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Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye stared back into her eyes with his abstruse eyes.

Zi Yi thought for a moment and nodded.

“Alright then, thats it for tonight.”

Little red and Little yellow asked in unison, “What about the alcohol you ordered”

Zi Yi generously said, “Its for you.”

The duo nearly could not resist laughing out loud from happiness.

However, Little red felt a little indignant when she looked at Lu Jingye.

She wanted to at least cop a feel of his chest.

Zi Yi called for the waiter immediately after and passed her card over to settle the bill.

All four of them stood up after the bill was settled.

Just as Zi Yi was about to speak, she saw Little red heading in Lu Jingyes direction.

Shortly after, her body tilted and was about to fall on him.

She spectated the scene with excitement.

Lu Jingye shifted the moment he sensed Little reds intentions and walked away



Looking at Little red, who nearly sprained her waist when she sprawled onto the sofa, Zi Yi asked out of kindness, “Sis, why did you fall while standing”

“I…” Little red blushed from the countless pairs of eyes directed at her.

She controlled the impulse to support her waist and said in a coy voice, “I was a little drunk and lost my footing.”

Her coy voice gave Zi Yi goosebumps, which in turn led to her and Lu Jingye quickly leaving the bar.

After they left the bar and got into the car, Zi Yi turned to look at Lu Jingye as she asked with a smile, “Why dont you have any tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex”

Lu Jingye spoke to the driver without responding to her, “Drive.”

Just as she thought he would not answer, he suddenly said, “Giving false hope is ungentlemanly and I believe myself to be a gentleman.”


“In my opinion, youre not a gentleman.

Youre a…”

Lu Jingye suddenly turned to look at her.

His deep eyes stared into hers.

Zi Yi curled her lips and daringly said, “Ascetic monk.”

Lu Jingye did not react.

He shifted his gaze away, looked to the front, and no longer continued the conversation with her.

From the bar to their residence, the car had to pass through a quiet street and a park.

After ten p.m in the evening, those places were basically empty.

As the car drove quietly, the bodyguard seated on the passenger seat touched the communicator in his ears and said, “Second Young Master, theres an ambush in the park ahead.”

Zi Yi had also sensed the danger.

Lu Jingye gave an order.

“Send people to deal with them.”

“I understand.”

Their car stopped after that.

However, not long afterwards, Zi Yi suddenly asked Lu Jingye.

“How good is the safety mechanism of your car”

Lu Jingye looked at her.

She spoke up again.

“If it cant bear the explosive impact of a rocket launcher, I suggest that we abandon the car and flee for our lives at once.”

Lu Jingyes expression darkened.

He quickly gave an order to his driver and bodyguard.

“Abandon the car and run.”

Immediately after, he opened the door, grabbed Zi Yis hand, and quickly ran away from the car.

While they were five meters away from the car, an explosion came from behind.

The light waves and strong heat waves of the explosion instantly expanded.

Zi Yi felt her waist being tugged and was unexpectedly carried by Lu Jingye as he ran even faster.

His movements were very quick.

Even Zi Yi started to suspect if he had been trained in the legendary ancient qigong.

Lu Jingye did not release her until they arrived in a secluded area.

Following this, he placed a communication device in his ears and calmly ordered, “Search them out at once.”


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