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Qie pays respect to great uncle and great-aunt-in-law.” Mu Xi Yao followed Zhong Zheng Lin’s suit and respectfully bowed. 

“All right, all right.

You needn’t bother with all these rules.” 

Grand princess consort of Yi was a beautiful woman who was in her early forties.

On the contrary to her delicate outward appearance, she was a person of great boldness. 

Mu Xi Yao’s eyes lit up with stars.

Yippeee! This beautiful aunt was her cup of tea.

Just as she planned to shamelessly throw herself at her and ask for protection, she was coldly glared at by those phoenix eyes of Zhong Zheng Lin’s. 

“Great uncle and great-aunt-in-law will leave the capital the day after tomorrow and head to South Sea, settling there permanently.

What do you want to do” Zhong Zheng Lin was too familiar with her movements.

As soon as he saw her dog-leg1 appearance, he immediately knew her good for nothing thoughts. 

Want to rely on elders for protection, so that he could not manage her Why doesn’t she think of it; if her wish could be fulfilled, he absolutely wouldn’t have brought her here today.

The sixth Highness was nowadays extremely vigilant around Mu Xi Yao this demoness, fearful of her unceasing quirks.  

“Little six, don’t bully the lass.

Look at how scared she is.” 

“Great-aunt-in-law~” Mu Xi Yao stared at the warning gaze of his sixth Highness while walking slowly toward the grand princess consort of Yi in a flamboyant manner. 

“Great-aunt-in-law, qie heard that you’ve participated in the martial arts competition in your youth” 

“Huh You know a lot.

Did little six tell you about it”

“Great-aunt-in-law,” Mu Xi Yao turned her head to raise an eyebrow at Zhong Zheng Lin.

“The little six,” she deliberately dragged out the tone.

Seeing the man’s face long face, she continued with a chuckle, “He would, in no way, speak such things to qie.

Qie was merely curious and has inquired her Ladyship Shu about these things.” Her pair of beautiful eyes were extraordinary witty.

She winked at Zhong Zheng Lin. 

Did he think she would just wait to be captured without putting up a fight Boss, you wait properly.

In the future, she will train her voice mornings and evenings in Danruo Courtyard and keep calling little six….the more Mu Xi Yao thought the cheerful she became. 

Seeing the two’s expressions, the grand princess consort of Yi immediately understood.

This little lass was remarkable.

She could actually get the upper hand of that cold-faced knot2 

Very good.

This is the spirit the women of Great Wei should have! As a daughter from a distinguished military family, the grand princess consort of Yi let out a hearty laugh.

She pulled Mu Xi Yao to the side.

The more the two talked the more energetic they became.

Their conversation already moved to winter hunting. 

The more Zhong Zheng Lin listened to them the blacker his face turned to.

Nowadays, Mu Xi Yao already caused him great headaches.

If her interest was piqued by great-aunt-in-law and fussed about going out, could he still have a peace 

“Great uncle.” The implication in Zhong Zheng Lin’s eyes was clear. 

Grand prince of Yi stroke his beard and laughed.

He opened his left palm and shook it twice. 

The sixth Highness’s eyes darkened.

His chest felt tight with anger.

He looked at Mu Xi Yao’s glowing little face while narrowing his phoenix eyes.

She made him suffer a loss of five jars of High Mt.

Oolong tea.

How should he settle accounts with her about this debt 

Seeing Zhong Zheng Lin indifferently nod his head, the grand prince of Yi rose his eyebrow.

This little lass was this important to him He made a mistake! If he knew earlier, he should have flipped several times the amount. 

He went over and coaxed the grand princess of Yi to go to the Imperial kitchen to check up the dishes.

In the blink of an eye, he turned to smile good-naturedly at Mu Xi Yao with a meaningful gaze. 

“Still not coming here” The sixth Highness lacked awareness of himself being a guest at other’s home.

He looked at her quietly, insisting on her coming to him. 

Noting that her backing was gone, Mu Xi Yao immediately trimmed her sails.

Rocking her hips, she snuggled against  Zhong Zheng Lin. 

“How did Jiao Jiao call bendian just now” Zhong Zheng Lin drew the person on his lap and settled accounts with her. 

One day without a beating and she immediately scales the roof to rip the tiles3.

In the great hall today, she grew a new branch out of a knot4.

Before he could even debts with her, she had already rushed to receive his lecture and fixing.   

Mu Xi Yao’s dark little thoughts absolutely mustn’t be known to Zhong Zheng Lin.

She turned her eyes and docilely rested against his chest, uttering no words.

She merely used her cheek to rub against him and meekly curried favor with him. 

Since she has misbehaved, she had to do her utmost to enshroud this matter.

Especially when it came to his sixth Highness who possessed the attributes of a beast.

If he caught her out…as soon as Mu Xi Yao thought of it, her face colored with a blush.

Zhong Zheng Lin originally intended to have a bone to pick with her5.

But then as he leaned over, he found that the little woman was embarrassed and her eyes misty. 

The sixth Highness admired the view of a bashful beauty; while his mind slowly banished the thoughts of five jars of High Mt.

Oolong tea. 

Mu Xi Yao has dodged a calamity by pure accident.

As she was wondering about how come Zhong Zheng Lin was so easygoing today, she heard the sixth Highness whisper few words at her ears.

Afterward, a blush decorated her face.

It did not disappear even after the meal. 

“Little sixth, you don’t have to come to see us off the day after tomorrow.

Watch well after Mu girl, don’t bully her.” The grand princess consort of Yi pulled at Mu Xi Yao and attentively instructed few words to Zhong Zheng Lin before letting go of the person. 

She did not yet made two steps and turned her head to admonish, “If someone was to bully you, bring a name card to Gu Su poetry society and look for old dowager Shen.”

Mu Xi Yao nodded and thanked her.

Half hugged, half carried, she was prompted to the carriage by Zhong Zheng Lin. 

“Your Highness, sleepy.” 

Zhong Zheng Lin caressed her had and leaned her little head against his chest while patting gently her back. 

“Be a good girl, lean against bendian and rest for a bit.” 

When the sixth Highness carried cefei back to the palace, the women in the inner yard collectively stayed quiet.

As He Lian Min Min recalled her father’s words, she took up a pen to calm her mind with calligraphy writing. 

“If you’re unable to act as the sixth princess consort, then let Wei Rui enter the inner yard to devise schemes for you.” 

Sir He Lian’s chilling warning was replaying at her ears.

Even if she had to risk her life, He Lian Min Min mustn’t let that woman enter the residence.

He Lian Wei Rui was a daughter of a concubine.

Her status was not as noble as her.

However, she has received a deep favor from grandfather and recognition from father since young.

She was beautiful like a flower, possessed outstanding talents and also harbored a treacherous heart.  

This woman was even more abominable than Mu Xi Yao.

At least, that Mu’shi has never taken an initiative to hurt people. 

When He Lian Min Min called to mind Mu Xi Yao’s countermeasure today, she had to exercise restraint on herself.

Even father himself had commended that “only Mu’shi is equal to Wei Rui”.

It was thus clear, how difficult was that woman to deal with. 


Yu Ye Palace.

The noble consort’s quarters. 

“Your Ladyship, the message has been already sent out.” 

The noble consort’s complexion was not good.

She put her hand to her forehead and sighed deeply.

To disengage themselves, they’ve suffered too deep of damage this time. 

Duke of An Guo considered all aspects of this plot.

The right time and place were brought together.

Yet, of all things, they’ve left out a dead person! She only hoped that on her imperial son’s side, he would be more resolute.

He mustn’t be indecisive and unable to bear the pain of losing an arm.  

“Did his Majesty say when he will come over” Yesterday, Yuancheng Emperor promised that he will come over to try glutinous rice wine balls made by her. 

“This…” The chief momo hesitated for a moment.

Nevertheless, she still decided to trustfully report, “Your Ladyship, his Majesty flipped consort Shu’s card.” Yuancheng Emperor has been resting in consort Shu’s palace for three consecutive days. 

“It’s her again!” The noble consort was so angry she panted while her chest ached.

She has fought with consort Shu for a lifetime.

If it was not for the firstborn son, this noble consort position would have been probably already snatched by that wench. 

The chief momo lowered her head in silence, daring not to speak. 


Mu Xi Yao rubbed her cheek that was being harassed and tickled by someone and dazedly opened her eyes. 

Zhong Zheng Lin’s handsome face, which was almost within reach, warmed her heart and delighted her eyes, “Your Highness.” 

“Follow bendian to the main house.

Didn’t you say about wanting craftsmen You can go over and pick a few capable ones.” 

When Zhong Zheng Lin raised this matter, Mu Xi Yao finally recalled she was in need of staff.

She has almost put it off. 

“Your Highness, did father and his party pass through Lin city When can qie see mother” 

“In only two-three days’ time.” Zhong Zheng Lin pinched her cheek and helped her get up.

After Mu Xi Yao freshened herself up, she drew the man’s neck to her and gifted him with a squishing peck.

Her kiss was filled with sultriness and cuteness.

Zhong Zheng Lin caressed her lips and sighed in regret, “Unfortunately, Jiao Jiao is with child.

Otherwise, the summer lake outing would be very refreshing.”  

Mu Xi Yao curled her lip.

Mention the pot that doesn’t boil6.

These days, she was seasick.

As soon as she climbed the painted boat in Danruo Courtyard, she would feel stuffy. 

“How about bendian taking Jiao Jiao boating to lake in Yunyang after returning from Shu province” 

Really Mu Xi Yao’s little face instantly brightened up.

She hugged Zhong Zheng Lin’s strong waist and wouldn’t let it go, “Your Highness mustn’t deceive qie.” This kind of affectionateness, only his sixth Highness could enjoy it. 


The main hall of Chanruo Courtyard.

The whole room of women watched Mu cefei miserably swallowing the crispy meat rolls his Highness picked for her.

Was it that unpalatable 

Lady Zhang uncertainly picked the smallest piece and gently took a bite.

Huh It was very fragrant and crispy, light and fresh-tasting, like silk in one’s mouth.

In such a dry and hot day, it was very comfortable for breakfast. 

He Lian Min Min, watching Mu Xi Yao putting on an act and stirring trouble in the main house first thing in the morning, merely shoot her a flat glance and paid no heed to her. 

Lady Wu stood at the side.

She lowered her head down and added dished for He Lian Min Min.

As a concubine, she was not allowed to sit down beside the table.

She could only watch mistresses in the inner yard with ranks of shufei and up using the meal.

What’s more, she had to cheer up and properly attend to them. 

Su Lin Rou looked down on Mu Xi Yao’s pickiness.

She put aside the chopsticks and inquired her softly, “Is the food in the main house not to sister’s taste How about ordering the kitchen to specially prepare a few of sister’s favorite dishes in the future It’s just that we’ll have to trouble the principal consort and have her make extra directives.”

This woman came here early in the morning to annoy her, didn’t she The dishes on the table were obviously refreshing to tongue, yet only she, with her ghost-like appearance, had too poor of an appetite. 

Mu Xi Yao raised her head and looked around at everyone’s faces, only to realize that she had incurred everyone’s resentment.

Wasn’t it just  Zhong Zheng Lin picking her two dishes Could they not drop this matter and cease raising a hoot senselessly 

As Mu Xi Yao looked at bright red radish slices inside the white jade bowl, she held her breath.

Underneath the table, she rewarded the sixth Highness with a graceful sidekick. 

Blast it! This man was absolutely deliberate.

He knew clearly she hated radishes, no matter red or white.

However, he still sent them to her bowl.

Such an unpalatable thing, yet it was actually regarded as a grace given by the sixth Highness Mu Xi Yao expressed that she was very unhappy. 

“If sister thinks what Su cefei said is reasonable, qie will give orders to the kitchen.” He Lian Min Min indifferently uttered.

It was merely adding a few dishes.

Don’t tell her the residence could not afford it 

“Don’t be picky about food.

No need to bother.” For the first time ever, Zhong Zheng Lin spoke of Mu Xi Yao’s fault in front of everyone. 

Zhong Zheng Lin will not question what was in minds of this group of women.

However, his own thoughts on this matter were clear. 

Being picky about food, yet still daring to take liberties with him The sixth Highness placed another piece of meat roll onto her bowl, completely ignoring Mu Xi Yao who was gnashing her teeth.

When one fed a rabbit, one needed also to properly nourish it.

How can he let her be choosy As for the newly developed hobby, the sixth Highness found great pleasure in it. 

Wan Jing Wen was not like the other women, stupidly thinking that It was Zhong Zheng Lin’s warning to Mu Xi Yao.

Based on lady Mu’s expression, it was evidently just the two’s private little spat, a spice to their every days life. 

However, in this kind of unconventional interaction, there was clearly a sense of flirting. 

Wan Jing Wen suppressed the anger inside her.

From the corner of her eyes, she glimpsed Zhong Zheng Lin’s big hand that wore a thumb ring.

Her expression slowly became absent-minded. 

It was these hands.

In the previous life, they had touched every corner of her body.

They’d lifted her hair to gently inhale them, showering her with praises.

What’s more, they’d held her son on the bathing ceremony.

This man was so outstanding.

Yet, he won’t give her any tenderness nor protection.

He let those women in the palace dishonor and ill-treat her and her son. 

As she called to mind that pitiful child, Wan Jing Wen looked spitefully at He Lian Min Min who bowed her head to use soup.

When she raised her head, her gaze happened to bump head-on into Mu Xi Yao’s who was sitting beside Zhong Zheng Lin. 

Wan Jing Wen was alarmed deeply.

She quickly curbed her expression and lowered her head to silently use meal. 

Translation notes:

[1] Dog-leg is a Chinese phrase used to describe someone who butters someone else up

[2] Knot is a Chinese endeavor, similar to baby/little one/little darling

[3] One day without a beating, and she will scale the roof to rip the tiles is a Chinese idiom that derives from three days without a beating, and a child will scale the roof to rip the tiles which means spare the rod, spoil the child

[4] New branch grows out of a knot is a Chinese idiom that means to deliberately complicate an issue

[5] To have a bone to pick with one is an idiom that means to want to talk to someone about something they have done that has annoyed you

[6] To mention the pot that doesn’t boil is a Chinese idiom that means to touch a sore spot


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