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Second miss, master is receiving the sir from Censorate in the front yard.

He asks you to go over to speak with him.” Zhao Yun, sir Mu’s retainer, came to pass on the message. 

“I’ll go over right away.” Mu Xi Yao already took off her court dress and changed into a dress with a pleated skirt.

It was light colored and gave people the impression of elegance.

She specifically ordered Mo Lan to bring 《Collection of Culture promotion》.

She then instructed the wet nurse to take Cheng Qing to lady Yu’s place and accompany her before she supported herself with the other person’s hand and headed to the front yard. 

After entering the verandah, Mu Xi Yao looked at Zhao Yun who was half step behind her.

She called to mind that faithful and capable young man.

She hasn’t seen him for two years.

She wondered whether he was doing well. 

“Has Zhao Qing sent any letters back home Did he mention his situation over there in the letters” 

Zhao Yun did not expect that Mu Xi Yao would still remember his brother who had been away from home for two years.

Inwardly, he felt grateful. 

“Replying to the second miss.

There are letters.

He sends one such correspondence every year and they are delivered together with letters from the young master.

He did not speak explicitly about his circumstances in the letters, only telling the family to not worry about him.

He said that he has learnt a lot of skills and that he will join the battlefield in the future, killing the enemies and distinguishing himself.” 

Zhao Yun’s face softened a lot as he spoke of Zhao Qing whom he hasn’t seen for a long time.

As expected, it was the right approach to have his brother set his mind at rest and follow miss.

Not only was he removed from slavery, he could also follow the young master as a company commander.

His future prospects were envied by many in the residence. 

“Only one correspondence per year Could it be that the lazy elder brother has brought troubles to his subordinates and caused them to follow his suit, making them embarrassed to talk about passing on the letters” Mu Xi Yao was very dissatisfied that as soon as Mu Jin Zhi entered the military camp, he put everything else to the back of his mind.

Her elder brother was infatuated with martial arts.

Apart from his “sister-complex” which revealed that he was an emotional man, the rest of his time was spent on practicing martial arts.

Even in front of sir Mu and lady Yu, he would only answer when being asked, never uttering anything more.  

“Don’t say that, miss.

How could young master bring any trouble Not to mention, if he follows young master, his prospects will be palpable.

This little one hasn’t yet thanked miss for your care and patronage over Zhao Qing.” 

Mu Xi Yao waved her hand in nonchalance, “Don’t stand on ceremony.

Zhao family has deep seniority within the Mu household.

Since your great-grandfather, you’ve been serving Mu house and were loyal to us.

Zhao Qing has a good martial art foundation.

How can he miss such an opportunity that has been presented to him Besides, Zhao Qing is diligent and quick-witted.

He has potential.

Going to the battlefield to accomplish meriltuous feats was most suited to him.

Perhaps, when your brother returns a few years later, he will be promoted several ranks and become a dignified military official.” 

Zhao Yun did not expect that miss would place such hopes on Zhao Qing.

He quickly thanked her courteously while harboring some expectations in his heart. 

Due to Mu Xi Yao’s condition, the group of people walked very slowly.

When they arrived at the antehall, it was already two-quarters of an hour later. 

“Daughter greets father.” As soon as Mu Xi Yao entered the room, she paid respect to sir Mu first and then raised her head to take a look at two sirs from Censorate who stood next to him.

Both of them were middle-aged men who were probably in their early forties.

They appeared very upright.  

“This subject greets cefei.” 

“Two sirs needn’t be polite.

Please sit down.” Mu Xi Yao treated the two people from Censorate courteously.

No matter which dynasty, officials who were upright and honorable and did not bow to the interests of the government deserved her respect. 

Although Yuancheng Emperor could be regarded as a wise ruler, Mu Xi Yao didn’t think highly of his court officials.

If it was not for interests of aristocratic families being implicated too deeply, and too much of people having ganged up, how could have war with Mobei dragged for so many years and haven’t started yet In addition, there were the malpractices in the administration, which numbers were too high for her to reckon them one by one.

Even she could see the problem.

How could Yuancheng Emperor not know 

He was merely worried that if he took too drastic actions, it would destabilize the Great Wei’s foundation.

All of these demanded an intense reformation that would practically overthrow and reestablish the system.

For Yuancheng Emperor who was close to fifty years old, this indeed far exceeded his capabilities.

As an emperor who has made achievements in both civil and military affairs and has almost never made a mistake during his reign, Yuancheng Emperor became more level-headed after his middle age but was not as daring as during his youth. 

“My Highness has already informed qie in advance about the purpose of sirs’ visit.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask qie.

Qie won’t skirt around the issue.” Mu Xi Yao sat there upright, abandoning her usual indolent appearance. 

“In that case, this subject will be so bold as to seek testimony from cefei about some matters.” 

“On the night his sixth Highness has established his residence, after the banquet, where was cefei” 

“Water pavilion in the front yard.” 

“Have you come upon the rebels” 


However, qie wasn’t the only one in the water pavilion.

There were also his fifth Highness’s shufei and two personal maidservants.”

“Have rebels treated cefei rudely, or even abducted cefei” 

“They have naturally committed heinous crimes.

The rebels wished to assassinate qie and shufei, but we were rescued by his sixth Highness who has quickly arrived.

As for the abduction, it has never happened.

These sorts of groundless accusations, qie hopes that sirs will thoroughly investigate the matter and give qie a justice.” 

The two imperial censors looked at each other with a solemn expression. 

“The day before yesterday, the Censorate received a secret letter that tipped off on cefei.

The letter stated that cefei was taken into Qianxi’s alley by the chieftain of the rebels and stayed in a residential house for more than two days.

In between, you have even ordered rebels several times to go out and deliver you satisfactory meals.

May cefei explain a little on this matter mentioned in the secret letter” 

When the sir vice censor asked her the question, his expression was rather odd.

The remaining points written in the letter was acceptable.

Just this meal thing.

No matter how he looked at it, it didn’t seem to be doing of someone who was in the right mind.

Mu Xi Yao was amused inwardly.

This sir himself felt awkward when asking this question, yet he had to wait for her reply.

Could it be regarded as him lacking in confidence 

“Qie had experienced symptoms of a miscarriage on the night of the assassination.

Not only have qie asked the imperial physician to check pulse for qie, his Highness has also even qie back to Mu residence to nourish the fetus.

These things can be checked out by sir.” 

“As for the story of qie coercing the rebels.

What do you think, sir How can qie, a mere woman who is pregnant with child, accomplish such a feat” 

“Besides, qie is eight months pregnant.

Qie’s brain works just fine.” 

Mu Xi Yao’s questions made vice censor embarrassed.

He coughed slightly. 

“The matter regarding cefei returning to Mu residence can be only confirmed by Mu servants.

It is not sufficient to be taken as a proof.” 

“As for the meal matter.

This subject has looked into the dishes mentioned in the letter.

According to the news from the prince’s residence, some of them are indeed dishes cefei usually uses.” 

“Since sir is talking about dishes, can sir tell qie what did that letter say” 

Sir vice censor took the file handed over by the censor next to him.

After opening it, he slowly read out seventeen dishes. 

Mu Xi Yao pretended to listen carefully.

Afterward, her brows furrowed. 

“Since sir knows that qie is pregnant with child, qie is bound to be extraordinarily attentive to food.

How can you then not be suspicious about this menu” 

“As far as qie heard, there are at least two-three kinds of dishes not suitable for pregnant women’s consumption.

What’s more, the white jade rolls and crispy lotus root that were mentioned just now.

If they were used at the same time, they will cause a pregnant woman to miscarriage.

It’s extremely dangerous.” 

Since she dared to order people to deliver her a meal, how could she possibly give the other party something that can be used against her The meals Mu Xi Yao sent Zhong Zheng Lin were very carefully selected.

As long as it was something she couldn’t eat, they all went to the sixth Highness’s belly. 

“This….” How could the two adult men know of things that were taboo to a pregnant woman Their brief negligence and Mu Xi Yao’s questions have caught them unprepared. 

“Since sirs feel that this menu is worth to be used to validate the news from the prince’s residence, why sirs don’t ask the imperial physician to look them up and make the conclusion afterward” 

Henceforth, the two immediately copied the menu and sent it to the Academy of Medicine, quietly waiting for their reply. 

When Mu Xi Yao saw their brows remaining furrowed, she stopped beating about the bush, “Actually, two sirs needn’t worry too deeply.

Qie can offer evidence for qie’s innocence.

In fact, the truth is obvious at a glance.

As for that anonymous whistleblower, qie is quite interested in knowing the other party’s motives.” 

“Oh Is what cefei speak true” Upon hearing Mu Xi Yao’s confident words, the two’s spirits were immediately lifted. 

Could it be that the key evidence was in lady Mu’s hand If she can provide irrefutable evidence that stood on facts, then the matter revolving the rebel faction and the rumors could be settled tomorrow.

They could also successfully finish the errand that Yuancheng Emperor has handed over to them. 


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