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This little girl! The gifts from our household are enough.

Yet, you had to trouble his Highness to prepare a carriage full of congratulatory presents.

You’re a soon to be mother so why are you still so misbehaved” Lady Yu angrily patted Mu Xi Yao’s little hand that was coiled around her arm.

This youngest daughter of hers wasn’t polite with his Highness at all.

Mu Xi Yao dodged lady Yu’s hand while shouting “it hurts” at the top of her lungs.

Lady Yu was so amused by her she was at her wit’s end.

She’s been gently hit twice only.

Was she being murdered or what 

“Mother, isn’t it better if his Highness’s carriage was sent over At least Liang family will know about this daughter who is a favored cefei.

They won’t dare to bully sister too much.” Mu Xi Yao took lady Yu’s hand and curried favor with her. 

Mu Xi Cheng lived too far away.

If she lived in the capital, humph! If that Liao You Zhao dared to treat her sister harshly, she’ll show him. 

“This child.

You’re worrying for nothing.

The people in your brother-in-law’s house are all kind-hearted people.

How could he treat your elder sister badly” 

“Yes, yes, yes.

Daughter is a busybody, a bully.


Whether Mu Xi Cheng was bullied or not did not depend on what was being said.

She’ll wait for the return letter from over there. 

“Miss, about….” Concubine Wu’s expression was dismayed.

She hesitated, not knowing how to start.

“Yiniang1, don’t you plead for Xi Ting’s case.

This time she has committed a great offense that almost cost her a head.

If she doesn’t learn from her mistakes, plenty of hardships will be waiting for her in the future.” Mu Xi Yao was firm on her words.

She had made up her mind to not soften. 

If it was not for Mu Xi Ting also being married to a prince and Mu Xi Yao was unable to put Zhong Zheng Ming in order, as well as Mu Xi Ting herself being a disappointment, how could she be doing so bad  

“But, being put into a house arrest for a year, this….” How could a woman’s prime years bear such a waste of time Not to mention it was a prince’s inner yard.

When she comes out in one year, she feared that his fifth Highness would have long forgotten about her. 

Mu Xi Yao disagreed.

The war in Mobei was about to start.

Zhong Zheng Ming stayed only briefly in his residence.

Perhaps, he will even have to leave the capital.

This one year of house arrest could be considered a light punishment. 

“The house arrest doesn’t mean they cannot see each other.

If his Highness missed her, could he not go to see her” According to Zhong Zheng Lin’s gentle personality, he ought not to completely cast her aside. 

“This time, listen to the second miss.

Xi Ting made a mistake.

She will be much better learning how to live life.

Unable to keep a child is not a good thing.” Lady Yu reasoned with concubine Wu. 

Mu Xi Yao didn’t dare to let the family know that Mu Xi Ting was involved with rebels.

If lady Yu was to know this, wouldn’t she be simply scared into a grave illness 


“Was everything prepared and sent over” While holding Mu Xi Yao’s little hand, Zhong Zheng Lin took her to sit in the pavilion. 

“Want to sit on the lap.” Mu Xi Yao leaned against him on her own initiative. 

“You’re increasingly not being polite with bendian.” Zhong Zheng Lin drew the person to his arms and let her find a more comfortable position before allowing her to speak. 

Mu Xi Yao snuggled against him and sighed enjoyably.

Boss felt so fresh and cool in the summer days.

It was comfortable to lean against him.

She would be stupid to not use such a benefit. 

“You’ll be visited by people from Censorate tomorrow.” When Zhong Zheng Lin saw her closing her eyes and enjoy herself, that little appearance of hers reminded him more and more of the rabbit they raised at home.

She looked so silly. 

As he established the residence, he initially planned to secretly leave her rabbits in the palace.

Who would have imagined that she has committed them to her memories and mentioned on several occasions that they mustn’t forget about her pets This made Zhong Zheng Lin helpless.

He couldn’t possibly tell her that she wasn’t allowed to bring her rabbits.

They were gifts sent by him, after all.

He couldn’t slap his own face, could he 

“Qie has already waited for two days.

Your Highness, the Great Wei’s officials take their time in handling work.” If she was this inefficient, she would be already sacked by her boss. 

Zhong Zheng Lin thought that she had a valid point.

He slowly immersed himself in this issue and started to contemplate the matter of officials doing their jobs. 

Mu Xi Yao didn’t bother him upon seeing him absorbed in thoughts.

She quietly threw fish flakes into the pond at the side, which has attracted a shoal of spotted groupers fighting for food. 

When Zhong Zheng Lin collected himself, Mu Xi Yao has just tossed away all of the fish flakes in her hand.

She hurriedly called Mo Lan to wash her hands.

“Yesterday, you have specially asked bendian to send people to visit your di sister.

Did you find something strange” 

“Qie is not sure.

Qie only felt that it was not right that elder sister made her servant girl into a bedchamber maid.”

“Why do you think so Does Jiao Jiao think it is not right for the principal wife to accept a bedchamber maid after getting pregnant”

He initially thought that Mu Xi Yao was proud in nature and could not stand sharing her husband.

Now, it seemed that she was displeased with all men who took concubines. 

“Qie’s di sister is a legitimate principal wife.

Why should she cause grievances to herself and send women to her man’s bed against her will Even if she wanted to keep him, she didn’t have to use such tasteless means.

Now there will be no end to this.” Mu Xi Yao was very blunt and spoke as if justice was on her side. 

Zhong Zheng Lin pinched her nose.

Amused by her, he teased, “Does Jiao Jiao think that the principal wife should live comfortably while those concubines could be regarded as people of little importance” 

“Of course.

Otherwise, why would everyone fight for the principal wife’s position till they were beaten blacks and blue It’s all about the prestige and authority in the household.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin discovered that this woman’s thinking was not just fairly problematic.

When her person was a principal wife, it was legitimate and awe-aspiring.

When it was her turn, so far, she was the one towering above He Lian’shi.

She easily blocked all the seldom tricks He Lian’shi pulled on her. 

“Jiao Jiao, you’re an epitome of ‘covering up for your own people’ .” Zhong Zheng Lin planted a kiss on her forehead.

The little woman had many shortcomings.

This could be considered one of them. 

“Qie covers up for qie’s people because qie has your Highness’s favor.

If you don’t dote on qie, qie won’t have such confidence, right Besides, if someone dared to bully your Highness, qie would have protected your Highness, too!” 

Zhong Zheng Lin laughed heartily.

Look at her wittiness! Was there someone who could bully him, yet Mu Xi Yao couldn’t protect him against that person As the sixth Highness watched her expression that looked like she was fighting with someone as if her life depended on it, he was in a great mood. 

The little woman had many shortcomings, but he was happy to indulge her.

Don’t you see, he has kept spoiling her and she even knows to protect him now! 

“Jiao Jiao dislikes other people’s concubines, yet you yourself have become bendian’s cefei.

Have you ever hold any resentment” Zhong Zheng Lin asked very seriously.

Mu Xi Yao was such a proud person.

How could she possibly be willing to be inferior to others  

Mu Xi Yao hugged his neck and pouted.

She seemed to disagree with him. 

“Wasn’t it obviously predestined Since qie has entered your Highness’s residence, qie never thought of resenting anyone.

Besides, your highness treats qie well.

Didn’t you say that qie is your darling” Mu Xi Yao kissed his lips and said smugly. 

She let him ask so that she could satisfy his aojiao temper all at once.

Let’s see whether he was content or not. 

Sure enough, Zhong Zheng Lin laughed heartily. 

This little shameless one.

She wasn’t the slightest bit ashamed when calling herself a darling. 

His most favorite phrase was that “predestined” part.

This woman was also a master of endearments.

Her words were so sweet his heart was still a warm mess. 

“You little temptress, you’re indeed skilled at tormenting people.

Bendian has been tantalized by you until reluctant to escape from you.” The sixth Highness sighed. 

For him, this predestined matter probably meant that he was fated to meet this doom. 

As Mu Xi Yao listened to the boss again speaking of corny endearments, she chuckled. 

Just bring it on.

Let this fondness turn even more intense.

Let the boss put in some extra effort.

Once Zhong Zheng Lin dumps Yuancheng Emperor, she will just wait to become a readily available favored consort. 

Translation notes:

[1] Yiniang is the way concubines were adressed 


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