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The buzzing sound of Damians phone was the first thing that he heard as he woke up this morning.

It was annoying.

In fact, waking up was annoying.

They could not just let him sleep. At least just for one day.

He sighed as he picked up the phone and answered the call.

"What do you want?" Damian asked amidst a yawn.

"Good morning to you too Damian," Hans voice sounded from the receiver.

"What do you want?" Damian repeated in annoyance.

"Weve gone quite far in the investigation for that explosion yesterday, so I decided to give you some feedback," Han answered.

"Can this wait till later?" Damian asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"It can, but I might have reported it to my superiors by then," Han replied.

Damian had a thing about being the first to know about things. It made him feel like he had the upper hand.

An unusual habit from his time in the army.

"Fine," Damian sighed, "what do you have for me?"

"Those blue flames were quite hard to put out, but when we managed to, we found some residues of human bodies. After we scanned their DNA, we identified them as museum security. We also found traces of activated MX-17 body suits, meaning that they had been forced into action," Han informed.

"Anything else?" Damian asked.

"Yeah, we are still trying to recover the camera footage, but— oh wait, the footage is ready," Hans voice sounded in surprise.

"Do well to send it to me when you

e done," Damian ordered.

"Sure thing," Han responded before ending the call.

Damian exhaled as he threw his phone to the other side of the bed. His room was messy with half of the blanket on the ground and multiple clothes sprawled out on the floor.

He sat up and rubbed his face with a groan escaping his mouth.

Unhurriedly, he walked towards the bathroom door that opened up for him.

Damian took his bath, brushed his teeth, tied his hair up in a ponytail, and put on his signature grey long-sleeved shirt and black trousers before picking up his sword by the side of the rooms door.

He moved to his window, opened it, and jumped out.

Damian lived on the 42nd floor of the building, so when he landed, he did so with a loud thud that drew the attention of the passers-by.

"Fastest way out of the building," Damian said with a smirk to the onlookers who had curious looks in their eyes.

He then stood up straight and looked around. The familiar scenery was one he never got tired of. The trains that moved at high speeds meters overhead, the cars that zoomed soundlessly past him, and the billboards that displayed different promotions for multiple products.

Damian took in a deep breath with his eyes closed. He then crouched and took off into the air amidst the sound of a small explosion.

The onlookers kept looking in awe until he was out of sight. They were not looking because of his feat as that was considered normal in this current age, but they were still staring because of the man himself.

Damian Heriol.

The fastest elemental alive.


Damian landed softly on top of a building. He stretched his body and released a yawn.

It was time for his patrol.

Although Damian was not a morning person, this was something he was obligated to do to keep the city safe.

Also, he enjoyed it.

There was never a boring day on this job.

Suddenly, Damian sensed a concentration of mana coming from a few kilometers away.

"That was fast," Damian muttered and with a burst of wind, he practically disappeared!

A few moments later, he appeared in front of a warehouse. The doors had been ripped open and he could hear rumbling sounds coming from inside.

He walked in slowly.

He looked around and he could see shipment containers that had been forced open and had large claw marks on them.

Damian walked towards them to investigate, but he stopped in his tracks when he heard a loud growl.

He looked to his left and there it was.

A giant lion that could easily reach 12 feet, with flames for its mane. It kept growling at Damian and showing its menacing canines.

Whats a magic beast doing this deep in the city? Damian frowned inwardly.

While it was not rare for a wandering magic beast to get into the city now and then, it should be impossible for them to enter this deep without them being noticed.

The only explanation was that it was either a research subject gone loose or there was another way that the magic beasts were using to get into the city.

He highly doubted the latter, since something like that would be found out in a heartbeat. The former seemed more plausible. So that meant he would have to capture the beast and not kill it.

"Ok big guy, you

e coming with me," Damian said to the magic beast as he walked over to it.

The creature sensed danger and quickly attacked. It opened its jaws and a wave of flames rushed out toward Damian!

Damian kept walking and when the flames reached him, they condensed into a ball and dispersed.

Seeing that its attack did not work, the magic beast attempted again, but Damian would not let it.

He stretched his hand forward and a blast of wind crashed on the magic beast from above. Sending in into a lying position.

It tried to stand up, but another blast of wind hit it. Then another, and another, and another.

It looked like a relentless assault and Damian did not stop until it quit moving.

"Shit, have I killed it?" Damian rushed over to the magic beast to check if it was still breathing.

It was, but it was very shallow.

He quickly brought out his phone and dialed a number.

"Thank you for calling The Order, whats your emergency?" A feminine voice said immediately the call was answered.

"Hey Sarah, uhm, its Damian," Damian responded nervously.

"Good morning lord Damian, what have you done wrong this time?" Sarah asked with a small laugh.

"Well, I came across a magic beast. Its a fire element type in the form of a large lion," Damian answered.

"Hold on, let me check the database," Sarah said and Damian could hear the faint beeping sounds in the background.

After a few seconds, Sarah reported her findings.

"A search order for a magic beast with that description was given about thirty minutes ago. It escaped from the training grounds."

"Oh. Well, better send a recovery team to come pick it up before it dies. I might have overdid it a bit," Damian informed as he rubbed the back of his head nervously.


e already on their way," Sarah responded indifferently.

"Alright then," Damian said with a sigh of relief, "so you got any plans tonight?"

"Goodbye lord Damian and enjoy the rest of your day," Sarah ended the call.

Damian laughed softly as he fiddled with his phone. He and Sarah were a complicated case, something he may never understand.

Just as he was about to put his phone back in his pocket, it made a buzzing sound.

He checked it and saw that Han had sent him the video footage from last nights attack on the museum.

Damian opened it and saw short video clips that were joined together. Han had added a message saying that this was all they could recover.

The video showed an elemental using blue flames and cutting down the museum security, as well as when he destroyed the museum.

Damians facial expression had already changed to a serious one before he was done watching the video.

A fire elemental who can use blue flames, Damian internalized, I better take this to The Order. I have a nagging feeling that this may become a serious problem.


Lawrence leaned on the wall as he watched people go by. He was currently waiting to identify his next prey.

He had already robbed several people tonight and had made a great haul. But that was not enough for him.

So far, he had been able to avoid the soldiers in their mech body suits who patrolled the streets. He knew he was incredibly lucky, but his greed would not let him know when to stop.

Just one more person and Im done, Lawrence thought.

That was when he spotted someone moving around in a hooded cloak.

It caught his interest.

The person stood out from everyone who was wearing normal clothes. Lawrence found himself monitoring them.

He began to have suspicions. No one would wear something like this except if they were trying to hide something.

And Lawrences guess? It had to be money.

His simple mind could not imagine it being something else.

The hooded person then walked into a dark alley and Lawrence thought this to be his chance.

He licked his lips as he imagined how much he would take off them.

Without wasting another moment, he walked towards the dark alley where he saw the person moving towards the opening at the other end.

"Hey!" Lawrence shouted as he unhurriedly walked towards them.

The person turned and faced Lawrence who had a confident smirk on his face.

"Im going to make this quick," Lawrence raised his hand and it lit up in red flames. "Give me everything you own and Ill let you pass unhurt."


e a mage," the hooded person said in a slightly deep masculine voice.

It was a man.

"Mage? I don know what you

e talking about, but Im sure you can see that Im an elemental," Lawrence said while moving his hand that was on fire around, "you better do as I say."

The hooded man then stretched his hand forward and it lit up in blue flames that were much more intense than Lawrences.

"So am I," he said with a soft smile.

Lawrences flames immediately quenched as he lost concentration due to the amount of mana he felt from those flames that his supposed prey just conjured.

He was a high-ranking elemental!

He immediately turned and ran. He had made a mistake!

Just as he was about to reach the exit, he suddenly stopped in his tracks as he saw the hooded man in front of him.

The man brought down his hood and looked at Lawrence who was slowly retreating in fear.

It was Adrian!

"Ill give you two options," Adrian said, "you either die now by my hands, or you answer all my questions and get a chance to live."

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