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“Cefei’s shu sister has put cefei in danger this time.

Dos cefei wish to put in a good word for her” Zhong Zheng Ming leaned against the wall and waited for Mu Xi Yao’s reply. 

As soon as her silly sister was mentioned, Mu Xi Yao felt very powerless.

Though Mu Xi Ting’s temper remained uncorrupted, why did her brain aggravate her so much! She dared to even meddle with rebel faction of Shu kingdom.

Did she dislike the fact that her life was too smooth-going and wished to give up on her comfortable life 

“Your Highness shall act according to the rules.

If she stays as she is, sooner or later, she will harm both others and herself.” The most detestable thing was that Mu Xi Ting was shufei, but she was not conscious of it.

She repeatedly fell prey to others’ schemes yet she didn’t learn from the experience! The miscarriage was the first time.

This incident was the second.

How many times does she need to be plotted against before she could figure out how women in the inner yard survived

“There was an assassination on the sixth brother.

Isn’t cefei the slightest bit worried about him” Zhong Zheng Ming was somewhat puzzled.

Mu Xi Yao’s voice was full of vigor.

She seemed to have slept well. 

Mu Xi Yao raised her elbow and rested her chin in one hand.

A smile slowly appeared on her face.

“His sixth Highness is certainly safe and sound.” 

She could tell by the look of that middle-aged man’s gloomy face that they’ve not succeeded.

The reason why Zhong Zheng Ming would have such a question was because he hasn’t seen yet that lord overseer’s scowling face. 

“Cefei is very confident in the sixth brother.” Zhong Zheng Ming sighed.

Mu Xi Yao indeed had a deep trust in Zhong Zheng Lin.

If she entered the fifth prince’s residence back then, would she have treated him in the same way today 

Mu Xi Yao caressed the ring on her hand.

Those beautiful eyes of hers slightly narrowed.

If the impostor succeeded, what she would have to worry about right now wouldn’t be how to escape but how to find herself a backup plan. 

“If cefei is unable to get out before imperial father returns to the capital, what would be cefei’s plan” Zhong Zheng Ming has already consumed the secret drug.

Once it starts to take effect, he will be able to use his internal force and clear the meridian channels.

Even if it was only a gleam of hope, he will do all in his power to send this woman back safely.

It was just that he won’t be able to do anything with the aftermath.  

“Is your Highness worried about qie losing innocence” Mu Xi Yao’s eyebrows fluttered.

Her eyes were pitch-black and shining.

“If his sixth Highness cannot find this place, how can qie burden him” 

Not only Zhong Zheng Lin mustn’t spoil his plans because of her, Mu Xi Ting also had to be quickly removed from this incident!

On this side, Mu Xi Yao was full of great ambitions and lofty aspirations.

Her mind was filled with how to fix the mole and land a devastating blow to the rebel faction.

Yet, she didn’t know that the fifth Highness next door was startled by her ambiguous response. 

Zhong Zheng Ming was misled by her.

He quickly went to appease her, “The matter related to one’s reputation needs more contemplations.

Cefei musn’t…..”

When Mu Xi Yao heard his words, she immediately blushed with shame.

“Your Highness, you’re mistaken.” This..haven’t you overestimated qie Qie lacks such enlightenment…..

Besides, wasn’t it people who had the final say over that gibberish reputation the imperial censors kept on the tip of their tongues Was she so hopelessly stupid as to die of the glib talks of others Moreover, she was determined to become a pampered consort.

If she fell on such trivial little matters, how was she going to entice the emperor in the future, tyrannize the imperial harem and throw her weight around 

Mu Xi Yao imagined a little bit the scene of her tragic yet moving “sacrifice in the name of love”.

She couldn’t help but shudder. 

She probably won’t have to fervently seek her death as boss would be already there to strangle her in anger.

According to Zhong Zheng Lin’s personality, if she dared to be silly and act recklessly, failing to live up to his “deep affections”, the sixth Highness would immediately take a whip and ruthlessly whip her awake. 

Mu Xi Yao shook her head.

She must quickly clarify this misunderstanding.

Otherwise, when boss gets here in a little while and got the wrong idea, she would be in big trouble. 

“Your Highness, although qie is not smart, qie can still protect myself.

My Highness has said, qie just needs to stay by his side.” This sort of explanation should do.

Even if boss looked into this matter in retrospect, he won’t find any faults with her.

Just as Mu Xi Yao was putting on a well-behaved act, the loud thump sound behind her made her quickly stand up out of fright. 

“Bendian is very fond of Jiao Jiao’s words.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin was attired in a black-ink colored gown, accompanied by black boots adorned with a cloud-dragon.

His phoenix eyes were shining brightly.

He simply stood there at the doorway while watching her tenaciously.

Those eyes of his were so bright they made her want to avoid them a little. 

When the sixth Highness, who has been standing outside for quite a while and shamelessly eavesdropping on her, abruptly heard those heartwarming words of Mu Xi Yao, for a moment, he couldn’t restrain himself and because he also missed her too dearly, he simply kicked the door and entered the room. 

In a daze, Mu Xi Yao watched him stride forward and press her against his chest, hugging her tightly. 

“Jiao Jiao.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s voice was low and hoarse.

He suppressed tumultuous emotions that were raging in his heart and gently kissed the top of her head. 

At last, he has found her. 

The moment he heard her voice outside the door, his hands shook slightly.

It was not until then that he realized how deeply he has missed her.

If it was not for standing outside for a while, he probably would not be able to control his impulse and crush her fiercely in his arms, which would then frighten her.

This woman has entered his blood and flesh.

Getting her out was not possible. 

Mu Xi Yao was being tightly embraced by this man.

All of her worries instantly dissipated. 

“Your Highness.” His hands slowly embraced his waist.

Her head was buried in his chest.

She felt a lump getting in her throat. 

She was not without any fears.

It was just that she was alone, so she had to be strong.

She had to fight others for her life, fight Heaven for her life.

She will wear out. 

No matter how well she schemed, no plans were bulletproof.

As she was always tenacious in nature, she has maintained her calm and confidence.

Fortunately, Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t fail her and came in time. 

Zhong Zheng Lin carefully checked her from up to down.

Seeing that was was unharmed, he carried the person to sit down.

Then, he leaned down to capture her lips in a long and fervent kiss. 

In the end, he couldn’t help himself. 

He longed for her too much.

Right now, she was in front of him.

All of his concerns became empty talks.

Originally, he was distressed about her wellbeing, and his heart was torn with anxiety.

However, her well-behaved and trusting appearance at the presence made all of those emotions transform into the deep passion that has overcome his heart. 

“Your Highness, next door….” Mu Xi Yao called to mind Zhong Zheng Ming who was separated from them only by a wall and started to struggle. 

Zhong Zheng Lin has missed her for a whole day.

How could he let her resist him 

“There is naturally someone to lead the way for him.” Zhong Zheng Ming should be waiting in the main house. 

Zhong Zheng Lin raised her chin.

Flames were flickering in those phoenix eyes of his, “Did Jia Jiao think of bendian” 

Mu Xi Yao raised her head to look at him with those beautiful and misty eyes of hers.

She noticed the man’s visibly bloodshot eyes.

Her heart trembled.

She then looked at his spirited yet not as neat as usual appearance.

Despite this, he was still very good-looking.  

Her small hands held his handsome face.

Those soft rosy lips gently pressed against his eyelid. 

Seeing her tenderness, Zhong Zheng Lin’s whole body clamored to be intimate with her.

He didn’t want to wait any longer. 

Mu Xi Yao lifted her head and broke into a tremor.

Her eyebrows kept fluttering.

Subsequently, she was met with his earth-shattering and scoring kiss.

Underneath her bottom, the man’s throbbing stiffness burnt so much her body went soft. 

Zhong Zheng Lin leaned over and panted roughly at her ear, sighing ruefully.

“Jiao Jia, bendian misses you dearly.

Bendian wishes bendian could swallow you up right now.” 

Mu Xi Yao’s body turned numb.

She was embarrassed by his blunt words.

She turned her head to avoid his gaze. 

“This place lacks convenience.

Let bendian hug you.

Jiao Jiao, bear with bendian a little.” Once his words fell, his big hand directly reached inside her lapels and ruthlessly squeezed her softness while letting out a satisfied groan.  

“You’re indeed a bewitching temptress.

Once touching your body, bendian wants not to leave you ever again.” Zhong Zheng Lin placed her hands behind his neck and locked them up.

Afterward, both of his big hands grasped her plump fleshes.

His phoenix eyes turned crimson red. 

“Uhm~” Mu Xi Yao was massaged comfortably by him.

Her body twisted unconsciously.

Her rubbing made Zhong Zheng Lin’s burning manhood feel pained.

He let out a stream of groans. 

“Marvelous!” Zhong Zheng Lin panted while sighing ruefully. 

He picked Mu Xi Yao up and placed her on the brick bed.

The sixth Highness distanced himself from her.

He gathered his internal force and tried desperately to suppress the desire in his lower abdomen. 

If it was under usual circumstances, Mu Xi Yao would have certainly taken the initiative and helped him ease his needs, to free him from the pain of holding himself back.

However, there were other important matters today.

It was not an easy feat for Zhong Zheng Lin to call off just in time.

How could Mu Xi Yao tease him again 

After a while, Zhong Zheng Lin got up and kissed her forehead. 

“Your Highness, is it possible to let go of the rebels for one more day” If they made a move today, her reputation would be inevitably called into question.

As soon as rebels were annihilated, cefei showed up in her home.

Isn’t it too coincidental 

A light gleamed in Zhong Zheng Lin’s phoenix eyes.

He stroked her head. 

“Bendian’s cefei was resting in Mu residence this evening.

The rebels’ traces will have bee found on the afternoon of tomorrow.”  

Mu Xi Yao pulled him down and planted a kiss on each side of his cheeks.

The time difference could be fabricated.

However, if there was only one excuse, it would be too flimsy.

She will manage the rest.

Zhong Zheng Lin left her in the room for half an hour, while he went to discuss with Zhong Zheng Ming about the aftermath.

The two groups of people then parted ways and withdrew. 

As for the rebel faction, there was Yu Gu from Red House to take care of them.

This great master of incenses and drugs was far superior to her fellows from Shu kingdom. 

Mu residence.

Since receiving his Highness’s message, sir Mu and lady Yu were on tenterhooks.

Yet, they did not dare to reveal their feelings.

They ordered people to pick up the female guard his Highness had arranged.

She only revealed her slender fair hand in front of people and then directly entered the side room, pretending to be Mu Xi Yao who came to nurture her fetus. 

Originally they thought it will take his Highness two-three days to find the person, but to their surprise, he brought Mu Xi Yao back home on that same evening. 

When they saw their daughter safe and sound, the two could finally be at ease.

They let the two go to the side room to have a talk. 

As soon as they entered the room, Zhong Zheng Lin grabbed her small hand and pressed it against his lower parts. 

“Jiao Jiao, bendian cannot bear anymore.” 

In order to successfully pull her and Zhong Zheng Ming out from the affairs linked to the rebel faction, Zhong Zheng Lin forcefully suppressed the lust stirred by Mu Xi Yao and engaged with Zhong Zheng Ming in a detailed discussion for a long time.

Afterward, he went to appease sir Mu and lady Yu.

Now, he has finally managed to return to the room.

There was no one between them.

The sixth Highness had no more hesitations. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s brazen proposition made Mu Xi Yao’s cheeks flush with color.  

Although lord boss had to bear for a little while but did he have to be so impatient 

Zhong Zheng Lin guided her small hand and slipped it into his underpants.

While his phoenix eyes were preoccupied with roaming over her body, his free left hand quickly pushed aside her lapels. 

Mu Xi Yao’s perky fullness has firmly captivated Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes.

They enticed the man so much he felt his blood accelerating from the excitement.

“Jiao Jiao, bendian has been deeply worried about you.

Do you, my dearest, feel even a little bit of gratitude toward bendian” After he finished, he didn’t wait for her reply but directly sucked her delicate flesh into his mouth, twirling and nipping on it. 

After going through this incident, Zhong Zheng Lin cared for Mu Xi Yao even more deeply than before.

He worried no more about his face when speaking honeyed words.

He was absolutely outspoken, causing Mu Xi Yao’s ears to burn with heat.

The man fully complied to his primitive desires.

He hoarsely shared with Mu Xi Yao about all of his enjoyments and pleasures.

“Jiao Jiao, faster.” Zhong Zheng Lin softly pressed the woman’s head.

When he saw her sultry gaze she cast him, his lower parts quivered and he instantly lost his control. 

“Uh.” Zhong Zheng Lin’s body shuddered.

He firmly pressed against the depth of her throat where his hot flesh throbbed a few times before obtaining release. 

Mu Xi Yao’s upper parts were bare.

In such a state, she slowly stood up and faced his deep phoenix eyes. 

“Your Highness, bath.” She was so tired she didn’t want to move.

She clung her body closely on Zhong Zheng Lin’s and told him to ask for water to clean themselves. 

Zhong Zheng Lin picked her up while being as naked as he was born.

He did not even wear his robe but directly walked toward the washroom. 

A quite while later, Mu Xi Yao’s coquettish protest could be heard from inside the room, “Your Highness! Why can’t you control yourself a bit” 

The sixth Highness replied her lazily, “Bendian’s self-discipline stands no chance in front of a temptress.” 

Afterward, the room was filled with the woman’s soft moan, delicate cries, and low sobs. 

Mu Xi Yao finally detected that the after-effect of the abduction was too scary.

Zhong Zheng Lin was accustomed to being overbearing and bossy.

This time, he was severely provoked by the rebel faction by having his woman abducted in his own residence.

Due to this provocation, his feelings that were originally supposed to be like water that flew out in a trickle1, suddenly spurted out.

And the one who had to take on all of his outpouring emotions was none other than Mu Xi Yao. 

Mu Xi Yao was put into different positions by Zhong Zheng Lin until she begged him for mercy again and again.

If it was usual, he would have taken pity on her and beat the gong to recall troops.

Unfortunately, because of the unforeseen event that happened yesterday, the anguish the sixth Highness felt after suddenly losing her was not so easy to soothe.  

After all the great efforts exerted to serve Zhong Zheng Lin, Mu Xi Yao wasn’t left with any spare energy.

She was tightly hugged by him in his arms.

As soon as Mu Xi Yao’s head touched the pillow, she immediately fell asleep. 

As Zhong Zheng Lin watched Mu Xi Yao who was well within his reach, he took her small hand and intertwined his fingers with hers. 

Fortunately, this woman was well enough to stand beside him.

Translation notes:

[1] A water that flows out in a trickle is a Chinese idiom that means to economize to avoid running short


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