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“He Lian’shi.” Zhong Zheng Lin sternly called the person.

He Lian Min Min’s posture was as straight as a ramrod.

She did not dare to be neglectful. 

“You’re the sixth princess consort.

What should be the bearing of the principal wife, you should know it without bendian speaking it out.

Bendian has promised you that no one in the residence will transcend you in regard to the status.

It is still valid.

Whether it is you or He Lian House, as long as your behavior is proper, the respect you deserve, bendian remembers it clearly in the heart.” 

“As for Danruo Courtyard, don’t intervene.

As a person, as long as people don’t provoke Mu’shi, she won’t make things difficult for others.” This was the second time Zhong Zheng Lin mentioned Mu Xi Yao in front of He Lian Min Min.

His words were crystal clear, she cannot move Danruo Courtyard.  

As He Lian Min listened to him mentioning Mu’shi, his words carrying bias, her heart felt increasingly upset.

Did mother also have to make accommodations for the sake of overall interest in the He Lian House in the past and have to endure father defend other women in front of her How did she respond at that time 

He Lian Min Min was being distracted just now.

Yet, she heard Zhong Zheng Lin continue to talk.

“You must have guessed by now that a secret chess piece by the rebel faction is hiding in the inner yard.” Upon hearing such an important matter, He Lian Min Min’s mind was refreshed. 

“Your Highness, have you found out this person’s identity” The resentment in her expression was exactly the same that appeared on Mu Xi Yao’s face. 

From the rage which she was enduring silently, Zhong Zheng Lin could still easily tell the difference between the two women.

Too much of distracting thoughts engaged He Lian Min Min’s mind hence even her anger could not be completely pure.

And Mu Xi Yao, her anger was proud and it clearly told you that she was enraged and that she insisted on seeking revenge! 

The little woman was sometimes very simple.

As long as you understood her, many puzzling things could be naturally answered.

Although she had many shortcomings, her commendable qualities were enough to make up for her proud and unruly temper.

Zhong Zheng Lin took pleasure in taming this wild and fierce horse. 

“The identity of this person is still unknown.

After bendian leaves the capital, Mu’shi will start to purge the inner yard.

At that time, you only need to keep a watch and fulfill your duty as the principal consort.

Making fair judgment will suffice.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin spoke as if it was a matter of course.

However, it sounded differently in He Lian Min Min’s ears. 

Mu’shi will step in to solve this matter Why His Highness’s words were clearly certain and without a doubt as if she could definitely discover the contact.

If he found clues, why not let her severely punish the culprit in an upright and frank fashion as the principal consort and instead pick Mu’shi the most inappropriate person Does she have the energy to meddle in this matter with that belly of hers 

“Your highness, cefei’s belly, isn’t it a bit inappropriate for her to bother about such thing at this time” Although extremely unwilling, He Lian Min Min did not dare to turn a blind eye at Zhong Zheng Lin’s offspring at such time. 

No mishap must happen to Mu Xi Yao’s child right now.

Consort Shu kept putting pressure on her that if cefei’s unborn child couldn’t be preserved after she marries over, nothing pleasant will be spoken about her in the future.

More importantly, Yuancheng Emperor also paid attention to Mu Xi Yao’s child.

She has met with danger several times yet she always managed to narrowly escape.

Yuancheng Emperor thought that this child’s fortune was not bad.

He has once mentioned at consort Shu’s palace that she has to properly look after them.

If she could escape safely from both the frame-up and assassination, but an accident happened to her in the residence instead, wouldn’t it mean that she He Lian Min Min was even more terrifying than evil-doers She absolutely mustn’t taint herself with such a reputation. 

Moreover, if observant people used this opportunity to make trouble and usher this to the matter of the birth chart, she won’t be able to give a convincing explanation for self-defense.

If the fortune of a concubine from the ordinary household clashed with the fortune of the mistress of the household, there was no doubt that the concubine would be driven out of the house.

When it comes to her, if her birth chart dared to collide with that of Mu’shi, just based on the princess royal, she will have to be divorced and discarded by the imperial family. 

Therefore, He Lian Min Min was extremely careful of this unborn child of Mu Xi Yoa.

She did not dare to entertain her mind with any ill thoughts.

This was also the reason for her dejection. 

The status of the principal consort made her very angry as there was an untouchable ancestor in the residence.

If any other woman beside Mu Xi Yao was pregnant in the residence, she wouldn’t be able to watch helplessly shu son or daughter being born. 

“She knows where the boundary is.” When the little woman handled affairs, her usual way of doing work was to use her mouth and order people around.

If it could tire her, would she have spoken out and taken on the responsibility She would have pushed all the works on Tian Fu Shan. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s words made He Lian Min Min unable to refute.

If a man believes that a woman is sensible and acts tactfully, no matter how much she said it would be all to no avail and she might instead incur his dislike. 

“That being the case, make the preparation.

Day after tomorrow, you needn’t go out of the residence and see bendian off.” Zhong Zheng Lin put down teacup, about to leave. 

“Your Highness.” He Lian Min Min was truly unwilling to let go of such a good opportunity hence she mustered up the courage and spoke out to keep the person, “Qie has made a robe for your Highness.

Does your Highness want to try it and see whether it fits your Highness well” 

It was rare for He Lian Min Min to ask a question.

Yet, it made Zhong Zheng Lin abruptly recall Mu Xi Yao’s meaningful gaze she cast him when she saw him out just now.

His phoenix eyes slightly narrowed. 

Has little woman figured out that He Lian’shi will want to keep him The seduction and enticement just now were to make his heart tingle and think of her 

The sixth Highness explained the whole thing in his own way, and his mood immediately improved.

The indifference on his face diminished slightly. 

He patted softly the back of He Lian Min Min’s hand which was tightly squeezing the silk handkerchief due to nervosity.

Zhong Zheng Lin got up and tidied his clothes.

“Bendian still have important matter left to run today so bendian won’t stay.” 

He Lian Min Min thought that since his Highness’s expression has softened and he became very affectionate, he was appreciative of her goodwill and agreed to stay.

Unexpectedly, what awaited her was a straightforward rejection.

It was as if her heart was poured with cold water, leaving it with no temperature. 

This kind of attitude which verged on submissiveness also won’t do What kind of tricks did that Mu’shi use on his Highness 

With a stiff face, He Lian Min Min pulled a smile.

Subsequently, she stood up, “Then, is it alright to let qie send your Highness out” When the two of them spend a little bit more time together, they are bound to gradually get familiar with each other. 

Seeing her almost begging expression, Zhong Zheng Lin let her walk beside him.

The two of them walked in the front followed by servants a few steps behind them.

Helian Min Min sneaked a glance at the palm hung by his side, wanting to try to hold it.

But in the end, she did not dare to break propriety. 

She turned her head to look up at the man who walked alongside her.

His side profile was grave and stern, bearing dignified.

Such looks, even if he wasn’t born into the imperial family, he would be still admired by many women. 

But why, as his only principal consort, Zhong Zheng Lin always treated her with courtesy and kept her at a distance Why couldn’t she see qin and se sing in harmony1 as she looked forward to 

“Your Highness, as the princess consort, did Min Min do something wrong” Otherwise, why do you never reveal a smile every time you come to Chanruo Courtyard 

Zhong Zheng Lin walked steadily.

He showed consideration to her small steps and hence also slowed down a bit his speed.

Looking at them from distance, the two who walked together looked like a harmonious husband and wife.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s brow raised a bit when he heard her inquiries. 

This question, he truly didn’t know how to answer.

What was not good about this principal consort 

In term of birth, He Lian Min Min came from a noble and prominent clan, a clan that produced officials.

As the clan’s eldest di daughter, her identity was adequate for the principal consort position. 

In terms of erudition, she was well-educated and wasn’t a flamboyant type of person. 

In terms of appearance, although she didn’t possess stunning beauty, her looks could be considered dignified and graceful which fitted well the princess consort’s majestic presence. 

In terms of temperament, except for selfish motives which made her commit a preposterous thing, so far, she was even-tempered. 

Such a woman, as the principal wife, she fully comforted his previous imagination.

Most importantly, He Lian Min Min couldn’t gain upper hand over Mu Xi Yao, she was unable to bully his dearest.

Now it seems that the little woman’s east wind2 was too strong and, in a moment of neglection, it overwhelmed the other party.

The reason why He Lian Min Min asked such a question today, it was probably due to Mu Xi Yao’s presence being too overpowering. 

As Zhong Zheng Lin recalled that heartless woman who lived comfortably in her courtyard and who did not regard He Lian Min Min as a rival, he could only sigh ruefully.

The little vixen was quite capable.

Every time she casually fanned evil wind, it made He Lian Min Min in Chanruo Courtyard being extraordinarily dreadful. 

Translation notes:

[1] Qin and se sing in harmony is a Chinese idiom referring to husband and wife having a loving relationship

[2] East wind is a Chinese phrase that refers to favorable circumstances, revolutionary force or influence that push things/people forward 


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