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Chapter 131: Last wish


Lady Wu’s pupils shrank, and Mu Xi Yao noticed an instant stiffness in her expression.


“Sure enough, it’s you.” 


Zong Zheng Lin had mentioned to her that one of his informants mixed in the Crown Prince’s mansion had reported that the House of Duke An Guo had intervened in Zhong Zheng Lin’s inner yard, inserting a spy with the codename ‘Gardenia’.

Mu Xi Yao had kept an eye on any suspicious candidates, eventually targeting Wu-shi, Wan-shi, and Ahn-shi.


None of these three women were simple.

So far, Wan-shi and Ahn-shi hadn’t shown any flaws.

Only Wu-shi abnormally walked to Lady Zhang’s courtyard more diligently, which attracted her attention.

Later, it was discovered that Wu-shi often sent a maid to contact the servant boy in the front yard, asking to buy a small object or something.


These trivial things that seem to be ordinary, once you pay careful attention, you will find abnormalities.

Every time something happened in the mansion, or Mu Xi Yao made any noise, the number of purchases by Wu-shi will be sure to increase once or twice.

This significant change made Mu Xi Yao especially interested in Wu-shi.


After that, she discovered an unusually strange phenomenon.

The two first-ranked maids around Wu-shi’s side were actually different every time they came into contact with people.

It seemed that she had two sets of servants who did not interfere with each other.

Mu Xi Tao had already taken notice of such a sophisticated arrangement.

If she had not been in the Palace and with insufficient manpower, she would have sent people to look into it and see what was going on.


Until this incident, Mu Xi Yao hadn’t had time to clean up the inner yard.

Then, Wu-shi was one step ahead of her and closed her courtyard door.


Therefore, when Mu Xi Yao investigated, Wu-shi was the first she suspected.

As for Kong-shi and Qi-shi, it was only because of their qualifications and security that they were added to the list of suspects.


“So, who is the real master behind you I’m really curious.

Is it the rebel leader or the house of An Guo behind the Crown Prince” Mu Xi Yao looked at the expressionless woman in front of her eyes.

Inward, she admired her.

She played her game really well.

Maybe she’s even a double-sided spy.

If so, then she was one of the best in the Wei Dynasty.


Unfortunately, this woman had a fatal wound [1], that is, she had feelings for Zong Zheng Lin.

Several times when Mu Xi Yao was close to Zong Zheng Lin, she could capture the pain that flashed in Wu-shi’s eyes.

That kind of extremely forbearant and bitter emotion shook Mu Xi Yao immeasurably.


[1] 致命傷 Mortal wound (fig.) fatal weakness, Achilles’ heel.


Later, she fully cooperated with the rebels, probably because of her long-standing jealousy and revenge.


“Mu Cefei really surprises this concubine.

What else is there in the backyard that it’s not clear to you yet.” Wu-shi glanced at her and went back to sit with great momentum.


When the people around saw her approaching, they immediately scattered to make room for her.

There was no one around her when she sat down.


What a surprise! This honest-looking woman turned out to be the most poisonous snake and scorpion.

She was not only part of the rebel party, but she was also of the house of An Guo.

No one could believe this identity.


“Bold! Wu-shi, you are a woman of sin.

What qualifications do you have to sit in the hall” He Lian Min Min who was shocked by Mu Xi Yao’s words finally swept out of her reverie.

When she looked back, Wu-shi was sitting down in a dignified manner.

Actually, there was no consciousness of becoming a prisoner.


“Sister doesn’t have to get angry.

For a dying person, rewarding her with a stool is regarded as sending her on the road.” Mu Xi Yao's smile was gorgeous, but her eyes were somber.


Wu-shi couldn’t be sent to the government office.

As soon as she entered prison, the Crown Prince will be waiting for an opportunity to make a move.

Zong Zheng Lin was not in Shengjing and she was a woman.

It was absolutely impossible for her to openly compete with the Crown Prince’s mansion.


Previously it was said that Wu-shi will be sent there for the official investigation.

That was because her other identity had not been determined.

Now that things were clear, Wu-shi couldn’t go there.


“Mu Cefei pointed out this concubine’s identity in public, this is just wanting to break this concubine’s back road.



[2] 後路Escape route/retreat route/room for maneuver.


If Mu-shi did not open her mouth, the Crown Prince could look at her past achievements and try to find a way to get her out and make another arrangement.

Now, this was not possible.

Zong Zheng Chun will never go through this muddy water [3], let alone admit her identity when she was unmasked in public.


[3] 不去趟這趟渾水 Wandering in muddy water (fig.) It refers to events that will cause trouble for oneself.


“You are clever.” Mu Xi Yao didn’t care about the strong hatred in Wu-shi’s eyes.


“Has Yin Ji been seen through too”


“This concubine is a concubine of the Sixth Prince’s mansion.

I can’t interfere in the backyard of other mansions.” That Yin Ji, afraid Zong Zheng Ming hadn’t had the time to investigate.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have just banned the entire backyard until he left Beijing, without news to report.


“That is to say, this concubine’s luck was not good, and entered the mansion of his Sixth Highness.” Then she fell in love with his Highness and met this demon-like woman.

“Mu Cefei also knows that the life of this concubine isn’t long, can Mu Cefei finally solve the confusion for this concubine and let this concubine die willingly”


“No.” Mu Xi Yao unexpectedly rejected Wu-shi’s final request.


Wu-shi’s eyes widened suddenly, and blood spilled from the corners of her mouth.


“Ah!” Lady Qi was frightened by Wu-shi’s strange appearance and screamed loudly, and the room was shrouded in fear in the blink of an eye.


The women in the inner yard had never seen such a bloody scene in person.

Su Lin Rou was too frightened, and because of her previous shame and anger, her mood fluctuated too much, and she fell down as soon as her body softened.


He Lian Min Min’s face turned pale, and her fingertips trembled slightly.

At this time, she understood that Mu Xi Yao’s words of “sending her on the road” were not merely cruel words.

The death of Wu-shi was to be expected.


“Sister, if you don’t say anything again, the situation will get messy later, and it won’t look good.” Mu Xi Yao sat leisurely, looking at the chaotic women below, her ears were constantly disturbed by the noise.

He Lian Min Min saw how calm she was and in contrast, she seemed to be too inferior.

Her face could not be hanged [4].


[4]  臉上掛不住 Can't hang on one's face (fig.) It means to feel embarrassed with shame.

It is usually used to describe one's displeasure or uneasiness because of shame or embarrassment.


For this woman, the easiest thing was to get angry.

He Lian Min Min was so angry that the scared women in the inner yard who had lost their sense of propriety became quiet in an instant. 


The front of Wu-shi’s apricot dress had been dyed red with blood, but the woman was stubborn and leaned on the back of the chair.

She stared at Mu Xi Yao as she spoke, “Mu Cefei refuses to fulfill this humble one’s last wish” Her breath was already unstable while speaking, and her chest was slightly undulating.


Mu Xi Yao took the palace fan in Hui Lan's hand and quickly fanned to disperse the faint smell of blood on the tip of her nose.



If you want to go on the road willingly, I'm afraid you can’t bear the answer you are asking for.

Once I say it, you may not be able to let it go.”


“What can’t a dying woman bear”


Seeing that she was going to die, she had to understand everything.

Mu Xi Yao didn’t agree.

So close to dying, do you want to go with resentment and unwillingness Why the need to ask so many questions This person, you have to learn how to let go before you can experience happiness.


“I don’t understand.

What kind of smell does that note have on it, that Mu Cefei can hold on to this concubine and convict this concubine in one sentence” 


After disposing of her so quickly and ruthlessly, she couldn't even see a shadow of that person.

Your Highness…


Ouch, still have time to miss her man Mu Xi Yao looked at her carefully.

Zong Zheng Lin was now her personal pillow [5], and it is reasonable to say that it was her private property.

Demoness Mu was feeling vengeful.






▲ Footnotes

[1] 致命傷 Mortal wound (fig.) fatal weakness, Achilles’ heel.

[2] 後路Escape route/retreat route/room for maneuver.

[3] 不去趟這趟渾水 Wandering in muddy water (fig.) It refers to events that will cause trouble for oneself.

[4]  臉上掛不住 Can't hang on one's face (fig.) It means to feel embarrassed with shame.

It is usually used to describe one's displeasure or uneasiness because of shame or embarrassment.

[5] the Chinese character used here was bào 抱 which means to hold/to carry (in one's arms)/to hug/to embrace/to surround/to cherish.

Kinda cute, tbh.


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