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Chapter 148: Gong!


“The first is He Lian Wei Rui, the second young lady of the He Lian Mansion and the shu sister of the Princess Consort of the sixth prince.” Fu Zhaoyi replied coldly, her demeanor still arrogant.

“Miss He Lian Wei Rui once wrote «New Commentary on the Interpretation of Canons», which is praised by the academics of the Hanlin Academy today.

As for the other person, she has a close relationship with the sixth prince and his Princess Consort.

You may as well guess.”


“Could it be that the He Lian family has two talented women in a row Which sister from the He Lian Consort are you speaking of” Cao Chong Hua asked curiously.


“Chong Hua guessed wrongly.

The second woman is Mu-shi, the cefei of the Sixth Highness.

Isn’t this having a close relationship with the Princess Consort He Lian-shi”


Mu-shi The crowd was amazed.

He Lian Wei Rui’s volume of «New Commentary on the Interpretation of Canons» was still plausible, but Mu-shi has never been known for having any talent.


“Does Mu cefei write poetry Why haven’t I heard of it” The third princess, Zhong Zheng Rong, was very puzzled.

It stands to reason that people who can be compared with Zhuge Li should have long been famous.

Apart from owning a rouge shop and being a clever talker, Mu-shi didn’t have a good reputation.


“Cefei’s name is not obvious because she is very humble.

What book she has written, chenqie does not know.” Fu Zhaoyi gave a half explanation, looking a bit regretful, and she obviously did not satisty everyone’s curiosity.


“Zhaoyi doesn’t know, so how can she identify Mu cefei with outstanding literary talent”


“Chenqie dares to say that, of course there is a cause for it.

It is not chenqie who praises her for her outstanding prose, but the Emperor.”


When she was accompanying the Emperor in the imperial study, Fu Zhaoyi once overheard Emperor Yuancheng’s blunt words to his subordinates, “Mu-shi literary talent is not in the same league as of a woman’s”.

When Fu Zhaoyi first heard this, she was very jealous.

She was also considered a little talented, but she has never entered Emperor Yuancheng’s eyes.

The emperor has seen her poems and small verses but he only praised her with “good words”.


At this moment, when Mu Xi Yao was pushed out, the entire Feng’an Palace was instantly silent.


No one dared to question the words of the Emperor Yuancheng.

As for why the emperor looked at Mu-shi so highly, Fu Zhaoyi didn’t know, and they didn’t dare to ask further details.


Empress Dowager Jin had great confidence on Emperor Yuanchen’s judgment.

Knowing that Mu-shi  had been praised by Emperor Yuanchen, she naturally nodded in agreement.

“Mu-shi is also good.

It is very rare to be knowledgeable and talented.” The most rare thing is to have both happiness and longevity.

Of course, the Empress Dowager would not say this to anyone casually.


Empress Dowager still remembered a bit of the backyard of her grandchildren.

This Mu-shi was a special case, she was not a Princess Consort but she was more impressive than anyone.

That girl was sharp, and as long as she was not jealous or domineering, the Empress Dowager would still hold a good impression of her.


“Cefei is so humble, chenqie would’ve never imagined it.” Cao Chonghua sighed.


“Yes, Mu-shi is not only talented but also capable of raising children.” Consort Qi admired her.


Consort Shu sat quietly, taking her time to watch the group of women uncharacteristically walking around in a big circle only to compliment Mu Xi Yao.

Knowing that the limelight was wrong, but without being able to see the tricks in it, she could only secretly pay attention, with a cautious expression.


This was to take advantage of the absence of Mu-shi, not afraid of her sharp counterattack, and brewing a plan Seeing that the Imperial Noble Consort did not say a word from beginning to end, those who didn’t know thought she was watching the show.


It’s a pity that Consort Shu’s battle with her did not last only a day or two.

No one knew each other better than the other.

The Imperial Noble Consort was recuperating in the Yuye Palace, and when she was banned there was no such strange thing.

She has only been released for a few days, and Mu-shi has been involved in a matter Saying it was a coincidence, Consort Shu felt it was a shabby excuse.


“Mu cefei has been in the manor for three years, and she has the eldest son under her knees, and now she is about to give birth again.

It is a good thing that His Royal Highness’s children are prosperous.” The third princess, Zhong Zheng Rong, was instructed by her biological mother and she was still friendly to Mu Xi Yao.

This was a well-meaning statement, but a pity that it changed in Zhong Zheng Ying’s mouth.


“In the sixth brother’s mansion, only cefei’s belly has moved, in fact, it’s a bit deserted.” After the last time she was reprimanded by the Empress Dowager, Zhong Zheng Ying didn’t dare to say too much, she just started talking carefully.


“His Royal Highness’ is controlling the rebellion in the middle of Shu, if he can suppress the rebellious party in one fell swoop, it will be a great achievement and the emperor’s reward will definitely be indispensable.

At that time, rewarding a few women and spreading branches and leaves for His Highness, wouldn’t it be an easy task to have a son then” Consort Qi took a handkerchief, covered her mouth and smiled.


Consort Shu’s eyes swept away, and she immediately understood why these women put so much effort into it.

It turned out that they wanted to stuff her son with a woman.

This was strange.

Mentioning this in front of her, weren’t they afraid that this woman would cause her suspicion Or was there something else she didn’t know about


“Now the Imperial Noble Consort is choosing a cefei for His Highness the eighth prince, why don’t the Imperial Noble Consort pay attention to some good things for His Sixth Royal Highness The sons of the princes are prosperous, and the ancestors are also happy to see it.”


The Imperial Noble Consort sat under Empress Dowager Jin, looking at these women chatting back and forth looking very lively.

This matter was inexplicably implicated in her, and she wondered if the Empress Dowager would agree to their ploys.


“You say, if Miss He Lian Wei Rui and Mu cefei were together, wouldn’t it be very interesting Both of them are Shengjing’s good women with both talent and beauty, and being able to accompany His Highness at the same time is also a good story.

Maybe the two of them will see eye to eye and their talents will collide so much that it will be a great work, and then the future female students in Shengjing will be able to have a great time.” Cao Chong Hua was excited and proposed a bold idea, which sounded a bit tempting.


Empress Dowager Jin was not interested in which woman entered the Prince’s Mansion, but she was especially concerned about future generations.

She had paid some attention to their chatter, but hearing Cao Chong Hua, she felt it was quite interesting and couldn’t help but pay attention to He Lian Wei Rui.


“Does Chong Hua want to witness the legendary story of “Ehuang and Nüying” with her own eyes”


[1] 娥皇女英 é huángnǚ yīng.

You can read the story she’s talking about here.

But they’re basically two sisters who were the concubines of the same man and helped him greatly.

In the end, they became goddesses.


He Lian Min Min had been waiting for this good show, and she was not afraid, but rather relieved.

That’s fine, the ones that should come can’t be avoided.

It’s better to end it earlier, so as not to feel suffocated and restless.


“If that’s the case, then ask the Empress Dowager for grace, wouldn’t their beginning be a lot more glamorous” Zhong Zheng Ying kneaded Empress Dowager’s arms and leaned in front of her acting coquettish.


The Duke of An had provided enough benefits.

If this can be done, she will not only get three prosperous shops but also make Mu Xi Yao watch Zhong Zheng Lin being dragged away by other women, which will definitely make her suffer.


“You girls are all messing around.

The matter in the backyard of the eighth is serious and the Imperial Noble Consort has to hurry up.

But since you mentioned that He Lian Wei Rui, you might as well take a closer look.

If she is really good, it would not too late to think about it when the time comes.” Empress Dowager Jin’s attitude loosened.


Imperial Noble Consort and Fu Zhaoyi looked at each other and smiled, and quickly staggered their eyes away and smiled to echo the meaning of the Empress Dowager.


Consort Shu was at a loss at this time.

Why did so many people speak for  He Lian Wei Rui She looked below and found that He Lian Min Min was sitting dignifiedly, with no joy or anger on her face, she didn’t even look surprised.


Going back to her palace, she had to look into this.

This matter seemed to be quite peculiar.




Relationship Diagram (by Sith Kazar)


▲ Footnotes 

[1] 娥皇女英 é huángnǚ yīng.

You can read the story she’s talking about here.

But they’re basically two sisters who were the concubines of the same man and helped him greatly.

In the end, they became goddesses.


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