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After the driver finished explaining, Lu Jingye showed their work passes to the guard.

“These are our work passes.

We have worked at Mr.

Karls ranch for more than two years.”

The guard took the work passes and had a look.

He did not immediately return the passes.

Instead, he turned around and headed elsewhere.

Zi Yi and the rest calmly waited there expressionlessly, as if they were not worried about him doing investigations.

The guard who took their work passes only returned after three minutes or so had passed.

He returned the work passes back to Lu Jingye and said, “After you go inside, you must abide by the rules inside.

After youve finished unloading the goods, leave.

You are not allowed to walk anywhere else except for the kitchen.”

“Ok, we wont go anywhere else.”

As Lu Jingye had a good attitude, the guard did not make things difficult for them and gave them the green light to enter.

The truck continued driving for another hour or so before they arrived at the kitchen in the base.

A group of the kitchen staff came out to help unload the meat.

Lu Jingye and the head chef tallied the quantity.

Right now, Lu Jingye looked as though he really was someone from the accounts team and there was not the slightest sense of disharmony.

Zi Yi and Qin Ze stood by the side.

There were many people here and they didnt really have to help carry the meat.

After the meat was all unloaded, the three of them sat in the truck and left.

Looking at the truck that was leaving, Qin Ze who was standing in a hidden corner could not help but sigh.

“Your invisible robots are really omnipotent.

I didnt expect that they could take our place and leave here.”

Zi Yi did not think of it as a great feat at all.

Qin Ze asked, “What should we do now then”

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye said, “Its still a long way from here to the R&D Center.

We will split up.”

Having said that, he asked Qin Ze, “Can you go alone”

Just as Qin Ze was about to answer, Zi Yi spoke up first.

“He wont be able to go to the R&D Center.”

Qin Ze felt that Zi Yi was belittling him.

“How do you know if I cant”

“The R&D Center here is guarded by armed guards around the clock and there are all kinds of cutting-edge detectors around here.

In addition, there are also robot patrols and hidden weapons all around.

If you have a level ten perception ability, you can give it a try.”

Qin Ze: “…”

A humans perception ability was divided into ten levels in total.

Most people would only be at level one or two.

Even superhumans would find it hard to have a level ten perception.

“Then are you two able to make your way inside there”

“We have invisible robots to protect us and its not a problem.”

Qin Ze felt a little stifled.

He wanted to head to the central area to have a look at the most cutting-edge aerospace technology.

“Then what should I do” Even though he wanted to go, he still had some self-awareness.

“You can walk around the periphery while protecting yourself.

In passing, you can check and explore the terrain.

Perhaps we might have a use for you when the time comes.”

“Alright then.”

In order to avoid being a burden, Qin Ze decided to stay.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye directly made their way to the central area.

The highest level laboratory was located in the innermost area and the further they went in, the more heavily guarded it was.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye acted separately when they were outside the laboratory.

One of them went inside the laboratory while the other secretly went to assist Runge.

Number five research room.

After going through all sorts of verification, a few individuals strode inside.

Inside the research room, there was a bearded man seated there while doing an experiment.

After the few individuals made their way inside, none of them spoke, until the man looked up from the table.

Only then, did one of the individuals report to him.


Eddin, number 1330 fuel has been loaded into the spaceship.

We will conduct an experiment tonight.”


Eddin furrowed his brow and said with displeasure, “There are still some flaws in this type of fuel.

When the spaceship enters space, the fuel will cause the propeller to wear out even faster.

I have to get this fuel to achieve the effect of protecting the propeller before we can start experiments.”


Eddin, youre being too critical.

This type of fuel is the most advanced fuel developed by our Aerospace Agency.

Its not a problem for the spaceship to make a return trip from the blue giant if we fill up the entire spaceship.”

“What I want is not just reaching there.

I want a spaceship that can survey around the blue giant!”

His words surprised the rest.


Eddin, are you joking with us”

“Im not joking.

I have a hunch that there are more abundant energy resources on the blue giant.

The reason for starting this research on fuel is to enable the spaceship to enter the blue giant.

I wont allow you guys to start the experiment before I eliminate the flaws.”


The individuals made eye contact with each other and felt an impending headache at the same time.

Just then, the door to the laboratory room opened and someone came inside.

He was one of the leaders of the laboratory, named Rael.

Rael walked over to Dr.

Eddin and glanced at the experimental equipment placed in front of him.


Eddin, I can help solve your problem.”

“Who are you trying to kid” Dr.

Eddin did not believe him at all.

As a researcher in this field, he had not managed to identify any solution to the problem for ages.

How could someone who only knows superficial things help him resolve this problem

Rael was not in a rush to defend himself either.

He said to the others, “You guys can go out first.

Ill have a talk with Dr.


The few individuals nodded their heads and went outside.

As soon as the door was closed, Dr.

Eddin said in a displeased tone of voice, “Mr.

Rael, even though you are a leader here, please show me some respect in terms of researching in this field.

I dont wish for a layman like you to tell me what to do.”

Rael smiled and said, “How is Dr.

Eddin so sure that I dont know the solution”

“What do you know”

Rael took out a piece of paper from his pocket and passed it to him.


Eddin will know if I understand or not after reading this.”


Eddin took the paper, intending to look at it with a pinch of trust.

Originally, he was casually glancing through the content.

However, in the next second, his eyes instantly widened.

At the sight of his reaction, the corner of Raels lips curved up.


Eddin, you are good at what you do, but your research method is wrong.


Rael said many things to him.

The more Dr.

Rael listened, the brighter his eyes got.

In the end, he said with surprise, “How are you knowledgeable about all these things”

Rael said, “I have the same beliefs as you.

I also believe that there are many other super energies beyond human knowledge on many other planets.

After processing these energies, they will enable us to travel further.

The feeling of conquering the universe will definitely feel great.”

“Yes, yes!” Dr.

Eddins eyes revealed a strong desire to conquer the universe.

“I have the same thoughts as you.

I think that there must be other civilizations out there that are even more advanced than humans.

Those problems for us, such as the black hole and cosmic death belt, are just minor problems for those types of advanced civilizations.”



Eddin was so excited that he could not help himself.

“Ill use the formula you wrote in my research right away.

I believe there will be a miracle.”

Rael nodded with a smile and said, “Im looking forward to Dr.

Eddin creating miracles.”


Eddin concentrated on his research.

Rael looked at his experiment for a short while before he walked out of the laboratory.

When he arrived in a remote corner, he suddenly revealed an evil smile.

“Human beings are really the most gullible beings.”

“Is that so”

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