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Mu Xi Yao frowned.

Pointing at her and asking her questions at this time, wasn’t it the same as informing everyone that all of her criticism and dissatisfaction was directed at her, who was the concubine

Therefore, was she the “one disregarding precedence and filial piety” and “lowly servant who deceives her mistress” from the old dowager’s mouth

For the first time, Mu Xi Yao’s expression darkened upon seeing old dowager of Rong House’s pompous demeanor and eyes that were filled with cold light as she waited for her reply.

Could she not bear to see her showing kindness to other people Did this old woman think she was one of those women in Rong House whom she could deal with however she pleased

She then took a look at the party of women from Duke of Rong House behind her.

The women flinched in embarrassment and all unifiedly stepped to the side.

They didn’t even dare to meet Mu Xi Yao’s eyes.

Mu Xi Yao was suddenly amused.

It seems that being a tigress wasn’t enough for her and she intended to run out from her mountain top to expand her territory

“Does cefei has nothing to say In that case, you must be admitting that what this old one has said is justified.

Cefei need not sit down.

Your mistress just happens to lack a person to serve her.

You can come and attend to her with fanning and beverages.”

The old dowager spoke harshly with a stern face.

She was bent on using Mu Xi Yao to raise her prestige today.

Since a long time ago, she couldn’t bear to see a concubine bullying her mistress.

This Mu’shi was particularly eye-catching.

This kind of behavior mustn’t go on.

Henceforth, she has used this opportunity to oppress her.

She would like to see who in Shengjing would dare to jump out and talk on her behalf.

The womenfolk of Duke of Rong House were so scared they broke into a tremor.

They have all silently lowered their heads.

The present female guests were stupified.

Publicly chiding an imperial prince’s cefei Although she was standing up for the principal wife, they’ve never seen anyone meddling with someone else’s inner yard so frankly.

He Lian Min Min pretended to decline the old dowager’s good intentions.

That aggrieved appearance of hers only aggravated the old dowager’s anger.

She was so enraged she kept on slapping the table, furious for her peaceful nature.

“It’s because you’re too good-hearted that this kind of seductress is being indulged and dares to act impudently in front of you!”

As soon as Zhao momo saw mistress’s expression, she immediately knew that this matter won’t be settled so easily today.

Her mistress’s temper went by a creed “if one respected you one foot, I’ll respect one ten foot”.

Contrariwise, she will pay the other one back double fold.

Right now, the old dowager was full of vigor but after she gets fixed by mistress in a moment, would she be carried out in a horizontal position

“Is old dowager’s mind muddled by the anger”

Mu Xi Yao used her two fingers to pick up the tea cover and leisurely swept aside the floating tea leaves.

She did not stand up.

As for serving He Lian Min Min, she acted like she didn’t hear it.

Abiding a pregnant woman with rules and have her servicing It was too malicious.

The old dowager of Duke of Rong House has bullied people for decades.

Since the old duke passed away, she could finally lift her head high.

She put the birth mother of the current duke the grand consort out to the point she left her courtyard and avoided the old dowager like a plague.

As a result, when has someone ever talked back to her, not even giving her a proper reply

“Preposterous! Daughters of House of Mu are brought up like this”

The opera fell into complete silence.

Except for the two involved, everyone else turned taciturn.

Just as the fourth princess consort was going to speak out to help Mu Xi Yao, she signaled her that it wasn’t necessary.

She has figured out this old woman.

Since she has suffered a misfortune, she had to place it onto other people so that she would feel comfort.

It would be for the best if all the women that were unpleasant to her received a miserable ending.

Only then would her life-long anger dissipate and exhaust.

As for insulting her clan.

This feud between them was not small.

Today, the prince’s residence had a happy occasion.

The parental family of Mu Xi Yao that was sitting underneath could see it clearly.

Their daughter was being pointed at and humiliated.

Lady Yu was so infuriated her complexion turned purple.

Even though concubine Wu supported her, she was still trembling.

Her daughter who was carefully brought up by them, pampered and doted boundlessly, was actually being bullied by others like this when outside.

Just as lady Yu was about to get up and defend Mu Xi Yao, she was stopped by Gui momo who has hurriedly approached her.

“Madam needn’t worry.

Miss knows you certainly won’t be able to endure such a contempt hence she’s specially sent this old servant over to pass a message.

She said she’s very well.

She’ll quickly sort out such a drizzle1.

You mustn’t raise a conflict with others for her behalf and lose your face.”

Gui momo was amused when she recalled mistress’s expression as she shot old dowager a glance.

That glance of hers, it was clearly condemning the other party’s insensibility.

Mu Xi Ting was shufei.

She had no access to the second floor.

She was left behind by Mo cefei.

Thereupon, she simply accompanied lady Yu and concubine Wu.

This was her first time seeing the lofty Mu Xi Yao who stood high above the masses and was successful in every of her endeavors being angrily rebuked at and chided.

At first, her feelings were complicated.

She was somewhat worried when she watched her di sister being troubled by others.

However, her selfish side was a little bit excited.

After all, everything went excessively smooth for Mu Xi Yao.

To Mu Xi Ting, she was like an unmovable mountain.

As long as Mu Xi Yao existed, she will never distinguish herself.

Right now, seeing that she also had a moment when she was being embarrassed into silence by someone and unable to stand up for herself, she discovered that this di sister of hers who always lived pridefully was also just a mere concubine.

She had the principal consort above her oppressing her.

She also had to bow her head.

Once she thought like that, the affections coming from blood kinship again gained the upper hand.

While she was worrying about whether Mu Xi Yao would be able to withstand such a public embarrassment, she heard old dowager criticize Mu House’s upbringing.

This time, Mu Xi Ting couldn’t sit still anymore.

She quickly rose up and was going to head upstairs.

She had no idea what she could do after going there.

She only knew that she had to stand beside her di sister.

She mustn’t let this sort of reputation befall them.

“Third miss, mistress has instructed, you mustn’t mix in.” Gui momo stopped her.

“But elder sister, she…” Mu Xi Ting’s eyes turned red from the worry.

“Mistress has faced even a more difficult situation.

Nothing will happen to her.

Third miss will see.”

Everyone in Danruo Courtyard was secretly being influenced by Mu Xi Yao.

Following her example, they all turned askew.

As long as their mistress kept a poker face, they were calm inside their hearts.

“Qie disagrees with old dowager.” Mu Xi Yao took the tea cover and brushed it against teacup.

All the people in the courtyard listened with rapt attention.

“Even if you are the old dowager of a Duke House, a noblewoman whose title has been bestowed by late Emperor,” Mu Xi Yao pouted, indicating her to look clearly at whose territory she in, “in term of status, in the prince’s residence, you’re servant and I’m the mistress.

Naturally, since there’s banquet today, qie will honor you as a guest and will be sure to treat you with proper hospitality.”

They should not be under impression that they were all old dowager She2, holding a dragon-head cane in hand.

Without true intimidation, she, Mu Xi Yao, won’t be scared.

People were used to calling her ”old dowager”.

They’ve never thought about the existence of a “master-servant” matter.

The noblewomen with title bestowed by the late Emperor were always honored and respected.

Even if a conflict arose, people naturally had to yield to them.

After old dowager was being openly called “servant” by Mu Xi Yao, everyone instantly felt maladjustment.

They were too astonished by her.

“You…” The old dowager of Rong House was speechless.

She didn’t know how to refute.

A fury engulfed her heart.

Trembling, her right hand pointed at her.

The old dowager couldn’t utter a word for a long time.

“Dowager doesn’t need to feel shameful.

In front of the imperial clan, there’s naturally a distinction between master and servant.

Qie won’t intentionally make things difficult because of your offenses.

Old dowager is an elderly person.

As for your upbringing and virtues….” Mu Xi Yao looked at her up and down and softly shook her head, “Qie won’t fuss about it.”

“The late Emperor bestowed the noblewoman title upon old dowager due to his favor for the old duke and the present duke that stems from their military merits and their contributions to the country.

Although the old duke is no longer here, the present duke’s heroic spirit did not diminish.

He’s the Great Wei’s pillar official.

Qie admires him for that.” Mu Xi Yao nodded and praised.

“Qie has heard that the grand consort of Rong House was reprimanded by old dowager on several occasions to the point of wishing to enter the ancestral temple.

Qie is quite shocked.

Half of the dowager’s honor and glory comes from the current duke of Rong.

How can you thus treat lord duke’s birth mother in such a harsh way Doesn’t dowager feel that you’ve failed the fairness and the late Emperor’s grace

As for qie’s etiquette, there’s principal consort to guide qie.

Old dowager needn’t take the trouble.

Besides, there’s his sixth Highness who can personally ask about such matters.

Unless old dowager is questioning his Highness’s upright reputation.”

Qie was taught by mother from a young age that husband guides wife.

Qie’s actions never violated this conduct.

If old dowager has any questions, old dowager may seek proof from He Lian principal consort.

However, qie has heard that old duke has specifically instructed during his life that he wished old dowager to treat well grand consort and her children.

What’s more, he has declared that if he were to pass away, the duke house ought to immediately divide3.

Grand consort will move out and dwell elsewhere.

Could it be that rumors are wrong How come more than a decade has passed, yet qie still hasn’t seen the third branch of the duke house divide Or could it be that old dowager defied husband’s instructions to suit your needs

Old dowager of Duke of Rong’s House was notorious in Shengjing.

In addition to being odd-tempered, she was also known for being vain and conceited as well as heeding riches with utmost importance.

The reason why she didn’t want to split the house was that if she didn’t have the support of the current duke, how could she enjoy the worldly glory By relying on the benevolence from the emperor, she had compelled the clan elder to obey her and forced duke of Rong to submit to her.

His repeated requests for household separation have all failed.

Mu Xi Yao spoke in a soft and slow manner.

Once she finished, she took a sip of tea to moisten her throat.

Her big eyes were looking directly at old dowager.

There’s an opera to listen yet she comes to bother her.

Isn’t it troublesome Does she have a feud with her or what

“Old dowager looks at qie in such way.

Could it be due to shame”

The past of old dowager of Rong House has been revealed by her, and she has stepped right on her sore point.

Old dowager was so infuriated she was unable to hold steadily her crutch.

Her lips were slightly trembling.

Her mind felt disarrayed.

A junior has revealed publicly how she treated harshly a concubine and coveted for riches.

Her reputation was utterly tarnished.

Even if it was the late Emperor’s grace, it would be still counted as her taking advantage of that wench’s glory.

For a moment, the old dowager couldn’t stand the blow and passed out.

Mu Xi Yao let out an “aiyo”, pretending to be surprised.

“Hurry up, hurry up.

Old dowager is too embarrassed.

Quickly, carry her back and take care of her properly.

In her leisure time, she ought to meditate more to soothe her nerves.

Once a person gets old, the person mustn’t worry too much.”

The womenfolk of the duke of Rong’s House hastily called for servants and hurriedly carried old dowager back.

The opera house immediately returned into serenity, the chaos just now nowhere to be seen.

The four princess consort’s knowledge was once again broadened by Mu Xi Yao’s sharp tongue as well as a swift and decisive counterattack.

She secretly stifled her laugh.

This old dowager will probably never again in her life want to step into the sixth prince’s residence.

The person she hated the most has also changed into the sixth prince’s cefei.

“Today is an auspicious day.

Let’s not talk about those stories of the past.

Come, come.

Let’s listen to opera, let’s listen to opera.” She helped Mu Xi Yao mediate the situation.

The fourth princess consort personally selected 《The West Wing Song》, supporting her in secret.

Everyone in the courtyard has just been spectators to a dispute that was even more brilliant than the play in opera.

They’ve started to whisper to each other in private.

This lady Mu was indeed difficult to deal with.

With just a few words she has sent the old dowager back to her residence.

She matched well with her reputation in Shengjing.

Consort Liu’s case just a while ago, wasn’t it cefei’s doing This thing has been spread widely throughout Shengjing.

The old dowager was disgusted with concubines.

However, riding roughshod over people in duke house was not enough for her.

Today, she even lashed her anger on cefei out of blue after going to another person’s house to wish congratulation.

This anger of hers was not justified.

What’s more, she has picked out the most invincible one in Great Wei.

Her luck was indeed bad.

He Lian Min Min saw off the womenfolk of the duke of Rong’s House with a stiff face.

As soon as she turned around, she saw He Lian Wei Rui approaching her leisurely.

“Did you come to see a joke” He Lian Min Min looked at her coldly.

“Why does elder sister speak in such an unpleasant manner Little sister advises you to better think about how to win over his Highness.

Don’t you feel that your actions today do not match a mistress’s conduct Regardless of He Lian House’s reputation, please think on behalf of little sister.” He Lian Wei Rui softly shot her a glance and then left without waiting for her reply.

The actions of this di sister of hers were simply a mess.

She already fell short to lady Mu while being cool-headed.

Right now, she fared even worse.

“Miss, master asks you to find time to return home.” Feng momo has received a message in the front yard.

She quickly came to report it.

All the color disappeared from He Lian Min Min’s face.

In a daze, she stood on the original spot, speechless for a long while.

Translation notes:

[1] Drizzle is a Chinese phrase which means a little trifle

[2] Old dowager She was a prominent figure in the story of Generals of the Yang family; she is often depicted with a dragon-head cane (click here for more information)

[3] Household division is an event when family members will divide the family property and live apart


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