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Chapter 133: Matchmaker 


Seeing that Zong Zheng Lin was quietly looking at him, Zong Zheng Ming’s face instantly paled.

“The people in your mansion, what you should do, do you still need Bendian to teach you” 


The servants were used to flattering the higher-ups and did not find it unusual to ask this kind of question but how could he and Zong Zheng Lin ever ask for this maidservant to serve them Not to mention that she was only seven to eight points similar to Mu Xi Yao, even if she was ten points like her, she was, by no means, the same person.


Seeing his Highness’s face, the steward immediately knew that he had made a fool of himself.

He quickly issued a few orders to take the four people back to the courtyard, while he earnestly lead the way for them.


Meanwhile, Mu Xi Yao was unaware that his sixth Highness who was far away in QiCheng had met with someone who looked like her, or that he was thinking deeply about their correspondence. 


The more Zong Zheng Lin thought about it, the more he felt that the letter he sent with Yan Cheng Zhou was too light of a punishment.

It was time to let that little woman reflect, she dared let him wait for a long time in exchange for a flower gun [1]. 


[1] 花槍—fig.

trickery, play tricks, ghost trick.


Zong Zheng Lin did not mind sending someone to go back and stare at her every word to make sure she wrote an answer back properly.




Ever since Wei Zhen had witnessed how Mistress Yao arrested a spy in such a dazzling manner, he was much more attentive to the things Mu Xi Yao commanded than ever before.

Previously he was careful in serving her because she was favored, but now he deeply admired her and felt that Mistress Yao was capable and was naturally willing to be ordered around by her.


On this day, Mu Xi Yao called him to Danruo Courtyard and just stared at him without saying a word, looking fierce.

The look in her eyes was particular, just as if she was picking a cabbage, must look good in order to satisfy her heart.


“Sir Wei~”.

Just when Wei Zhen could not carry on, Mu Xi Yao finally spoke.

Just, this tone of voice frightened Wei Zhen to death and made his hair stand up.


No, this isn’t right.

Mistress Yao generally used this tone of voice with his Highness when she had something to ask for, and most of those requests ended up being troublesome.

Was she going to say she was tired of staying in the house and wanted to go out


Wei Zhen thought to himself that he needed to stay vigilant.

Mistress Yao was good at tricking people.

She would only need to say a few of her words and you would be so dazed you would end up complying with her request.

Later, if you dared repent, Mistress Yao would say “breaking a promise, this is bullying women and children!” which was a particularly embarrassing accusation for any man.

Then she would throw a glance at you, looking very aggrieved, seemingly wanting to complain but not daring to, making one feel very shameful and with a red face.

In the end, you would have to bite the bullet and do it.

Wei Zhen didn’t eat less of this kind of loss.


“Mistress, when His Highness left Beijing this time he gave an order that you must stay put.

He was very fierce when he said it.

Even if this subordinate had a hundred guts, I would still not dare let you go out of this door”.

Wei Zhen had eaten a lot of losses and had finally learned to be clever, he quickly shifted the blame and cried like he was wronged.

He couldn’t let Mistress Yao take the initiative, it was better to refuse early.


“What are saying, is your Mistress such a disorderly person Your Highness’ orders, this concubine naturally obeys.”


Not to mention Wei Zhen, even Zhao Momo blushed for her.

Mu Xi Yao listening to his Highness’ words, afraid no one would believe her words.


“Sir Wei doesn’t need to be anxious.

This time I summoned you here because I have an important matter to discuss.” Mu Xi Yao adjusted her sitting posture, looking quite animated.

“How old is Lord Wei this year”


Mu Xi Yao’s abrupt question made Wei Zhen flustered, “This subject is twenty years old.”


“Twenty Very good!” Mu Xi Yao happily praised, looking extremely satisfied.

Twenty was a good age, young and promising, just like a ripe little tender melon.


What’s so good about this Wei Zhen didn’t understand.


“Have you booked someone” [2]


[2] 可曾定了人家?— kě céng dìng le rén jiā?Have you booked someone Have you chosen your husband to be (For women).


Cough, ahem, Zhao Momo choked and coughed, again and again, her expression looking extremely embarrassed.

Sir Wei who was standing, had flushed too and looked ashamed and angry, almost short of crying for justice.

It was just matchmaking, but why in the hands of Mistress did it look like this


“Mistress, this is a question for a daughter’s family.

To a man, one should ask if one has a marriage contract [3]”.

Zhao Momo whispered in her ear, feeling very helpless in her heart. 


[3] 可曾定下婚約? — kě céng dìng xià hūn yuē?Do you have a marriage contract (For men).  

Mistress’ intentions she could somewhat understand.

But Mistress, getting into the matter so blindly, are you not afraid of spoiling others’ marriage even before it started Looking at Sir Wei in front of them, in her point of view, Mistress’ matchmaking technique was really….

a bit counterproductive.


Mu Xi Yao was feeling slightly embarrassed too.

This was the first time she was acting as a matchmaker, after all, it was inevitably to be inexperienced, and mistakes were a bit hard to avoid.

With everyone being a bit understanding, this should not represent a problem.


Looking at Wei Zhen’s almost purple face, Mu Xi Yao rubbed the tip of her nose, feeling slight shame.

Zhao Momo at the side resisted the urge to cover her face, and pretended not to see.


“Uh, this… Sir Wei, this concubine was just momentarily confused and asked improperly.

It shouldn’t be like this so let’s start over again.

Ah, you also don’t have to remember it in your heart….

Sir Wei, do you have a marriage contract” Mu Xi Yao smiled as she asked the appropriate question this time.

What remained was only that pair of eyes looking straight at Wei Zhen, being deadset, not letting go.




▲ Footnotes 

[1] 花槍—fig.

trickery, play tricks, ghost trick.

[2] 可曾定了人家?— kě céng dìng le rén jiā?Have you booked someone Have you chosen your husband to be (For women).

[3] 可曾定下婚約? — kě céng dìng xià hūn yuē?Do you have a marriage contract (For men).


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