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Zhong Zheng Lin stood there watching her for a while.

In the end, he still could not help himself and went toward her.

Upon seeing this, Wei Zhen had all the servant girls and guards nearby retreat and then remained outside the pavilion, as to avoid ruining his Highness’s mood.  

Zhong Zheng Lin’s steps were very light but Mu Xi Yao’s senses were keener.

She slowly opened her eyes and saw that the person standing before her had his eyes fixed on her. 

Before she had time to recover, Zhong Zheng Lin has already picked her up.

That person had leisurely found a comfortable position.

He stretched his legs and sat down, nestling her sideways on his lap so she was leaning against his chest.

He silently held her in his arms, his chin was gently rubbing against Mu Xi Yao’s head. 

Mu Xi Yao was stunned.

What kind of development was this 

Did she time-travel again when she took a rest Where were her people How come no one informed her about his arrival Moreover, was this truly the sixth Highness Zhong Zheng Lin Mu Xi Yao was completely convinced that this man has been possessed by someone else! 

Should she test him or not Maybe he would turn out to be her kindred.

After another round of contemplation, she decided not to since there was no hurry and this was a matter of a great importance.

After she marries him there would be many opportunities for her to check out this matter.

She ought not to act recklessly as there were still many unclear things at the moment. 

Lass, you are thinking too much ~~~

While her imagination was running wild, she heard a man’s rich voice on top of her head speaking, “What’s preoccupying your mind” 

Mu Xi Yao has just now recalled that she hasn’t yet curtsied him to pay him a respect.

She struggled to get up. 

“Don’t move.

Let’s just stay like this for a bit.” Zhong Zheng Lin told her with his deep voice.

His arms that were encircled around her waist did not move an inch. 

Mu Xi Yao gradually relaxed.

She whispered, “Your Highness.” 


“Why is your Highness here” In fact, what she truly wanted to ask him was ‘Why on earth would you trouble yourself to come here’. 

“Passing by.” Mu Xi Yao was speechless.

What place would make him pass by to the mountains  

After a moment of silence, Zhong Zheng Lin was the first one to speak: “Why is it Xi Yao” 


“Your name Xi Yao.

Is there any reason behind” 

“Zhao Xi Yu Zhi Tian, Xi Yin Hu Yao Chi (Playing on the grassland in the morning, drinking before Jade lake on Mount Kunlun at the dusk.” 

“Mhm.” Zhong Zheng Lin used his chin to rub against the top of her head.

Afterward, he bent down his head to simply rest it on her shoulder. 

“What a nice scent.” 

This time, Mu Xi Yao was truly astonished.

This was flirting, right Right Even her body stiffened a little bit. 

Zhong Zheng Lin felt that the woman in his arms was slightly resisting.

Hence, he used one hand to softly stroke her back. 

Mu Xi Yao understood.

He was smoothing her fur[1]…….

“Has your Highness kept a pet before” 


However, during the childhood mother-consort had a little Pekingese in her palace, Bendian has once teased it for a while.” His voice carried a bit of regret. 

Sure enough. 

“Was your Highness fond of it” 

Zhong Zheng Lin raised his head a bit to gaze at her.

There was a smile in his eyes: “I’m more fond of a rabbit.” 

Mu Xi Yao did not understand the story behind, thus she only nodded and said: “Mhm.

The round fat rabbit is very adorable.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin actually chuckled.

His shoulders were trembling softly.

Following, a silence fell upon them.

They quietly sat there in each other’s arms.

Zhong Zheng Lin looked at the large forest outside the pavilion.

A mist was lingering around the treetops.

He felt that holding the woman in his arms just like this made him feel the kind of peace he had never before experienced. 

Mu Xi Yao directly propped herself against Zhong Zheng Lin’s body and comfortably fell asleep.

Zhong Zheng Lin signaled Wei Zhen to bring him a cloak.

He carefully wrapped it around Mu Xi Yao.

Like this, they spent the whole afternoon quietly locked in the embrace. 

When Mu Xi Yao was gently woken up by Zhong Zheng Lin.

She discovered that it was already an hour of Shen[2].

The two tidied themselves up and then taking their people they returned back.

At the entrance of Zhaojue Temple, Zhong Zheng Lin sent Xi Yao to her carriage.

Just as she was about to bid him farewell, she saw this man raising the hem of his robe and climb into the carriage taking her inside with him.  

Mu Xi Yao, whose lifelong career goal was to become a favorite consort, naturally wouldn’t foolishly refuse.

Thus, she conveniently let him hold her.

She softly leaned against him.


This embrace felt nice.

It was sturdy and one could catch a faint scent of bamboo. 

“Your Highness” 


“Are there any Elephant’s Gall[3] plants in your Highness’s estate” Mu Xi Yao raised her head.

The pair of pitch black eyes that were intently gazing at Zhong Zheng Lin were shining brightly. 

Looking at the exquisite face of the woman in front of him, Zhong Zheng Lin followed his heart’s desire.

He raised his hand and gently caressed her cheek, “There is no such plant in the estate.

If you want, it could be brought to you from the palace.” 

“Good.” Mu Xi Yao’s face flushed with a shade of pink.

Her eyes were watery, making people being charmed by her. 

Zhong Zheng Lin had to fight the strong urge to bend down his head and kiss her when gazing at her soft pink lips.

Hence, he tightened his hold on her and closed his eyes to calm his chaotic breathing.

The scent the woman’s body produced was very sweet yet not overly so.

It smelled of warmth. 

“Did you wear a fragrance” 


‘Ting Zhi from Diao Xiang House.” Mu Xi Yao’s lowered eyelashes covered her expression.

Has he found out already 

Afterward, Zhong Zheng Lin just held her.

He had his eyes closed, recuperating.

Occasionally, his head would rub against her hair, his movements very gentle. 

When Mu Xi Yao arrived home and climbed off the carriage, she made a courteous curtsy to Zhong Zheng Lin, “Many thanks to your Highness.

Please take care on your way back.” 

Only when she saw Zhong Zheng Lin leaving on the horse did she return back to the backyard along with her people.

Mo Lan and Hui Lan were throwing her sidelong glances during the whole journey which eventually made Mu Xi Yao burst into a laugh.

Gui momo still hasn’t come back to herself.

That person was his sixth Highness How come his sixth Highness was so….um….familiar with their miss The looked quite close.

Did it mean that they got to know each other before the marriage It was actually a good thing.

She ought to tell the mistress. This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!



Zhong Zheng Lin returned back to the residence with Wei Zhen.

After just a short period of rest, he called for chief steward Tian Fu Shan.

Thinking that it was an urgent matter, Tian Fu Shan quickly entered the room, waiting for the orders.

To his surprise, Zhong Zheng Lin told him to go to buy ‘Ting Zhi’ from Diao Xiang House tomorrow and then go to the palace to ask for Elephant’s Gall.

He was to grab more of the plant and then arrange it in the backyard’s Danruo Pavilion. 

‘Ting Zhi’, what was it Danruo Pavilion Was it the backyard his Highness specially instructed prior on to tidy up, the one that had a waterside pavilion and was quite spacious It was an extremely beautiful courtyard.

There was a peach tree forest beside the main house.

During the springtime, countless of fallen petals flew around like snowflakes, even the air carried a faint sweet fragrance.

Furthermore, there was a bamboo forest behind the house that his Highness just recently ordered to shift over.

The place would be presumably very cool and refreshing during the midsummer.

Nowadays, even the Elephant’s Gall had to be moved there. 

Tian Fu Shan felt like this courtyard was likely prepared for a certain mistress who was going to enter the estate soon.

Unbeknownst, which mistress had such a blessing The person had not yet entered the estate, but his Highness has already taken great pains to arrange things for her.

It meant that his Highness was willing to get close with her.

The more Tian Fu Shan thought about it the merrier he turned to be.

He went running his errant with a big smile on his face. 

On the next day, Zhong Zheng Lin took the fragrance and smelt it.

It actually had a fresh, simple yet elegant scent.

However, the scent was different to one Mu Xi Yao wore.

Hers was sweeter, milder and carried the warmth which made people want to pamper her.

Just the mere thought of this caused his body to have a reaction.

He quickly adjusted his seating posture.

The expression on his face stayed unchanged during the whole time.   

“This is ‘Ting Zhi’”

Seeing Tian Fu Shan first giving an affirmative he furrowed his brows. 

It was not this scent.

Was it possible……..desire that Zhong Zheng Lin has just now suppressed reappeared yet again to torment him.

All he could do was to wave his hand and let Tian Fu Shan retreat so he could slowly calm himself down. 

How come every time he thought of her, he would involuntarily want to get close to her Especially in the evening.

It was even more difficult for him to hold back.

Zhong Zheng Lin has not been intimate with a woman for almost half a year.

The little desire he had was all basically related to her.

Even as he was getting himself off the edge, his head was filled with her beautiful images. 

His sixth Highness thought that more than a month’s time of waiting for her was far too long………..



[1] Smoothing somebody’s fur is a phrase meaning adapting to someone else’s temper, in short doing what one says and what will make one happy, saying what will please one 

[2] Hour of Shen is 3-4 PM

[3] Elephant’s Gall also known as Aloe vera 


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