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Mu Xi Yao was supported by Zhao momo, falling three steps behind consort Shu.

Beside her was the aloof-faced sixth Highness who walked in an imposing and firm manner.

He Lian Min Min was holding consort Shu’s right hand, carefully attending to her.

However, from the corners of her eyes, she glanced at Mu Xi Yao’s glowing face.

She had, nevertheless, managed to escape…

At the moment, Mu Xi Yao was throwing Zhong Zheng Lin coquettish glances while being immensely proud of herself.

Unbeknownst, when they were turning the corner, the sixth Highness pressed her against the palace wall and pinned her there, making her unable to move.

Seeing the sixth Highness sweep a glance at them, the attenders at rear looked forward and quickly avoided the two, following behind consort Shu’s trail.

Just a moment ago, it was a crowd of people.

In a blink of an eye, there were only two of them.

Mu Xi Yao was immediately stupified.

She looked around.

Behind her was a mottled palace wall; a row of vermillion pillars in front of her.

No matter how she looked at it, it was not a place for a lover’s rendezvous.

“Yo-your Highness.” She tried to push away the chest that was pressed on her.

“Mm~” Mu Xi Yao failed to push him away.

Zhong Zheng Lin leaned over and captured her lips, ruthlessly nipping them.

The sixth Highness looked at the woman who has been enticing him this whole day.

He cared not about her struggles.

As soon as he caught the person, he immersed himself in a passionate kiss.

Mu Xi Yao was besieged by the man.

Her chest tightened.

A ripple fluttered in those watery eyes of hers.

Seeing her face dye with a flush and chest raise up and down, Zhong Zheng Lin finally released the person in reluctance.

He teased and licked her lips for the last time.

“Jiao Jiao, if you provocate again, bendian won’t let you off for the second time.”

After he finished, he helped her tidy the hair on her temple and smoothen her palace dress.

Subsequently, he took her hand and slowly walked ahead.

Mu Xi Yao followed behind him with a reddened face and short breath.

As she looked at the man’s dashing back, her eyes filled up with complaints as plain as day.

She didn’t do anything! This man has become increasingly shameless.

Engaging in inappropriate behavior in a broad daylight! Just as she was silently criticizing him with all her might, Zhong Zheng Lin suddenly looked back and narrowed his phoenix eyes to size her up devilishly.

“If you keep seducing bendian in such an amorous way, bendian will have to accommodate reluctantly in mother consort’s palace.”

Up till Zhong Zheng Lin led her to consort Shu’s palace, this whole time, Mu Xi Yao carried an absent-minded expression.

The sixth Highness’s shameless words kept on ringing at her ears. 

As she sat on the couch-bed and looked around at palace quarters that was the same as usual, Mu Xi Yao suddenly felt awkward.

Embarrassed, she shifted her body.

The tips of her ears turned red. 

At consort Shu’s territory….the more Mu Xi Yao thought the more she felt on the end of her rope. 

On the surface, Zhong Zheng Lin replied to consort Shu’s questions.

However, from the corners of his eyes, he was constantly paying attention to that woman who has been teased by him.

He found that she was unusually restless.

The position of her hands has changed several times.

What’s more, she seemed to be eager to hang her little head down to the chest and bury herself.

Suddenly, his mood was lifted.

This was, indeed, interesting.

That little bride1 appearance of hers resembled him greatly the “cute bullied rabbits” she mentioned about.

Every time the rabbit was teased by Mu Xi Yao, it would also shift its body and bury its head deeply. 

“Mu girl.” Consort Shu called the person with a smile.

Today, Mu Xi Yao has raised greatly her prestige and made a beautiful counterattack.

As they left the Jiahe Hall, she saw clearly consort De’s terrified and dismayed expression. 

“What happened Perhaps, you’re tired from today Is your belly alright” Seeing her sitting there quietly in a rather spiritless manner, consort Shu found her quite pitiful.  

Consort Shu only took note of her expression.

He Lian Min Min, however, saw clearly through her.

The bloody red lips, flushed tips of ears, and the uneasiness in her eyes…..plus the sudden disappearance just now…

Her heart clenched painfully.

That was her husband.

Yet, he was hugging another woman, being intimate and affectionate with her.

They cared not about etiquette and in the palace corridor…..

He Lian Min Min’s heart turned ice-cold.

She felt that the more effort she exerted, the greater was her disappointment.

His Highness showed no understanding of her situation at all.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have trampled on the prestige of the principal wife.

Being suddenly asked questions, Mu Xi Yao immediately followed consort Shu’s cue.

The sooner she leaves, the better.

This place was too wicked. 

“Qie is a bit tired.” She softly pouted at consort Shu. 

“This child.

You’re tired, yet you won’t tell us.

Why on earth are you pushing yourself so hard Go back and take a proper rest.  You were quite aggravated by messy matters these days.

Set your mind at rest and wait for the arrival of your child.

You needn’t busy yourself with paying respect to bengong.

Just let Zhao momo bring Cheng Qing here so that bengong can have a look at him.” 

Right now, consort Shu could not be more satisfied with her.

Not only could she give birth, she also knew how to raise children.

Moreover, she was able to help Zhong Zheng Lin remove the obstacles.

This girl had capabilities.

She was an impressive one.

If He Lian Min Min had one-third of her capabilities, she wouldn’t have received Zhong Zheng Lin’s spurn. 

The two’s sudden disappearance just now, although Zhong Zheng Lin used Mu Xi Yao’s leg cramp and little rest as an excuse, she still had eyes and could tell what happened. 

This son of hers was not someone with an honest character.

As his mother, she naturally understood to some extent his temper.

The reason why she asked such questions was to give Mu girl an out so that she would stop twisting like a fried dough twist.

The sight was too exhausting. 


“Come here.” Zhong Zheng Lin looked at the person who intended to escape into the palanquin at the rear. 

Mu Xi Yao’s little face twitched.

Your Highness, pay a bit attention to your image.

If you don’t want to put up a facade, at least don’t compromise her, all right 

“Your Highness” He Lian Min Min looked at Zhong Zheng Lin, puzzled. 

“The principal consort shall head back first.

Bendian will return after taking cefei to thank the imperial great uncle.”  

After his words fell, he drew Mu Xi Yao into his arms and climbed into the prince’s palanquin, leaving He Lian Min Min standing lonely outside the palace with a face as cold as a frost. 

“Mistress.” Gui Lin reached out to support He Lian Min Min, but her hands were pushed aside by her. 

“Head out of the palace, to House of He Lian.” 


“What did you say Lady Mu came out unscathed” Wan Jing Wen abruptly rose up.

She propped her hands against the table.

An astonishment filled her face.

Zhu Jin reported her all the information she’s scouted out.

She sighed to herself inwardly.

That Mu cefei had formidable talents.

To one’s surprise, she could cope with ease even matters that involved divination of one’s fate. 

Wan Jing Wen’s brows furrowed tightly.

She closed her eyes and pondered for a long time. 

The one behind this scheme had a strategy much more secretive than hers, yet that person wasn’t able to succeed.

Did it mean that if she was the one to undertake the task, she would also return empty-handed, and even suffer heavy casualties 

It seems that acting rashly is in no way feasible.

She needs to find the right timing and deliver a fatal blow. 

“Did you said that the great master will return to the capital” 


His Highness said it himself.” 

Another change.

As expected, anything that has to do with that woman will bring bad luck. 

“Think of a way for brother to join the fifth prince’s camp.” 

Wan Jing Wen was also helpless.

He’s been already successfully assigned under the first prince’s command.

However, who would have thought that Zhong Zheng Chun would suddenly fall into disgrace This was contrary to her expectations.

Furthermore, it deviated vastly from how things went on in the previous life. 


“You’re all good-for-nothing.

Even in such a situation, you still let her escape.” 

The woman’s slender jade-like hand grabbed the tablecloth in one grasp and smashed to pieces the entire set of white teacups. 

“Mistress, since our lord’s scheme has failed, he will likely not let you take any actions within a short period of time.

On his Highness’s part, he takes quite a care of Mu’shi, too.

It’s not appropriate to approach this matter in a too radical manner.” 

“That lady Mu….since we’re not able to touch her, let’s provoke the relationship between her and her sister, and come with a backstabbing.” 

“Mistress is wise.

This subordinate will immediately release news and have those sisters alienate each other.”  


Inside Zhong Zheng Lin’s prince palanquin, Mu Xi Yao was firmly trapped in the man’s arms.

Her little face was flushed delicately. 

“Very pleased with yourself, huh” Zhong Zheng Lin’s voice turned dangerous as he spotted the smugness inside her eyes. 

“Your Highness, if qie was not proud of myself, qie would have been stuffed into who knows what nook by you to take refuge a long time ago.

Wouldn’t that be extremely cowardly” 

“Jiao Jiao, the matter today will be skipped.

Next time, if you dare to bet on your life again, no matter the result, forget about raising Cheng Qing and the one in your womb!” 

Nothing scared this woman.

Only the little guy who popped out from her womb could still, for the time being, act as a threat.

Zhong Zheng Lin’s gaze was sinister.

His expression seemed not to be fake.

Mu Xi Yao was so scared her body trembled. 

If not raised by her then raised by whom 

As if understanding the puzzle inside her eyes, the sixth Highness revealed the cruel and ruthless side he had never shown before.

“Since Jiao Jiao is being heartless and cares not about bendian’s feelings for you, why should bendian be concerned about Jiao Jiao’s children” 

“They will be naturally raised by.



Consort.” Zhong Zheng Lin locked her gaze.

Each of his word was spoken clear and accurate. 

The smiled-filled face of Mu Xi Yao immediately froze. 

Well done, Zhong Zheng Lin. 

This was the genuine cold-blooded and overbearing nature of the Emperor from the previous life.

Sure enough, you can’t change who you are.  

For the first time, demoness Mu was utterly defeated in the clash between the two. 

Translation notes:

[1] Little bride is a Chinese expression used for someone who always gets blamed or a punching bag


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