei.” Mu Xi Yao instructed carefully.


Mo Lan will keep it in mind.”


On the thirteenth day of the eighth month, two blue and white sedan chairs entered the sixth prince Zhong Zheng Lin’s inner yard.

The previous lady Kong and lady Wu were moved to inner yard’s Lantai Hall.

The newcomers that had just entered the estate today were arranged to the freshly cleaned Zhuyin Hall.

Since the two were just concubines, they came alone not bringing any personal maidservants with them.

In the prince’s residence, the steward took along with him four servant girls and six labor po zis[4], that were assigned by the department of internal affairs in the palace, to Zhuyin Hall to appoint them to newcomers.

Lady Zhang very gently nodded her head and also politely thanked the steward.

Following, she began to ask her servant girls about their name and age and then she gave them meeting gifts[5].

After that, she told them to tidy her a bit and then she went to sit obediently on the matrimonial bed, waiting for his sixth Highness’s grace.

Lady Qi on the other side very enthusiastically gave the steward a big gift.

Following after she started to ask about her future personal maid, the situation in the estate and his Highness’s likes.

This maidservant has just been assigned to the estate hence she knew not much.

She was only aware that his Highness was not fond of the previous two concubines, the rest were unknown to her.

Lady Qi became annoyed.

She thought that not having any people she was accustomed to by her side was very inconvenient.

She had people fix her clothes and makeup and then she went to sit on the matrimonial bed, waiting slowly.


When Zhong Zheng Lin finished court affairs, he saw Tian Fu Shan coming in and reporting that the newcomers were already stationed in the inner yard, waiting.

He gave Tian Fu Shan an indifferent respond and then told Wei Zhen to hand him the news brought by secret agents.

He turned down his head, turning over sheet after sheet, mentioning nothing else.

With no other choice, Tian Fu Shan retreated.

Inwardly he thought that her ladyship Shu has rejoiced too soon.

Sure enough, this day Zhong Zheng Lin has rested in his study.

On the next day, before lady Zhang and lady Qi could come to pay him a respect, he had already gone to the palace.

He left the chief-steward to deal with the aftermath.

When lady Kong and lady Wu received the news, they immediately felt relieved.

His Highness was as aloof as usual.

Therefore, they could not be regarded as losing his favor.

Everyone was receiving the same treatment, after all.

Since there was no comparison, nobody had higher standing than the other. This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

Seeing her son coming to pay her a respect with his usual indifference, consort Shu’s heart thudded.

“Sixth, are you satisfied with those new concubines” One could presume that consort Shu did not care about losing her face anymore.

She had it not easy as she even had to personally question about her son’s inner yard affairs.

“Don’t know.”

Consort Shu was stupefied.

“How can you not know” The people have already entered the estate, how could he still not know if they were good or not

“Haven’t seen them.” Consort Shu was furious.

She anxiously asked, “Why not”

“Busy with state affairs.

Tired.” Zhong Zheng Lin replied uprightly.

“Your father-emperor is even busier than you, yet he still visits the inner palace!” Once these words were spoken out, she immediately realized its improperness, thus she coughed and then said, “The people picked for you during this selection are all the ones I and your father-emperor had personally chosen.

You must not take it for nothing.

If you act like this again, go to explain it to your father-emperor by yourself.” This time, consort Shu was truly angered.

Did he want to become a monk or what She glanced at her eldest son beside who was laughing secretly.

He seemed to be enjoying himself.

“Fourth, you’re the elder brother so why aren’t you acting like one Not only won’t you rebuke your little brother, you actually go laughing over there.

Is this how the elder brother should act” Consort Shu pointed at Zhong Zheng Yun, so furious that even her voice become unstable.

The fourth prince has been drawn in.

He cast a sidelong glance at Zhong Zheng Lin and then he hurried to say, “Yes.


Son will reprimand sixth right away.

Tomorrow you will hear the good news.” After pacifying consort Shu’s anger, he immediately pulled Zhong Zheng Lin away.

Zhong Zheng Lin followed him at the back, his steps as steady as Mount Tai.

His expression remained unchanged, still keeping that ‘it has nothing to do with me’s attitude.

The fourth prince was so annoyed he actually laughed, “I say sixth, don’t bring disaster upon your elder brother with your businesses or otherwise we will truly need to have a talk.”

“There will be a good news tomorrow” Zhong Zheng Lin cast a side glance at him, “Is imperial sister-in-law pregnant”

Zhong Zheng Yun was at his wit’s end, hence he started to advise him, “Not mentioning anything else, do you want father-emperor to show interest in your inner yard affairs If it happens, you won’t be able to do as you like.”

This time Zhong Zheng Lin furrowed his brows, obviously impatient with this matter.

However, if this matter wasn’t handled properly, once father-emperor intervened, it may affect Mu Xi Yao.

As a result, he unwillingly complied.

With a cold face, he swung his sleeves and left[6].

Zhong Zheng Yun was wondering how come this person was so easy to talk to today He received the answer so fast.

From when did bringing up father-emperor become so efficient Prior to, when he made Yuancheng Emperor hopping mad, could it be just his hallucination

Zhong Zheng Yun was too lazy to bother himself with his little brother’s affairs, hence he diligently went back to report to consort Shu.


After Zhong Zheng Lin gloomily returned to his quarters, he immediately immersed himself into the study.

He went into the inner yard when it was already the hour of Zi[7].

Yet, he did not go to Zhuyin Hall.

Instead, he went to lady Kong’s chamber.

Though lady Kong was beside herself with joy she still kept under control her emotions and went to carefully attend Zhong Zheng Lin with freshening up.

“Settle.” After the words fell, lady Kong saw his sixth Highness lay down on his back and close his eyes.

Suddenly, she didn’t know what to do.

She could only slowly fumble inside and also quietly lay down.

It took her quite a while to muster up a courage to softly lean over and slowly touch the man’s chest.

Zhong Zheng Lin abruptly opened his eyes and grabbed lady Kong’s hand that was placed on his chest.

Lady Kong was startled by this sudden movement but unexpectedly, her hand was brought down to the man’s lower body part, tightly pressed there.

“Don’t know how to” The man beside her had a slightly accelerated breathing, his tone carried a trace of impatience.

Lady Kong slowly came to understand.

Her cheeks reddened.

However, she ignored the modesty and started to slowly move her hand.

As the flesh in her hand began to swell, little wet fluids on its tip started to ooze out.

Her body temperature gradually built up, being aroused.

She unconsciously called, “Your Highness~~.”

Zhong Zheng Lin was just imagining in his mind that it was Mu Xi Yao’s little hand.

His whole body burnt.

Yet, the call of the woman beside him instantly broke his fantasy.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s voice was laced with anger, “Stop talking.” He grabbed lady Kong’s hand again, speeding up the movement.

Lady Kong was frightened.

She did not dare to make any more sounds.

She only patiently kept attending the man’s needs.

In the mind, Zhong Zheng Lin imagined Mu Xi Yao’s graceful body.

As a result, he reached up to cover lady Kong’s one breast with his hand and squeezed it viciously for several times.

Unable to stand it anymore, his desire erupted.

When his heartbeat has calmed down, as per usual, he stood up and left leaving lady Kong with a dim expression on face and eyes that carried a despair in them.

His Highness was turning more and more cold.

Before, he had also prohibited them from conceiving.

If it continued like this, it would be even harder for her to have children.

On the second day, Zhong Zheng Lin went to lady Wu’s courtyard.

This time, he did not even remove his clothes.

He only had lady Wu massage his shoulders from behind.

Lady Wu has always feared him, as a result, she complied to whatever orders he had.

She massaged him till her hands felt sore.

When the time came and Zhong Zheng Lin left, she finally let out a sigh of relief and went to take a rest.

On the other side, lady Zhang has already waited for three nights.

Yet, his Highness did not visit her courtyard and also did not rest in her place.

Thereupon, she knew that his Highness had no interest in her.

She started then to contemplate how to gain his Highness’s fondness.

It would be good even if he only came to her courtyard to have a look as it would otherwise look like she had lost his favor upon her arrival.

All the servants flattered the favored ones and trampled on the disgraced, after all.

How sad her life would be.

Lady Qi was so infuriated she had almost shattered all of her teeth.

First, she spent the first day in the estate all alone, then his Highness was snatched away by those two wenches.

Did they not know any conducts However, she knew that it was the prince’s estate thus she could not do as she liked.

As a result, she began to ponder deeply how to entice his Highness into coming to her place.


[1] Mobei mean Outer Mongolia

[2] This contract is a lifetime contract that makes one servant of a certain person or family.

It could not be redeemed unless the servant’s master gives his/her consent.

[3] Leaving one’s maiden chamber is a phrase meaning to marry

[4] Po zi means in Chinese an old woman, in this context, it referred that the servants are old women

[5] Meeting gift is a present given to one upon first meeting.

[6] Leave with a swing of the sleeve is a phrase meaning leaving in anger

[7] Hour of Zi is 11 PM – 1 AM


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