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Lu Jingye had a residence in the vicinity of the Metropolis University.

It was a three-story villa with a big yard.

The car entered the yard and stopped near the gates.

After Lu Jingye alighted, he turned to Zi Yi.

She did not act coy and alighted shortly after.

Some trees and a lawn could be seen in the yard and the environment seemed to be rather serene.

Zi Yi looked towards Lu Jingye after she checked out her surroundings.

“Lu Jingye, do you usually live here”

“I come here whenever I have the time.”

Lu Jingye then led her inside.

A gentlemanly-looking middle-aged man greeted them upon their arrival.

Traces of surprise flashed through his eyes when he saw Zi Yi, but he had concealed it well.

He stood to the side and greeted Lu Jingye respectfully.

“Second Young Master.”

Lu Jingye did not stop as he said to Zi Yi while he walked, “This is my housekeeper, Zhang Feng.”

Immediately after, he introduced her to Zhang Feng, “Shes Zi Yi.

She will be staying here during the day for the next few days.”

Zhang Feng suppressed his internal shock and greeted her, “Hello, Miss Zi.

“Hello.” Zi Yi nodded and when she walked in together with Lu Jingye, she deliberately asked, “Why is it only in the day I feel that its better for me to stay here at night too.”

Zhang Feng who intended to follow them felt his heart rate increase when he heard what she said.

Could it be that the Second Young Master has finally begun to understand relationships!

Should I report this to Madam

Just then, Lu Jingye turned to him and said, “Keep your mouth closed.

Zhang Feng was stunned and immediately replied, “I understand, Second Young Master.”

Only then did Lu Jingye look at Zi Yi as he said, “How can a lady stay overnight at a single mans house.”

Zi Yi laughed at his words, and her smile had traces of slyness.

“However, Ive decided to visit a bar tonight… Are you not intending to keep guard”

Lu Jingye stared at her with his deep eyes.

She pretended not to see his gaze, walked past him, and went further inside as she checked out the living room.

The living room was very spacious and it had a generous and concise design.

The furniture inside was similar to Lu Jingyes personality, which conforms with the norms of society.

However, the calligraphy and painting hanging on the wall made it look impressive.

After Zi Yi finished checking out the area, she turned to Lu Jingye and said, “Your place looks pretty good.”

Following this, she walked towards the sofa.

Lu Jingye followed behind her while he spoke.

“There are many bodyguards here beside me.

What you have to learn is to keep an appropriate distance from every male bodyguard.”

“What is an appropriate distance”

Zi Yi blinked and her eyes revealed obvious perplexity.

Lu Jingye sat down on the opposite sofa.

“As a lady, you should know how to respect yourself.


He suddenly stopped talking.

“Hmm” Zi Yi curiously asked.

“Especially for a beautiful lady like you.

Dont you feel that there are many men who have bad ideas towards you”

Zi Yi slightly raised her chin.

“If I am not willing, who dares to approach”

Lu Jingye pursed his lips as he looked at the unteachable young lady.

However, Zi Yis eyes curved into crescents.

She found his helplessness particularly funny.

In fact, she did not have any plans to head to a bar, but she suddenly had such a thought.

She glanced at him and took out her phone to search for any nearby bars.

There were no shortages of bars near universities.

There were large, medium, and small-sized bars, and it could meet the needs of students at all economic levels.

Zi Yi was interested in a bar named Blue Night.

Upon checking, she found out that the boss was a racer, and most of his customers were racing enthusiasts.

When Lu Jingye saw Zi Yi playing around with her phone, he took out his laptop and started to work.


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