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Mu Xi Yao stiffly walked a few steps.

As soon as she turned around, she saw that apart from Mo Lan, Hui Lan, and momo, there were six more maidservants closely following behind her.

This arrangement made Mu Xi Yao call to mind the scene of consorts in the palace going on an outing. 

The courtyard of the Mu residence was only that big.

Your Highness, you sent so many people to serve qie.

Whenever qie makes a turn, qie needs to be very careful for fear that we would stumble on each other. 

When she recalled the shocking scene this morning, Mu Xi Yao felt infuriated. 

Zhong Zheng Lin left the residence early.

Yet, he did not forget to send her eighteen female guards.

Early in the morning, they stood neatly outside of her side room, waiting for their mistress to select people who would stay with her. 

Mu Xi Yao, who just got out of bed and was not fully awake yet, headed out while following behind Mo Lan who lifted the hanging screen.

As soon as she raised her eyes, she saw the place filled with people’s figures.

As she watched the maidservants who crammed the hall, Mu Xi Yao was muddle-headed.

She was even under the impression that she had taken the wrong door. 

When she finally learnt from lady Yu that from now on she had to keep around her six female guards at all times, her expression was so shocked that lady Yu had to call her twice before she calmed down. 

“Mother, is there a need for so many people” Mu Xi Yao quickly dissuaded.

He Lian Min Min who was the principal consort in the prince’s residence also did not have such an exaggerated entourage.

She was a favorite consort not an evil consort.

She didn’t want to be fixed by Yuancheng Emperor. 

No matter how she looked at it, it seemed like she was deliberately showing off, engaging in a rivalry and provocation, with an intention to gain the upper hand over the principal wife. 

His Highness was experiencing brain fade these past few days.

Yet, why were you also following his suit and kicking up the fuss 

Mu Xi Yao was worried.

The humiliation has made boss fly into a rage and hence his actions turned to be too extreme.

He seemed to have forgotten what “cover-up only makes matters worse” meant….

“His Highness said that such an arrangement has already received consent from consort Shu.

Your pregnancy is too unstable this time.

Her Ladyship is deeply worried.

Until you finish the postpartum confinement, be obedient and let them attend to you.” 

Since there were three mountains1 smothering her, Mu Xi Yao went back in embarrassment.

Taking into account the minimum requirement, she reluctantly accepted twelve people to work in shifts. 

At noon, Zhong Zheng Lin appeared in Mu residence again.

As soon as he entered the house, he started to inquire about cefei’s wellbeing. 

Wei Zhen has grasped the situation nowadays.

His Highness hated that he couldn’t tie the person and always carry her with himself.

As long as the rebel faction wasn’t wiped out, his Highness won’t be at ease.

At this moment, cefei was tending the unborn child in Mu residence.

His Highness, soon after, also came over to call the roll. 

“Your Highness” Mu Xi Yao was surprised.

Why did Zhong Zheng Lin come at this time

Zhong Zheng Lin hugged the person and placed her on his lap.

He planted a kiss on her puzzled face while his big hand caressed Mu Xi Yao’s belly. 

“Bendian came to look at son.” 

Mu Xi Yao chuckled.

Your Highness, the random nonsenses you blurt out need to be convincing, don’t they When qie was spending days in Danruo Courtyard, how come qie didn’t see you return to the residence at noon to see your darling son Moreover, who told you it was a son 

Mu Xi Yao’s smile made her eyes transform into crescents, “This fetus feels different from the previous one.

It should be a girl.” The little clothes that were not put to use last time could finally come in handy.

Mu Xi Yao was quite fond of those adorable pinkish little clothes. 

The corners of Zhong Zheng Lin’s lips curled up upon seeing her lean against his chest with a dazzling smile.

“It would be for the best if daughter took after you.” Zhong Zheng Lin felt his heart soften into a complete mess as he thought of having a daughter resembling Mu Xi Yao.

Watching that little girl slowly grow up was more or less a kind of compensation to him.

Zhong Zheng Lin felt regret that he was unable to witness Mu Xi Yao’s growth.

How did the little woman grow up to be her current self, so enticing it became harder and harder to leave her 

The little bun Cheng Qing hasn’t gone through the first birthday celebration2 yet and was already bored by the sixth Highness.

His daddy’s desire for “little Xi Yao” became more eager than before.

Of course, in the eyes of his mommy, he was never as lovable as a daughter. 

Thereupon, the future lord of grand renaissance, his Majesty Longjing Emperor of Great Wei, has suffered defeat even before he reached the age of one year.

Throughout his life, he was never as doted as princess royal Rong Hui by their parents.  

“Your Highness, your hands!” Just as Mu Xi Yao was imagining a soft daughter, she was taken advantage of by Zhong Zheng Lin. 


Jiao Jiao smells wonderful.” Zhong Zheng Lin leaned over and sniffed at the side of her neck, exclaiming in admiration.

“Bendian needs to only massage a little and Jiao Jiao’s scent grows stronger.” 

Mu Xi Yao was embarrassed as well as angry.

Was he implying that she couldn’t bear his discipline and was easy to get aroused Lord boss was more and more shameless. 

“Your Highness, when will be the rebels suppressed” 

“Tonight, at the hour of Zi3.

Yesterday, Yu Gu wormed out of the chieftain that the rebel faction from Shu Zhong will meet at the west of the city, just right to catch all the rebels in Shengjing and its surroundings in one net.” 

“Is your Highness going tonight” He stayed up all night for several consecutive days.

Could his body bear it 

Zhong Zheng Lin took up her little hand and covered his cheek with it upon seeing her expression.

“If Jiao Jiao is concerned about bendian, Jiao Jiao can take an afternoon nap with bendian.

After preserving and nurturing the spirit, bendian will teach them a lesson for you, alright” He kissed her palm and teased her till Mu Xi Yao broke into a smile. 

This occasional abduction seemed to be advantageous to her favored consort advancement However, the risk was too great.

Mu Xi Yao thought that one time was enough to remember for a lifetime. 

“Since it’s your Highness’s magnificent hospitality, qie naturally has to keep your Highness company.” Demoness Mu enveloped Zhong Zheng Lin’s neck and planted a lukewarm kiss on his lips, stirring up his serene mind. 

Seeing her acting naughty, Zhong Zheng Lin picked her up and headed toward the inner room.

Yet, his hand did not stop its movements.

It slapped her little round derriere a few times, making it shake and jiggle.

His big hand then seized the opportunity to fondle it a handful of times.

That feel was indeed ecstatic. 

“If you don’t want to be laughed at by sir Mu, don’t provoke bendian.” 

Mu Xi Yao’s demoness aura immediately perished.

She shot him a few faint glances.

It was beneath a man’s decency to pick at one’s sore point. 

On this evening, the western town of Shengjing was besieged by the authorities.

The glints and flashes of cold steel could be seen in Qiangxi alley.

The battle cries lasted for half an hour before gradually dissipating.

The fifth Highness Zhong Zheng Ming and the sixth Highness Zhong Zheng Lin separately commanded the capital district’s garrison unit and surveillance unit to carry out a bloody purge on the rebel influence of Shu Zhong that was secretly buried in Shengjing.

They were accompanied by the nine gates infantry commander4 Hua Zhao Guang and the commander of left-winged vanguard brigade Chu Bing Quan. 

During this operation, eighty-six rebels were killed and seven chieftains were detained.

This operation was the most fruitful campaign against rebel faction and has also brought the most remarkable results for the past five years. 

On the way back to the capital, Yuancheng Emperor received the message.

He was overjoyed at the unexpected good news.

At first, he thought that this matter will need to wait for his careful disposal upon his return, but to his surprise, these two sons of his acted quickly and efficiently.

They didn’t let him down.

Good, very good! If all the princes of great Wei were this capable, he would need not to worry about Great Wei not prospering! 

“Is cefei doing well” Zhong Zheng Ming could not help but ask before leaving. 

Zhong Zheng Lin raised an eyebrow.

His phoenix eyes deepened.

“She’s naturally well.

Fifth brother needs not to trouble yourself about her.” 

Zhong Zheng Ming nodded and coughed awkwardly.

He quickly got on the horse and departed after waving his hand. 

As Zhong Zheng Lin watched that silhouette disappear, he moved his eyes away.

Zhong Zheng Ming was indeed deeply concerned about Mu Xi Yao.

What an eyesore. 

If this matter didn’t happen to be related to Mu Xi Yao, the sixth Highness would not be interested in what will happen to Zhong Zheng Ming at all. 

Mu Xi Yao has contributed greatly to the success of the rebel faction’s suppression.

Mu Xi Yao’s troublemaking skills were tiptop.

But fortunately, cleaning up her mess was not that difficult.

Otherwise, no matter how many subordinates Zhong Zheng Lin had, he won’t be able to deal with the shambles she created. 

Since there was someone happy, there was bound to be someone extremely worried and troubled. 

Yin Ji in the fifth prince’s residence has been exposed.

Zhong Zheng Ming was currently speeding up her investigation. 

The key contact in the sixth prince’s residence has lost all her cool at the moment.

She was discreet in word and deed at all times for fear of being exposed.

She has lurked in the residence for so many years.

Her hiding abilities naturally couldn’t be underestimated.

For the time being, Zhong Zheng Lin had no time to fix these restless women.

He was waiting for how things will unfold at Yuancheng Emperor’s side.

The affairs of the inner yard will certainly draw another wave of unrest. 

When Mu Xi Yao got the latest volume of 《Collection of Culture promotion》, she laughed radiantly.

Her appearance was very bright and beautiful. 

Translation notes:

[1] The three mountains in this context refers to Zhong Zheng Lin, consort Shu and lady Yu 

[2] First year celebration is an important customs on a child’s first birthday where parents place an assortment of articles in front of their child, and the child is supposed to choose from the articles.

What the child has chosen is said to determine his or her future inclination and capabilities (source)

[3] Hour of Zi refers to 11 pm-1 am

[4] Nine gates infantry commander is an officer in charge of safeguarding and monitoring traffic, and overseeing the opening times of the nine gates of the imperial capital


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