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“The two of you have performed meritorious service by eliminating the rebel faction.

You shall be rewarded according to your contributions.” Yuancheng Emperor returned to the capital yesterday in the afternoon.

This morning, he praised greatly the fifth prince and the sixth prince in the court.

Clearly, he was very satisfied with the two’s performance. 

“Your Majesty.” One of the officials on the left stepped out.

“In the past few days, people in Shengjing did not cease discussing this matter.

There are countless rumors in regard to the rebel’s assassination attempt.

According to this subject’s opinion, this matter should be clarified in order to suppress the rumors.

Otherwise, it would cause harm to the two Highnesses’ reputation.” The vice censor of the Censorate handed over the memorial and admonished frankly. 

This sir wasn’t egged on by others to deliberately bother the two Highnesses.

Rather, he was a too upright and upstanding person who could not stand the sight of various forces in Shengjing pushing the waves and adding the billows, breeding crafty plots and machinations like flies and turning the majestic imperial capital’s atmosphere foul, tainting the Great Wei’s bright heaven and earth. 

Once the vice censor’s words came out, people harboring agendas immediately acted.

In a blink of an eye, nearly one-third of the civil officials supported the vice censor’s proposal. 

Yuancheng Emperor swept a glance underneath.

His eyes were indecipherable. 

The crown prince’s followers were like of one mind.

Most of them have stepped out.

Even the eighth’s subordinates followed the suit.

However, they consisted of merely two-three unremarkable officials of the fourth rank.

As for the eldest, he wasn’t muddle-headed this time. 

He then looked at the side with princes.

Zhong Zheng Ming was calm and composed.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s face was still pale, but his expression was biting cold. 

Yuancheng Emperor took a rough look at various forces.

He made a plan in his mind. 

Since both of them were so calm, it certainly has to be because they had no fear of others’ gossips.

Mu’shi who was implicated in this matter was an extremely smart person.

He was afraid that some people who wished to use her to stir an argument were going to be greatly disappointed. 

“Since these rumors are disastrous, the Censorate shall step in to investigate this matter thoroughly and punish the person who started the rumors.

Afterward, a formal notice shall be issued to completely settle the affairs with rebels.” 

Yuancheng Emperor directly threw the task back to the Censorate.

His actions pleasantly surprised the sir vice censor who was the first to offer a word of advice.

This showed that Yuancheng Emperor’s trust in the Censorate was just as firm as ever.

Otherwise, he would not have easily handed the matter involving the honors of the two Highnesses over to them. 

Upon hearing Yuancheng Emperor picking the Censorate and skip over the Department of Supervision, the crown prince’s face took on a slightly ghastly expression for a moment. 

The people he planted in the Department of Supervision could still be somewhat useful.

Fabricating evidence and deliberately making things difficult for others was much more convenient.

If it was changed to Censorate, he wouldn’t be able to intervene at all.

Those stubborn old geezers only recognized Yuancheng Emperor and ironclad evidence.

They gave respect to no one else.

In the past, because of the matter of using imperial weaving, they have challenged him in front of the officials.

In the end, they parted on bad terms.

In particular, the censor-in-chief of the Censorate.

He was a senior official who lived through two sovereigns’ reigns.

Taking advantage of being highly regarded by the late Emperor, he was as stubborn as a mule and followed only the Emperor. 

This arrangement of Yuancheng Emperor, could it be due to him being fully confident in the two of them and not worried that a scandal to the imperial family would be found out Or that person’s information was wrong and he was being used 

Zhong Zheng Lin swept his phoenix eyes at everyone, taking in their expressions.

The accuracy of the intelligence sent by the shadow guards was satisfactory.

He might as well commend them once he returns. 

After the court ended, Zhong Zheng Lin returned to his residence to run errands, starting to prepare matters related to Shu Zhong.

This time, he had to pull up that malignant lump by the roots, removing them once and for all! 


“Mistress, little master is crying for his Highness.

These servants are unable to calm him down.

What….” Gui momo was in dilemma.

The little master’s walking became increasingly steady.

He was very active.

If they were not watchful of him, he would climb over the doorstep all by himself.

This action of his scared the people around who were looking after him so much that their faces changed colors. 

Mu Xi Yao was drawing a floral motif inside the house.

When she heard that Cheng Qing was again being naughty after waking up, she directly ordered people to take him over to her to put him in order. 

Troublemaker! During the twelve hours of a day, he spent half of them making a fuss.

Lady Yu who spoilt children rotten also could not bear his mischief.

Fortunately, Zhong Zheng Lin came over every day.

Otherwise, his son would be turning this place upside down. 

“Mother!” The little bun Cheng Qing finally called right the person.

He became excited as soon as he saw his mother. 

Mu Xi Yao looked at his body which was chubby all over.

A brilliant red-colored scarf was hung around his neck, making him resembled a lucky kid.

However, he looked quite lovable.

When the bun was not naughty he was quite adorable. 

It was not very sunny outside, but it was unbearably hot and stuffy.

The baby Cheng Qing’s forehead was covered with perspiration.

He didn’t like being hugged by others.

He wriggled his body, wanting to be let down and throw himself at Mu Xi Yao. 

“Cheng Qing, be obedient.

Take momo’s hand and walk properly.

Mommy will take you to the courtyard and play with water.

Do you want the ducky and boaty daddy gave you” Mu Xi Yao didn’t have the energy to play with him all the time hence she thought of several ways to make him amuse himself.

Sitting in a custom-made wooden bucket and playing with water was a game the little bun was very fond of. 

When Zhong Zheng Lin saw his son play with enthusiasm, he collected two chests of items for Cheng Qing to play with every day.

Each of them was finely crafted, smooth, and inflicted no cuts.

Just checking these little objects alone took Tian Fu Shan a whole day.

He did not dare to be careless. 

As soon as Cheng Qing heard that he could play with water in the courtyard, he became very well-behaved.

He obediently took the wet nurse’s hand and hopped energetically.

That appearance clearly spoke of impatience over his mother’s slow pace. 

“Chun Lan, order people to carry out a table.

Tell them to bring along the manuscripts on the table.” Mu Xi Yao was supported by Zhao momo’s hand while followed by a row of people behind her.

The group of people grandiosely headed toward the Mu residence’s garden. 

When lady Yu’s momo arrived, the garden happened to be surrounded by a lively mood.

Mu Xi Yao was drafting a floral pattern for Jia Yi House under the shadow of a tree.

Cheng Qing was sitting in a wooden bucket a few steps away from her and splashing water.

The whole area around him was filled with playthings he has littered.

The servant girls by his side took turns in keeping an eye over the little master so that he won’t negligently stuff things into his mouth.

Those who stayed idle either did the needlework or tied the knot. 

“Second miss, a visitor has come.

He brought with him a letter from the first miss.

Madam asks you to come over and have a look with her.” 

Why did Mu Xi Cheng send a letter at this time It was quite uncommon.

Since this di sister of hers married, she has sent them only two-three correspondences per year due to her living far away from them.

They were all sent either on the New Year or on happy occasions.

How come that a letter has been delivered today 

“Momo, take Cheng Qing and bring him together.” Just in time for the little bun to pay afternoon respects.


Cakey.” Cheng Qing was smart since childhood.

He could understand what adults were talking about.

When he recalled the delicious pastries at lady Yu’s place, his little palms clapped loudly. 

Mu Xi Yao went over to bite his delicate rosy bun-like face.

She poked at his forehead with a smile, “Little foodie.”

“Mistress, the little master takes after you.

Before marrying, you were also fond of pastries at home.

You never forgot about them when paying respect.” When she called to mind Mu Xi Yao’s gluttonous appearance, a smile blossomed on Gui momo’s old face.

The maidservants behind her who have followed her for a long time, too, knew that their mistress was a glutton.

They lowered their heads to muffle their chuckle, not afraid that she would punish them. 

Mu Xi Yao was slightly embarrassed.

Back then, the reason she was so fond of eating the pastries was because of their novelty tastes.

Nowadays, that newness has faded a lot.

“Why is that he takes after me Why didn’t you say anything when snacks were sent to his Highness’s study every day Did you not see that his Highness was sending people here these few days” Mu Xi Yao argued.

It was more reasonable to blame it on the boss. 

That man’s mouth has become picky about food.

The prince’s residence was so huge that the cooks could even line up and conduct field training.

Yet, Zhong Zheng Lin had Wei Zhen diligently run to Mu residence asking for food and let lady Yu laugh at her. 

“Mistress, isn’t his Highness simply doting on you This sort of grace is something others cannot even hope for.” The more Gui momo spoke the merrier she became.

One couldn’t complain about how the sixth Highness treated her mistress.

He pampered her so much that she turned more charming and grew prettier than ever. 

The group of people chatted with each other while walking.

The little bun Cheng Qing stared intently at the boat made from grass leaves in Chun Lan’s hand.

He insisted on looking at it right under his nose.

When they made a turn, he lost sight of it for a moment and subsequently started to cry out. 

Lady Yu could hear her grandson crying from afar.

She quickly ordered people to lift up the hanging screen outside and receive Mu Xi Yao. 

“Mother, what is sister saying in the letter” 

Lady Yu held Cheng Qing in her arms.

She tore a bit of twisted honey roll and sent it to his mouth.

Her face was filled with affection.

“Your sister is over two months pregnant.”  

Mu Xi Yao did not let down and had two children within three years.

However, no news came from Mu Xi Cheng.

Lady Yu was constantly worried about her.

Although her eldest daughter’s life in her husband’s household was not bad, her fortune was nowhere near as good as Mu Xi Yao’s.

Before she married over, her husband has already taken two concubines and a bedchamber maid.

He had also sired a son and a daughter.

When Mu Xi Cheng married over, the eldest shu son already started to attend school and receive an education. 

She has waited for almost two years.

The good news she longed for came at last.

How could lady Yu be not happy 

When Mu Xi Yao heard that her di sister was pregnant, she also exclaimed, unable to contain her pleasant surprise.

She asked for the letter and looked it over carefully.

Her brows slightly furrowed. 

As soon as Mu Xi Cheng became pregnant, she immediately carved her servant girl’s face1 and made Liang You Zhao take her as his bedchamber maid.

This displeased Mu Xi Yao. 

She was already dissatisfied with this man for siring the eldest shu son before marrying her di sister.

Now, she even heard him take a new woman.

Could he not stay without a woman for even a day 

Mu Xi Yao pouted.

Her impression of this brother-in-law fell by another two points. 

She had no choice but to join the imperial family.

Not only did she become a mistress, she even had to use all possible means to fight for survival.

If she was married to an ordinary man, how could she let a concubine and the likes irk her eyes

Mu Xi Cheng was the mistress of the house.

Why on earth was she so virtuous Letting her man take bedchamber maid It was a method woman used if she was incapable of keeping her man.

Mu Xi Yao inwardly shook her head.

She was afraid that her di sister’s circumstance was not as good as it was being said in the letter.

When she saw the joy on lady Yu’s face, she decided to not tell her about it lest she keeps thinking about it. 

In the evening, Zhong Zheng Lin stayed in Mu Xi Yao’s room as usual.

During this time, he might as well let Mu Xi Yao take proper care of herself and fetus in the Mu residence.

Without those annoying women, Mu Xi Yao can have a much better rest. 

“Your Highness, this wound indeed resembles the real thing! Is it again Yu Gu’s doing” Mu Xi Yao gently stroked his left shoulder.

A longan fruit sized bloodstain soaked through the top layer of the snow-white strip of cloth. 

“It naturally has to be made to look like the real thing.

Although the imperial physician has been fooled by bendian, since the emperor has returned to the capital, everything needs to be executed cautiously.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin talked about it in a relaxed manner.

Yet, for Mu Xi Yao, he took a very risky move.

If he was discovered, it would be a crime of deceiving the Emperor. 

Mu Xi Yao rubbed against the hollow of his neck and coquettishly kissed his earlobe. 

“Your Highness, can you send someone to Fuzhou to help qie see how is qie’s sister doing Qie is deeply worried.” Mu Xi Yao’s little nose wrinkled.

Her head was resting against Zhong Zheng Lin’s chest while her fingertips were tickling him. 

Her gentle teasing made Zhong Zheng Lin feel quite comfortable.

“Is something going on in your di sister’s household” 


Elder sister is pregnant.

Qie plans to send some things to her.” 

“In that case, have Tian Fu Shan send a person from the prince’s household over there.

Give him the list of things you’d like to deliver and take those things from the household’s treasury.” Zhong Zheng Lin caressed her smooth back.

His phoenix eyes were closed.

He was quite enjoying himself. 

As soon as Mu Xi Yao heard that her private treasury has saved money, she immediately went to please Zhong Zheng Lin by kissing his chin.

“Your Highness dotes on qie the most.” She used her little foot to rub against his calf and smiled sweetly. 

Boss was being increasingly considerate.

Her heartfelt delighted.

Sending a person from the prince’s household over there was most likely to show her respect. 

“Qie has a better fortune than elder sister as there’s your Highness to pamper qie.

This is how real bliss should be called.” Mu Xi Yao spoke out her heartfelt thoughts, not the slightest bit embarrassed by her words as if her being favored was a matter of course.  

Zhong Zheng Lin patted her little derriere and let out a muffled chuckle.

“Do you know only now that your life is good with bendian” 

It was good that he didn’t mention it.

As soon as he did, Mu Xi Yao recalled that bowl of porridge made from the old rice. 

“But your Highness, being with you is not easy.

Qie gets to become a victim of other people’s schemes every now and then.

This time, qie was abducted and they served qie only a rice porridge!” Mu Xi Yao complained.

She almost forgot about the complaint part.

Since she has suffered grievance, she had to complain to his Highness and seek for his comfort. 

Zhong Zheng Lin raised her head and looked at her well-feigned miserable expression. 

“Let bendian taste whether there’s still a flavor of rice porridge left in this little mouth.” Once the sixth Highness caught the person, he did not let her go.

He captured her lips and after finding the opportunity the tip of his tongue immediately entered her lips.

His tongue swept over hers and engaged in a passionate intimacy.  

Did she think he didn’t know that she had a better time than those rebels She was imprisoned inside the house, yet she could demand food as she pleased.

That chieftain avoided her like a plague.

After being taught a lesson by her, he never again showed before her. 

Translation notes:

[1] Carve face is an old Chinese saying referring to a bride-to-be 


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