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The Beloved Imperial Consort Chapter 10



Zhong Zheng Lin was lying on the daybed[1] recollecting the scene he came upon during the day.

He had been astonished by that sentence ‘kill the horse’.

The silhouette of her, which dashed out to save people, became more and more clear in his mind.

The strange feelings he has been suppressing from when he had left Qingzhou emerged once more.

This time even stronger than last time.

It was her again! Did she come to Shengjing to participate in selection Zhong Zheng Lin felt an annoyance overpowering him whenever he thought that that woman might be chosen by somebody else.

He was tossing and turning restlessly in the daybed, having a hard time falling asleep.

Zhong Zheng Lin has yet again recalled that dream.

If it was not him but some other man………he abruptly shot up to the sitting position, a somewhat irritated expression appeared on his face.

What exactly was going on Why did that woman’s words and actions have such an impact on his emotions Including today, he had met her only four times.

He had either saw her figure or heard her voice.

Even today.

Originally he was discussing with Zhong Zheng Ming about court matters while passing by the noisy midtown when he suddenly heard her fierce shouts.

He had looked up but couldn’t see her appearance from his distance.

This woman, whom he wasn’t even familiar with, repeatedly made him lose his cool.

No matter what, he could not let things go any further! As soon as he finds out the cause he will take care of this issue.

At the present, Zhong Zheng Lin was genuinely confused.

The sixth highness was currently sixteen years old[2].

Although he acted mature and was endowed with a high intelligence, he has never before experienced these kinds of feelings.

Thus, it was only natural for him to be ignorant.

Despite already being sexually aware, Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t have any tender feelings toward women.

Slaking up his lust on them won’t make him remember them.

Moreover, the ones who usually attended him were all men.

It was no wonder that he was like a blank paper when it came to the romantic feelings between man and woman.

Zhong Zheng Lin didn’t fall asleep until very late at night.

Her silhouette has made yet another appearance in his dream.

This time she was standing sideways, slowly peeling off her outerwear till she stayed only in her inner garments.

He could vaguely see the curves of her young shapely body.

Subsequently, the pair of snow-white hands began to unfasten the buttons on the clothes.

As the inner garment was about to slide down……..

Zhong Zheng Lin suddenly woke up, breathing heavily.

Underneath, his manhood stood painfully erect, his body felt unbearably hot.

As he tried to suppress the lust, it came back burning even hotter, making him feel uncomfortable all over.

An image of her small fair hands popped in his head.

When he imagined the beautiful scenery that would wait for him after her inner garment slid down, Zhong Zheng Lin’s male pride couldn’t refrain from throbbing.

In the end, he wasn’t able to hold back his lust.

He leaned on the headboard, stretched his right hand inside his underpants and started to work up and down on his flesh.

All he could see before his eyes was the image of that maiden from his dream whose garments had already slipped down her body.

High and perky breasts, slender waist, straight long legs…….Zhong Zheng Lin couldn’t fight back the fervor.

A groan slipped from his lips.

The movements of his hand quickened.

His panting also grew heavier.

Until he has hurled himself over the edge, his desire erupting.

That white hot bliss was finally subsided.

After releasing his need, which had so abruptly built up, Zhong Zheng Lin’s body went limp.

He has never before felt so satisfied.

His heart fluttered so fast that he thought it was about to jump out of his chest and that extraordinary lightness…..it was something one would remember for a lifetime.

It took a moment for Zhong Zheng Lin to calm down.

In the next moment he opened his eyes, his expression unreadable.

It was already the second time he had improper thoughts about that maiden.

Yet, he was unable to control that intense lust.

Zhong Zheng Lin could not comprehend what kind of impulse had possessed him to make him sit for the whole night.

Since suppression wasn’t the option anymore then he should find out the cause first and then make plans.

The sixth prince stayed awake the whole night trying to find the solution.

In the morning he got up as per usual to practice fists and swordplay.



Ever since Mu Xi Yao learnt from Zhao Qing that the one who lent them a hand yesterday was actually the fifth prince Zhong Zheng Ming she has been in low spirit.

She had previously pouched away from him and yet he has saved her.

It was truly awkward.

She absolutely mustn’t visit his residence.

She would tarnish her reputation if she were to enter privately the prince’s residence before the selection.

Moreover, she would be in trouble if that fellow Zhong Zheng Lin discovered that she had visited the fifth prince.

At such a critical time, mishaps were forbidden.

However, yesterday she had already promised the other party that she will pay them a visit afterward.

She ought not to break the promise.

It caused Mu Xi Yao quite a headache to come up with the counter-measurements.

On the afternoon of the next day, the housekeeper reported to Zhong Zheng Ming that a small sedan chair has parked outside their residence.

The maiden inside didn’t show up, she has just said that she came to express her gratitude for the yesterday’s assistance.

She didn’t go to details.

She had her maidservant step forth and hand them a letter, asking it to be passed on to fifth princess consort.

Afterward, she said thanks and turned to leave.

This content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!

Zhong Zheng Ming narrowed his eyes.

Very good.

One could not detect a flaw in the way she handled matters.

Pass on to the fifth princess consort It was obviously just to make it seem more legitimate.

Indeed a cautious and meticulous maiden.

He opened the letter.

The handwriting inside was elegant and quick-witted, each stroke smooth, making people think that the owner of such a handwriting ought to be a delicate beauty.

She didn’t conceal her identity of xiunu in the letter.

She had disclosed there that it was inappropriate for her to thank him in person.

Her words were earnest, gentle and sincere.

She stated in the letter that the words could not convey how grateful she felt to him and at the same time apologized for her lacking in the manners.

After reading the whole letter, there was no trace of unpleasantness, one only felt pleased with oneself.

Zhong Zheng Ming looked at the surname ‘Mu’ mentioned in the letter, inwardly committing it to his memory.


Wei Zhen listened to instructions his highness gave to chief-steward Tian with a dumbfounded expression, “Call the concubines.

I’ll see them in two hours in the side hall.

Tell them to freshen up and attire themselves like xiunus.

They are prohibited to look seductively.” Afterward, he strode toward the main hall without any words.

Tian Fu Shan’s face lit up with glee.

Did it mean that his highness finally found a delight in women Subsequently, he went running his errands happily.

The interior had closed doors and windows.

Zhong Zheng Lin ordered all the servants to retreat.

He quietly fixed his gaze at the two women in front of him, looking like he was musing about something.

“Extend your hand.” His tone was more or less mild.

The two women did not dare to move.

They stood still with their heads bent down.

They looked a little more refreshing than usual dressed in xiunu clothes.

Though they didn’t know the reason behind, they still fearfully raised their arms before them with the palms spread out under the command of his highness.

This action caused their sleeves to roll back, exposing snow-white wrists and a portion of their flesh.

After a while, the one sitting on the head seat ordered: “Take off the outer garment.”

The two women’s faces immediately flushed into a shade of pink, too shy to lift their heads.

They could hear their heart drumming madly.

How come his highness gave them such orders It was still daytime.

Moreover, it was just three of them.

It was a little……too scandalous.

Seeing the two blushing and acting coyly, Zhong Zheng Lin repeated his order, this time his tone carried an impatience.

The women looked at each other and with the shaking hands they started to slowly untie their outer robe, revealing the inner garment.

Afterward, both clutched the handkerchief tightly, feeling uncomfortable.

Another moment of silence passed.

Lady Kong sneaked a peek at his highness.

She saw his brows furrowed, his eyes repeatedly sweeping over the two of them.

His eyes were clear.

One could not detect even a bit of lust in them.

“Retreat.” The man commanded with a tired voice while waving his hand.

Zhong Zheng Lin slightly lowered his head.

He could not lie to himself anymore.

It was different, totally different.

The same fair and delicate hands, the same slim and graceful bodies, yet one could stir him up while the other ones couldn’t.

“Wei Zhen!”

Hearing his highness’s summoning, Wei Zhen pushed the door open and went inside.

He halted in a place three steps from his master.

“If there was a woman who had a great power over you, yet you could not control her, what should one do”

Wei Zhen froze.

This was the first time his Highness asked for his opinion.

But, why According to his highness’s personality, if a person posed a threat to him, yet he had no control over him, wasn’t it reasonable to remove him in secret Hence, why such a question

“Your Highness, does this woman has a special status so she can’t be removed so easily” Wei Zhen carefully asked.

When he finished speaking, he saw his master looking at him oddly.

Zhong Zheng Lin watched him for a good while before sighing and waving to him to retreat.

Wei Zhen felt baffled.

He stood silently at the passageway, lost in thoughts.

He was recollecting his highness ’s abnormal behavior in these recent days along with that very odd question he had asked him just a moment ago.

He was well aware that he wasn’t smart enough to come up with the answers.

This was not sir Wei Zhen’s fault at all.

It was not that he wasn’t smart enough, it was just that he had never dared to think about it ‘that’ way.

Especially when the inquiring person was the sixth highness Zhong Zheng Lin who was notorious for being solemn and cold, who didn’t indulge himself with women and neglected his harem.

Wei Zhen saw in distance Di Wu Yi Zhao slowly walking toward his direction.

Wei Zhen hesitated for a moment, nevertheless, he still stepped forward to bow to him.

After that, he disclosed to mister in a low voice about the matter that has been troubling his mind for a while.

Mister was his highness’s respected advisor after all.

The one who was renowned for his intelligence and unfathomable personality.

He was much brighter and sharper than him so he should be able to discern his highness’s recent behavior.

Di Wu Yi Zhao carefully listened to Wei Zhen.

After all was said, first a surprised expression crossed his face then his eyes slowly started to glint with an amusement.

Furthermore, when he heard Wei Zhen reply that Zhong Zheng Lin voiced out that he wanted to eliminate that maiden, Di Wu Yi Zhao burst into a laughter.

He gave Wei Zhen a nodding gesture, indicating that he had already made heads or tails of everything and afterward he left, leaving sir Wei all alone.

Wei Zhen was confused about that laughter.

Seeing mister acting all relaxed he assumed that it was not a bad thing.

Therefore, he dropped the matter.

Di Wu Yi Zhao could not suppress the elation he felt at the moment.

Since entering the prince’s residence, he had only seen deadpan and cool-headed sixth highness.

He was well aware of Zhong Zheng Lin’s extraordinary self-control.

Who would have thought that this most serious person hasn’t been yet enlightened As a result, that person was still dealing with this headache.

It was indeed amusing.

Should he clear up the confusion for his highness or not Well, there was no hurry.

There will be no more chances to be able to amuse himself at his highness’s expense in the future so he should just enjoy this fun for a little bit more……….

If Mu Xi Yao were to learn about Di Wu Yi Zhao’s childish behavior, the admiration she felt for this world-renown strategist would certainly shatter into pieces, leaving not even a piece of shard behind.



[1] Daybed is a furniture that served as a place for quiet relaxation and contemplative meditation or as a platform from which to engage in lofty conversation (source)

#this content belongs to thehlifestyle.com, if you see this translation elsewhere, it’s been stolen!!!!! May ill omen (like stepping every day on dog poo, losing a wallet every time one goes out, choking by mere water and forever staying as a lonely dog) befall those content stealing jerks.

Amen and Peace!

#if possible, please support the original translators by reading the translations from the original source.


[2] Zhong Zheng Lin is 16 years old according to the traditional Chinese method of reckoning.

In this system, a person’s age is one year at birth and increases by one year at the beginning of the first solar term.

Hence, his true age is actually 15 years old (the same goes with the age of other character’s in this story)


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