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Qin Ze was unable to refute Mr.

Qins words.


Qin also said, “You should stay by Little Zis side and learn well.

She possesses many skills and technology that humans are unable to achieve yet.

Even if you casually learn something from her, it would be extremely beneficial for you.”

Qin Ze felt as though he had suddenly received enlightenment.

He felt that whenever he encountered something, it would be resolved as long as he talked to Mr.

Qin about it.

“Dad, I understand.”


Qin smiled in response and joked in an amicable manner.

“However, if you meet someone you fancy there, your mother and I wont object.”

Qin Ze pulled the phone away from his ears and said, “…Eh! Why is the signal getting bad Hello Dad What did you just say You and Mom must take care of your health when Im not around.

I have something on so Ill be hanging up first!”

Having said that, he hung up the phone.


Qin looked at the disconnected call and scolded his son while smiling.

“Stinky brat.

See how Ill get your mother to take care of you when you return!”

Zi Yi woke up late again today.

By the time she woke up, the rest were already in the living room.

She came out of the bedroom and saw Dou Xiangling and Ian sitting next to each other.

She asked, “Did you speak to Third Uncle last night”

“Yes, we did.” The corner of Ians lips curved up uncontrollably.

“They agreed to our marriage.

After Xianglings brother arrives, well be able to hold the dinner banquet.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

Lu Jingye reminded her to eat breakfast first and she headed to where the dining table was.

After that, the three men casually chatted about the situation at the research laboratory.

Just then, Qin Ze asked, “Zi Yi, Ian said that the construction of the laboratory will be completed in the next few days.

Will you be sending over the equipment right away Where did you buy the equipment from”

In fact, his guess was that Lu Jingye was responsible for all of it.

“All the equipment will be shipped from [Futuristic Energy].”

“Ah” Qin Ze was momentarily stunned and he seemed to have understood something as he asked excitedly, “Zi Yi, does that company, [Futuristic Energy], belong to you”

Her bar was named [Futuristic Bar], and her racing club was called [Futuristic Racing Club].

It was hard for him not to think in that direction.


“I knew it!” Qin Ze nearly jumped out of his seat when he heard an affirmative answer from Zi Yi.

However, he thought of something else.

“Wait a minute.

Thats an energy company and so how could it manufacture so much cutting-edge equipment”

Zi Yi looked at Qin Ze who was making a fuss and asked, “Who says that an energy company cannot manufacture equipment As long as I want, anything can be done.”

Qin Ze: “…Alright then.”

After Zi Yi finished eating breakfast, Ian said to the group, “Zerui will be arriving tonight and so we can hold the dinner banquet in the evening tomorrow.”

Having said that, he asked Dou Xiangling, “Dou, do you want to come with me to the Counts Mansion later”

Dou Xiangling was not so sure if she should tag along.

Ian said, “Come with me.

It just so happens that I can show you the place where I lived when I was a child.”

Dou Xiangling thought about it and agreed.

Before the both of them left for the Counts Mansion, Zi Yi did not hide anything from Ian and said to Dou Xiangling, “Cousin, if someone bullies you at the Counts place, you must call me immediately.

I will teach the bullies a lesson.”

After she said that, she turned to Ian who was about to say something.

“If you let others bully my cousin, I wont be polite to you.”

Ian swallowed the words he originally wanted to say and promised Zi Yi.

“As long as someone dares to bully Xiangling, I will make them pay the price.”

Dou Xiangling saw how serious the both of them were and she said with a smile, “Dont be so nervous.

The Counts Mansion is Ians home and Ian is also the Counts successor.

Who would possibly bully me Whats more… Im not someone who would let others bully me in whatever way they please.”

Zi Yi gave her a relaxed smile and said, “Am I not just warning him, just in case”

Having said that, she asked, “Will you two be coming back tonight”

Dou Xiangling hastily said, “Yes, we are.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and put her hands around Lu Jingyes arm.

“Lets go to the construction site then.”

Following that, the three of them headed for the construction site while Ian brought Dou Xiangling to the Counts Mansion.

First, he brought Dou Xiangling to visit the Count and his wife and he said to them, “Father, Mother, this is my beloved, Dou Xiangling.

I am planning to marry her.”

The Count did not immediately say anything right away.

After the Countess sized up Dou Xiangling from head to toe, she furrowed her eyebrows and straightforwardly asked, “Where does this lady come from Is she the daughter of a royal family”

Dou Xiangling, who was about to pay her respects, kept her mouth shut.

Just then, Ian held her hand and said to the Countess, “Xiangling is a member of the Dou Family in China.

Father, you should know of the Dou Family.”

“Is that Zi Yis Grandfathers family” At the mention of the Dou Family, the Count was indeed a little surprised.


The Count nodded his head and said to Dou Xiangling, “Your cousin is very skilled and many countries are in need of such a talent.

Also, your cousin-in-law, Mr.

Lu is also a great figure.

Many countries wish to cooperate with him.


“Father.” Seeing that the Count was about to change the topic to Zi Yi and Lu Jingye, Ian was a little unhappy.

His parents usually put their interests first but he did not care.

However, he was bringing back his beloved future wife to them, so how could they bring up someone else “I plan to hold a dinner banquet tomorrow in the evening and introduce Xiangling to everyone else.”

The Count looked at Dou Xiangling and asked, “I wonder if your cousin and cousin-in-law will be attending the dinner banquet”

Dou Xiangling, who originally did not feel anything when the Count mentioned Zi Yi and Lu Jingye, felt somewhat uncomfortable when the Count asked that question.

Could it be that she can only marry Ian if her cousin and cousin-in-law were here

Moreover, if Yiyi and Little Lu really came, would the Count put forward some difficult conditions before allowing their marriage

At the thought of this, Dou Xianglings gaze turned slightly cold and she said, “They wont be coming.”

Sure enough, the Count revealed a disappointed expression.

He did not mention whether he agreed to the marriage or not.

“Since a guest has arrived, treat them well.”

Ians expression darkened at the Counts words.

“Father, I brought Xiangling here to meet you because you are my elders.

I am not asking for your advice.

As the successor of the County, I believe I have the right to decide on my own marital affairs.”

The Count was about to get angry at his words.

However, Ian continued to say, “I will take Xiangling to the King later and get him to issue a marriage decree for us.

The both of you only have to wait and attend our wedding.”

Having said that, he did not even wait for them to speak before he held Dou Xianglings hand and left.

They continued walking for some time before Ian let go of Dou Xianglings hand and grabbed her by the shoulders.

He said to her in a serious tone, “Xiangling, please do not feel any burden because of their attitude.

According to the laws of Country M, the marriage of the successors is recognized by the King and our parents only have to attend the wedding.

I didnt tell you before because I felt that it was unnecessary.

I think they are still unaccustomed to how I took over my eldest brothers position and so, they are giving you a bad attitude.”

The Countess was not his biological mother and she would certainly be holding a grudge against him for what happened to his eldest brother.

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