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The situation of Chinas team getting detained by the robot research lab of Country D became increasingly intense.

There were many people waiting to see what measures the higher-ups of China would take.

At quarter to four, there was a sudden deafening alarm in Country Ds robot research lab.

The sound of the alarm was like a heavy hammer that hammered their minds.

There were those who were shocked, some in disbelief, and some who were confused.

At the highest command center of Country Ds national robot research lab.

The group of high-level officials was staring at the surveillance installed all around with serious expressions.

“Whats going on”

“We cant find out who shifted all the surveillance.”

“Impossible! The defense system of our research lab is the best worldwide and no one has the ability to infiltrate at all.”

“Could it be those from the hacker alliance”


Those from the hacker alliance arent that skilled.”

“We cant even find the slightest clue.”

There was a lively discussion with everyone talking at once.

Just then, the door to the command room was pushed open and Major General Runge who was wearing epaulets befitting of his position walked in.

Everyone immediately got on their feet to greet him respectfully.

“Major General Runge.”

Runge returned their greetings and his cold gaze swept across everyone.

While everyone was stunned by his gaze, they made way for him at the same time.

The middle-aged man standing in the middle hastily moved away from the seat.

Runge sat down and said, “Where are the China team members”

The middle-aged man hastily replied, “They are in the 17th lounge.”

Runges gaze landed on the screen and sometime later, he said, “Bring them to the surveillance room.”

The middle-aged man was momentarily stunned before he hastily ordered the men to bring them over.

Runge also stood up and headed to the surveillance room.

Everyone immediately followed him.

17th lounge.

After Professor Dou and the team were brought inside, the people there did not do anything to them.

They only got them to stay inside this lounge.

They did not expect to be brought out again after a few hours.

They had imagined many different possibilities, but none of them included what they were experiencing right now.

They were brought to the surveillance room.

The surveillance room of Country Ds robot research lab was extremely big and there were large screens on all three ends of the walls.

Beneath the large screens were numerous computers and a group of engineers seated before the computer as they tapped on the keyboards.

On the other side was a vacant space where the leaders of the research lab were standing.

Among the group of leaders, the young man standing in the middle was extremely noticeable.

Disregarding the epaulets on his shoulders, just his imposing aura was able to cause the atmosphere to stiffen and it made everyone unconsciously respect him.

Just then, Runge looked at them and after some time, he said, “Half an hour ago, all the alarms in the lab went off and we werent able to find out who was behind it.”

The members from China were all confused by his comment.

However, Professor Dous heart clenched tightly.

Runges gaze stayed on him for an additional two seconds before he started speaking again.

“The defense system in our robot research lab is the best worldwide.

Who could possibly have such great skills”

His questions had stumped them.

The engineers subconsciously thought, “Even your team doesnt even know who the culprit is.

Do you think we would know”

After Runge said that, he used his sharp gaze to stare at them and he stopped talking.

The team members from China were all having chills from his concentrated stare.

Just then, an engineer from Country D screamed in a frightened voice, “All our surveillance is hacked.”

Everyone subconsciously turned to look at the display screens.

They only saw the screen displaying a cosmic black hole.

All the nearby galaxies were rapidly swallowed by a black hole and the video made one feel their scalp was tingly after watching it for a long time.

“Immediately defend against the hacker!”

Runges voice was terrifyingly fierce.

The group of engineers who were stunned by the sudden attack instantly recovered their senses and hastily defended against the attack.

An image that looked like a fragment appeared on the screen.

Five minutes later, the screen seemed as though it had exploded and letters quickly appeared from the black hole.

“Remember all the letters!”

As soon as Runge gave the command, all the engineers quickly remembered the letters.

One of the engineers with a superb memory had combined the letters into a paragraph and read it out.

“Digging a hole for someone to jump in, what kind of skill is that Since you wish to play, then prepare to receive our attack.”

The line of words caused their scalp to feel even more tingly.

Runge stared at the black hole on the screen and said, “Take out the secret robots in the lab to… welcome the attack!”

“General Runge, this wont do…”

“This is an order!”


The highest-level leader in the research lab immediately issued a command.

“Activate Odin and Zeus right away.”

The team members from China also felt a tremor in their hearts when they heard this.

They have long heard about the secret robots in Country D.

Its said that if both robots transform together, their combined might is capable of resisting hordes of enemies.

Who on earth has such skills to force Country D to bring out these two robots

Just then, all the screens returned to normal.

When everyone saw the two robots appearing on the screen, the people from Country D looked serious.

Professor Dou and the team members were stunned by the two robots.

“The robot that competed with Moonlight before wasnt Zeus!”

Everyone turned to look at Engineer Meng.

One of the engineers in Country D said contemptuously, “The robots in your country dont have enough skill for us to reveal the real Zeus.”

Engineer Meng instantly flushed red in anger at his words.

At this moment, Engineer Chu snorted and retaliated.

“Whats there to be so proud of Its someone from our country that is challenging you right now.

You dont even know where they are right now.”

“Impossible! There cant be someone that skilled in your country!”

“Why you…”

“Engineer Chu.” Professor Dou warned him.

“Be mindful of what you say.”

Engineer Chu suddenly came to a realization and knew that he had been too irritable and chose to keep quiet.

Just then, the screen was controlled again and Chinese words appeared.

“Release the China team in an hour.”

While everyone had their eyes widened in shock, Runges cold voice sounded.

“Itll depend on if you have the ability to take them away first.”

On the screen: “Then give it a try.”

After those words disappeared, there was a sudden rumbling sound outside.

The floor everyone was standing on started to tremble.

Before the others could react, Runge turned around and walked outside as he said, “Bring Odin and Zeus to the experimental base.”

The experimental base was located right beside the research lab.

The experimental base was where they tested the performance of the robots.

It covered a large area and there were both flat lands and hilly terrains.

After Runge went out, he got in a military vehicle and headed in that direction.

By the time the others came chasing out after him, the car had long driven away.

“Quick, keep up with him.”

“Protect General Runge and dont let him get hurt.”

There was a platform outside the experimental base.

It was at least fifty meters high and one can see the entire experimental base when they stood on the platform.

Odin and Zeus were already standing in the experimental base.

Runge stood at the top of the platform and the side screen connected to the surveillance inside the command room.

He seemed to know that the person behind this could hear him and he said, “If you lose, you have to slog for Country Ds robot lab for a lifetime.”

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