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At the shore of koi pond, Mu Xi Yao leaned against the railing and sprinkled food into water.

“Mistress, madam sent a letter.

The proper arrangements have been made about household servants you asked for.

Does mistress wish to receive them and teach them etiquette”

“It’s reasonable.

Have Zhao momo make arrangements.” The rules in her courtyard were lax.

As long as servants were well-behaved and dutiful, they would, certainly, be assigned with a good errand.

Mu Xi Yao has always been generous to servants.

“Tell Ruo Lan to sent the freshly made kidney bean roll from the little kitchen to his Highness.

In passing, let her take along a pot of tea.” Due to her, boss has formed a habit of using an afternoon tea.

Yesterday, she had overslept.

Hence, today he had sent Wei Zhen to prompt her.

Cheng Qing watched her teasing koi fish at the side.

He was so excited he kept moving around with all his might in the wet nurse’s arms.

“Fish, foof! Fish, foof!” The bun flung his little chubby hands.

Prying open her palm, he fiddled with the bait and threw them down like she did.

Mu Xi Yao rolled her eyes.

Fish food When can this boy pronounce words clearly so that she could hold her head high in front of his sixth Highness

“Mistress,” Ruo Lan anxiously rushed over, carrying back an untouched food box in her hand.

Mu Xi Yao had the wet nurse take Cheng Qing to the garden to play with him; to keep a bit of distance from water pavilion.

The little brat was restless.

He was spoilt rotten by his dad.

As a result, he was very naughty.

If by any chance he struggled himself from the wet nurse’s arms and fell to the pond….just a thought of it made Mu Xi Yao horrified.

“How come you’ve returned” Did it not suit his taste

In a huff, Ruo Lan reported to Mu Xi Yao, “On the way, this servant has bumped into Su cefei and the party who also carried a food box in their hands.

Su cefei said that she will attend to his Highness’s meal today.

She had dismissed this servant.”

Ever since she followed mistress, Ruo Lan has never been scolded by others.

Today, the servant girl behind cefei was clearly implying that she wished to use this opportunity to curry favor with his Highness and climb onto his Highness’s bed.

Ruo Lan was so angered she left in indignation.

After seeing the rim of her eyes redden, how could Mu Xi Yao not know that she has suffered grievance Su Lin Rou was unlikely to go so far as to lower herself and make things difficult for a sorbent girl.

In that case, she must have let her servant girl speak on her behalf.

Did her teaching possibly turn their personality into that of too well-behaved, so that even after being bullied they dared not to speak about it

Mu Xi Yao’s eyes turned.

Going to complain to boss required a skill.

This time, she shall pick a graceful and restrained trick.

Bullying her maidservants Mu Xi Yao smiled till her eyes turned into crescent.

Apparently, Su Lin Rou’s brain was not good.

Didn’t she see that He Lian Min Min that woman was very quiet these two days


“Your Highness, Su cefei arrived in the front yard.

She came to send you refreshments.” Wei Zhen brought a three layers food box, waiting for the sixth Highness’s instructions.

Zhong Zheng Lin was at the moment discussing official matters with Di Wu Yi Zhao and Gong Shu Yang.

He was already displeased for being interrupted.

More so, due to a woman from the inner yard.

Instantly, his expression darkened.

“Tell her to leave.” He turned his head to check the hourglass.

Did Mu Xi Yao that woman oversleep again “Go to Danruo Courtyard to take a look.”

Su Lin Rou took the food box that has been returned.

Her face flushed.

The previous times when she ordered a servant girl to send it over, it wasn’t accepted even once.

Today, she has come in person.

Yet, not only was she kept out of the door and not allowed in, his Highness wasn’t even willing to use her pastries.

Was his Highness’s mind being so enchanted by that vixen that he would even disregard their past affections During those two days inside the carriage, the two of them were clearly surrounded by a harmonious atmosphere.

However, everything changed once they came back.

Su Lin Rou was so angry she fiercely stamped her feet.

She flung her handkerchief and left.

As soon as Wei Zhen passed the flower-hung gate, he saw Chun Lan, a maidservant of second rank in Danruo Courtyard, pace back and forth, being hesitant about something.

Just as he was going to inquire her, that servant girl looked at him pitifully and replied words that deserved a beating.

“Sir Wei, how about not sending pastries today” Mistress wanted to deliver them in such a condition.

She truly had no guts to go to the front yard.

Seeing that things have been settled, Di Wu Yi Zhao cast off his solemn appearance from before.

He rocked the feather fan and stroked lightly his beard.

“Your Highness, how come this lowly official feels that cefei’s green tea from Mt.

Dongting is getting later and later to arrive”

Zhong Zheng Lin raised his brow.

Was he teasing him for “lacking guidance over Mu Xi Yao as her husband1” and unable to even have a command for a pot of tea

Wei Zhen stepped into the study again while carrying a food box with a stiff face.

He arranged neatly three plates of light refreshments and a pot of green tea.

Sir Wei stood by side with a rigid face.

He has made up his mind to be extremely attentive.

He mustn’t incur his Highness’s anger.

Di Wu Yi Zhao blinked.

What was this plateful of shapeless things that were in bits and pieces

Zhong Zheng Lin narrowed his phoenix eyes.

Why was she fussing again, not willing to attend to them

Wei Zhen was intimidated by his Highness’s cold eyes.

He hung down his eyes and replied, “The servant girl sent by mistress Yao was intercepted by Su cefei.”

As soon as his words were spoken out, the sixth Highness’s face immediately darkened.

Could the pastries break into pieces after just an obstruction He needn’t think about it.

Mu Xi Yao’s little temper must have flared up and she took this opportunity to go into a huff.

Just as he intended to go back to catch the person and fix her, he saw the manservant outside come in and report.

“Your Highness, Mu cefei sent pastries.”

Not only Zhong Zheng Lin, but Di Wu Yi Zhao was also perplexed.

This thing today was odd.

Were cefei’s pastries sent in two batches

Once four delicate refreshments were served, Zhong Zheng Lin’s expression finally eased.

Just as he was going to grasp the pot, he saw a paper note flattened out underneath the food box.

As soon as he unfolded it, a handwriting that was distinctive to Mu Xi Yao has entered his eyes, “May qie enter, little by little, into one’s heart2.”

Zhong Zheng Lin’s fingertips traced over the woman’s handwriting.

His eyes gradually softened.

This woman…..

He then took a look at those crushed pastries.

How could he not know she came to complain about her grievances She was telling him that her delicate little heart was broken into pieces.

The corners of the sixth Highness’s lips curled up.

He couldn’t help but let out a stifled laugh.

The little woman’s trick was too lovable.

Di Wu Yi Zhao was near Zhong Zheng Lin.

He happened to glimpse those words.

He took the pot to fill himself a tea.

Subsequently, he raised his head to drain the cup in one gulp while smiling.

Cefei was a clever person.

How interesting.


He Lian Min Min listened to Tian Fu Shan’s message and nodded in compliance.

Why did Su Lin Rou go and provoke Mu’shi out of blue

Not long afterward, the whole prince’s residence knew that He Lian principal consort has confined Su cefei.

She was punished to copy 《Book of Precepts》 for hundred times.

Before leaving the palace, she wasn’t allowed to leave half a step from Fanghua Courtyard without a permission.


Mu Xi Yao hugged Zhong Zheng Lin’s neck.

She smiled brightly.

Boss, indeed, knew how to play the game.

Such a romantic hint, yet he could understood it fully at one glance.

“Is Jiao Jiao satisfied” Zhong Zheng Lin pecked her lips.

His big palm buckled her waist and slowly caressed it.

“Qie’s heart aches.

Your Highness, warm it up for qie.” Demoness Mu uttered coyly.

She caught the big hand on her waist and, little by little, moved it upward.

Her beautiful eyes were brimming with spring water, using them to spellbind Zhong Zheng Lin.

Zhao momo kept a night watch along with Ruo Lan, only until hour of Zi3 did she heard his Highness summon them.

She sighed ruefully.

The protocols of the inner yard have been almost completely wrecked by mistress Yao.

She was heavily pregnant, yet she was still able to get his Highness stay.

This skill of mistress wasn’t something ordinary people could learn.

Not to mention the imperial family, even in the courtyard of the nobles, no one has heard of such a capable concubine.

The sixth Highness has been pleasantly served by a beauty.

It was time when he was the most easygoing.

“Your Highness, will you be able to make it in time for Cheng Qing’s Draw Lots Ceremony4 after leaving for province Shu” If the birth father was absent during the ceremony, little bun would be too pitiful.

These members of the imperial clan and nobles were very snobbish.

If Zhong Zheng Lin did not attend Draw Lots Ceremony, they won’t investigate for reasons behind.

They would merely say that Cheng Qing was not acknowledged by the sixth Highness.

Mu Xi Yao naturally couldn’t tolerate other people gossip about her son.

Zhong Zheng Lin has reckoned the schedule from a long time ago.

He flicked her forehead, “Would bendian be so muddleheaded as to forget about bendian’s son” Not to mention that Cheng Qing was his firstborn son.

Just the fact that he was born out of Mu Xi Yao commanded him to treat this matter with seriousness.

The little woman has suffered grievances due to her family background.

She did not marry into the prince’s residence as its rightful mistress.

He naturally had to make it up for her in all the other aspects.

How could his, Zhong Zheng Lin’s beloved woman, not enjoy reverence


“My lord, there’s an urgent summon from Shengjing.”

“The dog emperor’s son actually dares to come to Shu He’ll be walking right into the trap.”

“The one coming is the sixth imperial son.

This person is unfathomable.

We’ve ambushed him several times, yet failed when on the verge of success every time.”

“Benzun5 naturally remembers that brat.

Benzun had lost three waves of people to him.

This bloody debt will be difficult to repay.”

“Since the person is coming to Shu, then the previous plan….”

“Naturally continues.

Does he not dote on that Mu’shi Mobilize secret pawns and set about her first.”

Translation notes:

[1] Lacking guidance over one’s wife – in feudal China, people followed three cardinal guides: ruler guides subject, father guides son and husband guides wife

[2] “May qie enter, little by little, into one’s heart” – those crumbled pastries are meant to be little by little in this context.

Mu Xi Yao used them as a metaphor in her “love letter”

[3] Hour of Zi means 11 PM – 1 AM

[4] Draw lots ceremony – a ceremony that is celebrated when a baby is one year old where the parents put various objects before the child.

The child’s choice is used to forecast its future (more info click here)

[5] Benzun is a first-person pronoun that means this respected one


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