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Mu Xi Yao was facing the lotus pond outside the window, slowly drawing the veins of the lotus leaves and the morning dew above.

Gui momo came to her with a face full of smiles and told her in a low voice: “Master, his sixth Highness has sent you interesting objects.

He wants you to open them personally.”

She saw Mo Lan carrying a basket, its top was covered with a thin purple silk fabric.

Mu Xi Yao put aside the pen and went to wash her hands.

When she took the bamboo basket, she noticed that it was quite heavy.

She gently pulled off the corner of the fabric only to exclaim in surprise.

Xi Yao gave both Gui momo and Mo Lan a fright.

But then they saw her pulling away excitedly the silk fabric.

Inside were two tiny rabbits that were nestled closely, leaning against each other.

They were awfully cute.

Looking at the two fat rabbits, Mu Xi Yao was beside herself with joy.

One was grey, another white.

Both were like hairy balls.

Particularly those plump bottoms of theirs.

Mu Xi Yao reached her hand to poke it lightly with her forefinger.

That rabbit immediately stirred its ear, blinked its eyes and lazily shifted its bosom.

Mu Xi Yao laughed happily while holding the basket and watching them continually.

Gui momo and Mo Lan, on the other hand, stiffened.

They looked compassionately at the two very adorable rabbits.

Ah, what were they to say Any other family would be a better alternative for these rabbits than falling into the hands of their master.

There was a reason for it.

Since Mu Xi Yao had consumed the spiritual pills, her body emitted a very weak scent of a spiritual energy.

As soon as she approached these small creatures, they would shortly afterward gather around her, enjoying her presence.

However, this woman, Mu Xi Yao, had a very bad habit.

As long as she considered animal cute, she would go to tease it endlessly, never getting tired of it.

Since these animals could not feel any evil intention coming from Mu Xi Yao and they were fond of her scent, they didn’t mind to be teased by her.

However, as time went on, no one would be able to put up with this kind of constant harassment.

As a result, even though these animals had a healthy body, they would still be low-spirited.

If Gui momo and Mo Lan knew about that one word, they would realize that these animals were showing a sign of “depression”.

Originally, Mu Xi Yao could raise a pet at home.

But later on, even lady Yu, who doted on her greatly, prohibited people from bringing pets into Yingshui Pavilion.

Including Mu Jin Zhi who had a sister-complex.

Every time he saw her pleading look, he would flee away.

Mu Xi Yao indeed caused people a great headache on this matter.

Henceforth, seeing abruptly such adorable pets affectionately nestled together, how could Mu Xi Yao not have stars in eyes, euphoric by this pleasant surprise However, her joy was short-lived as Mo Lan hastily came forward to take the basket and then went to stand in a spot quite a few steps away from her, anxiously saying: “Miss, mistress had said that if we were to let you keep a pet again, me and Hui Lan will get beaten.

Besides, they are sent by his sixth Highness.

You wouldn’t want such adorable rabbits to end up like that again, right How about this This servant will raise them in your stead.

You can take a look at them whenever you’re free.” Gui momo who stood at side vehemently nodded her head and voiced her approval.

Mu Xi Yao felt aggrieved.

Is sis a hideous devil or what She could raise rabbits, but she was only to look at them from afar and not playing with them She glanced at the rabbits for several more time before reluctantly nodding her head, indicating that she was going to be present during their feeding time every morning.

The two people beside her could now finally let out a sigh of relief, inwardly thinking that it was truly a close call.

Mu Xi Yao’s mood started to fly upward since she got rabbits.

Yet, she also did not forget to very politely write Zhong Zheng Lin a letter to express her thanks.

The words in the letter were earnest, full of joy, even the handwriting seemed more agile.

She had complained there that though she could only watch them at the moment, she still felt very satisfied.

To convey her gratitude, she enclosed the letter with a self-made bookmark.



A gentle smile crossed Zhong Zheng Lin’s face when he read the letter.

The picture of a miserable big rabbit watching two little rabbits at the side amused him greatly.

He picked up the bookmark to take a closer look.

The bookmark’s main body was a piece of leave.

Its green flesh has been removed remaining only with a light yellow venation.

The stripe openwork on it was very delicately crafted.

On the top was fastened a blue-green ribbon.

The craftsmanship of the bookmark was refined and elegant.

Its master’s diligence could be well seen.

Zhong Zheng Lin gently caressed the ribbon.

Afterward, he placed the bookmark on the page of the book he frequently read, quietly arranging it there.

They haven’t seen each other for few days.

He was already somewhat missing her.

After a moment of contemplation, Zhong Zheng Lin took a pen and started to quickly write a letter.

He had Ye Kai personally deliver it to Yu estate and hand it to Mu Xi Yao.



These few days, the whole Yu household knew that the family’s lady cousin has not married yet but had already received gifts from his sixth Highness.

Obviously, once she enters his estate she would be able to gain his favor.

As a result, there were many people who tried to curry favor with her.

Since Mu Xi Ting was Mu Xi Yao’s sister, she has naturally also reaped some benefits.

See, the lady cousin’s momo was currently leading a young man to the courtyard with an elated expression.

Wasn’t that man the attendant from the prince’s estate that came to bring gifts last time Did he come to bring another gifts

When Ye Kai saw Mu Xi Yao, he respectfully paid her a greeting and passed her the letter.

Inwardly, he was thinking that last time he didn’t see her in person but this time he finally did.

No wonder she had caught the eyes of his Highness.

She was indeed a striking beauty.

What was more exceptional were her manners.

Compared to those two in his Highness’s inner yard, any man knew whom to choose.

Suddenly, he had realized that he was taking his Highness for a promiscuous person, hence he quickly halted his thoughts and waited for the mistress’s reply. This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

Mu Xi Yao read Zhong Zheng Lin’s letter.

A tiny smile appeared on her face.

She nodded to Ye Kai, telling him that she agrees with this matter.

Then she ordered people to reward him and see him off.

Once Ye Kai left, Mu Xi Yao immediately resumed her usual demeanor, dumbstrucking Gui momo.

Master was indeed remarkable.

She changed her face without even taking a breath.

Before, when she was still with lady Yu, she only saw the obedient and spoiled side of second miss.

In comparison to now, well, mistress and people like her were all fooled by her.

But, wasn’t it just a good thing If her master was capable, she would be more dependable once she entered the prince’s inner yard.

People that followed her would also naturally gain some benefits.

Thus, she gave it no more thoughts.

In the letter, Zhong Zheng Lin was inviting Mu Xi Yao on the twenty-ninth of this month at the hour of Shen[1] to visit the West lake outside Shengjing and enjoy the view of lotuses.

It just so happened that they could catch up with the annual river lantern wishing of the West Lake.

Shengjing’s annual river lantern wishing was unusually lively and had quite a good reputation.

The young maidens liked to go there in the company of other young maidens, just to wish a good marriage match for themselves.

After reading the letter, Mu Xi Yao went to lady Yu’s courtyard to tell her about the trip.

When she heard it was his sixth Highness’s invitation, how could she not give her consent She kept repeating over and over again to Mu Xi Yao that she ought to act steady, be polite and must not make trouble nor act arrogantly or willfully.

Also, she exhorted her to return back soon after releasing the lanterns.

Mu Xi Yao almost rolled her eyes.

Was lady Yu afraid that she would stay out all night



On the twenty-ninth, Mu Xi Yao chose the apricot-colored silk dress.

Her hair was ornamented with just a simple pale pink crystal dangling hairpin while her wrist was adorned with a jasmine flower bracelet.

Beside the self-made flower water, she hadn’t applied anything else on her face.

On the summer day, this person appeared unusually bright.

The maiden was like a flower bud, touching people’s heart with its beauty, appearing bright and dazzling.

Looking at such Mu Xi Yao, Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes could not help but be deeply fixed on her body.

After a long while, he finally lifted up Xi Yao who was curtsying him.

Taking her hand into his, they entered the carriage together.

“Very beautiful.” This man very solemnly……praised.

Hearing his praise, Mu Xi Yao smiled unshyly.

Unexpectedly, she has been softly pulled over, once again ending up in a hugging posture.

Her cheeks were covered with a faint blush.

She was propped against Zhong Zheng Lin’s body, letting him gently hold her in his arms.

“Have you decided on what to write on the lantern” Zhong Zheng Lin watched her attentively with his phoenix eyes.

He reached out his hand to neaten the hair on her temples.

“Ah Not yet.” Mu Xi Yao looked up and felt a breath fanning over her face.

The masculine scent of the man assaulted her senses, making her eyes appearing even more watery.

Looking at the face that made him unable to rest at night, Zhong Zheng Lin slightly raised Mu Xi Yao’s chin up and caressed her face.

“Then take time to think about it.

No need to hurry.” His face slowly pressed down.

Mu Xi Yao instinctively closed her eyes.

A scent of green tea engulfed her nose.

The man’s soft lips lightly touched hers.

At first it was just a lazy brush but later on, she felt the tip of his tongue lightly caressing her.

Mu Xi Yao’s face heated up and turned into a deep red.

She held her breath, not daring to move an inch.

Zhong Zheng Lin thought that her taste was unexpectedly good.

It was his first time kissing a woman, yet it turned out to be such a sweet experience.

Watching Mu Xi Yao’s eyelashes trembling and not daring to take a breath made him even more enamored with her.

As a result, he parted her lips and swept his tongue in to play with her mouth.

Mu Xi Yao’s mouth was seized by Zhong Zheng Lin’s.

She could only take his lead and intertwine her tongue with his.

Between the kisses, she heard the man’s breathing turning slightly ragged.

She unconsciously tightened her grip on Zhong Zheng Lin’s lapels, her body becoming boneless.

“Your Highness.”

Mu Xi Yao’s cry made Zhong Zheng Lin suppress his drumming heartbeat and burning desires.

He released Xi Yao only to softly hold her in his arms.

A tiny smile appeared on his face once he has cooled down his desire for her.

Zhong Zheng Lin slightly shut his phoenix eyes and caressed Mu Xi Yao’s lips gently, “Fragrant and sweet, yet light.


Mu Xi Yao was not shy at all when she heard Zhong Zheng Lin’s teasing.

Instead, she raised her head to cast him cockily a provocative look, “How do I compare to your Highness’s other beauties”

When Zhong Zheng Lin watched Mu Xi Yao’s expression and listened to her “improper” competitiveness he was reminded of that maiden who loudly shouted the order to kill the horse.

Suddenly, a smile broke his face: “I would know whether the beauty is beside me only after inspection.” He assumed a posture that looked like he was about to kiss her.

Mu Xi Yao chuckled, dodging his teasing.

Her little face looked quite joyful.

Soon, the carriage slowly stopped.

Wei Zhen informed them that they have arrived at Bibo pavilion.

Zhong Zheng Lin then gently grasped Mu Xi Yao’s little hand, taking her slowly into the pavilion.

Apparently, Bibo pavilion has been cleaned up earlier on.

There were tea and snacks along with the tribute fruit from a foreign land on the stone table.

The place was facing the direction of the lake and there were indigo colored muslin veils hung on the sides of the pavilion, making the space relatively independent and also sparing them from being disturbed by others.

Outside Bibo pavilion was lotus leaves haven.

Layers upon layers of intervening branches and leaves created a vivid green landscape.

Water droplets slid down their petals.

Occasionally, a wind would pass by, refracting the dazzling light which would then fall into the lotus pond and stir up a tiny ripple that would slowly move outwards.

Amid the leaves were lotus flowers in twos and threes, some tall some short, some red some white, some fully blossomed some just mere buds.

The whole scenery was simply an ink wash painting that made people’s heart skip a beat and enticing them into roaming amid.

“If you like, we can come again.”

Mu Xi Yao’s eyes noticeable gleamed with light.

She looked anticipatively at Zhong Zheng Lin, nodding vehemently.

Zhong Zheng Lin wrapped his arms around her.

He stretched his hand to pat her head as if to soothe a pet.

With lips pouted, Mu Xi Yao resentfully raised her head to look at Zhong Zheng Lin aggrievedly.

In exchange, she received from him a “don’t be naughty” sentence.

Mu Xi Yao was helpless.

She seriously thought that this fellow had a pet-complex.

Of course, she didn’t know that his sixth Highness treated this way only this one rabbit.

“Your Highness, do you have a pen and ink”

Wei Zhen did not wait for Zhong Zheng Lin’s order.

He immediately went out to get the set, not forgetting to withdraw the food.

Afterward, he respectfully placed them onto the table.

Wei Zhen understood well that as long as he served this person properly things would be easier with his Highness.

Mu Xi Yao politely thanked Wei Zhen and then turned to look at Zhong Zheng Lin.

“Xi Yao heard that your Highness is quite versed with painting and calligraphy.

With the beautiful scenery in front, unbeknownst if Xi Yao is worthy of your Highness’s display of skill.”

Zhong Zheng Lin raised up and placed her in his arms, one hand holding her waist while the other the pen.

Before starting, he suddenly leaned over to kiss Mu Xi Yao’s right eadrop, “How can I miss such chance when the beauty is just before me.”

Mu Xi Yao’s ears turned slightly reddish.

She shifted her head to glance at the man who was solemnly painting.

What nobody knew about was that Mu Xi Yao was inwardly shouting: The one who said that this man was hard to get on and wasn’t into womanly charms must have had their titanium alloy dog eyes blinded[2].

Such a typical epitome of an internally passionate but outwardly cold person[3], it was just beyond her powers to keep him off.



[1] The Hour of Shen means 3-5 PM

[2] Titanium alloy dog eyes blinded – since titanium alloy is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant metal it’s used to describe the super high strength of the dog’s eyes.

In this context, this phrase means the person was so wrong about Zhong Zheng Lin it was shocking.

[3] He was a typical epitome of an internally passionate outwardly cold person[ (Men Sao – 悶騷) – to be more precise, this word describes a person who is outwardly cold and dull but deep down he’s a passionate, charismatic and sexy person


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