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Looking at Zi Yi who had made her appearance, traces of surprise flashed past Runges eyes.

“You are Zi Yi from China.”

It was also at that instant that he knew she was definitely wearing a mask.

He had seen her appearance before on television and it wasnt the same face as she had now.

Zi Yi did not answer him.

Her cold gaze was staring at Luca.

“Hmph! Since youre here, its even better.”

Luca disappeared after he said his piece.

Runge, who was originally rather wary of Zi Yi, revealed a shocked expression.

A pungent smell spread in the air and a sound similar to a sharp weapon scratching across glass could be heard.

The sound attacked ones mental state.

Runge furrowed his eyebrows as if he was affected by it.

At the same time, his sharp gaze was staring at Zi Yi.

However, Zi Yi seemed as though she was not affected by the sound or the pungent smell as she said, “What I hate the most is the stink of bugs, so I wont accompany you to play.”

As soon as she said that, a few robots appeared in front of her at the same time.

The robots quickly moved.

In less than ten seconds, they managed to catch the invisible Luca.


Luca was slammed to the ground.

Just as he wanted to climb up, a sword swiftly appeared in Shadows hand and the sword was burning with flames.

Lucas expression greatly changed.

He quickly jumped to his feet with the intention to escape.

However, he was stopped by Shadow II and Shadow III

At the same time, the same flaming sword appeared in both Shadows hands.

Luca had no choice but to keep evading.

Zi Yi sneered.

“It just so happens that Ive long wanted to see what roasted worms look like.

Since you people from the worm race are so arrogant, then lets give it a try.”

“Zi Yi, if you dare to have me roasted, you better not regret it!” Luca clearly seemed flustered.

At the thought of how they had so many hostages in their hands, he planned to divert Zi Yis attention to make an opportunity to escape.

“Regret I will only regret it if I dont kill all of you disgusting worms.”

“Hmph! Do you know who we have on our hands If you dare to kill me, Lu Yunxiao will die right away.”

“Then lets give it a try.”

Having said that, the three invisible robots attacked at the same time.

Luca did not expect to fail in deceiving Zi Yi even when he tried using Lu Yunxiaos name.

Seeing that the flame sword was about to pierce him, he made a decision and threw himself toward Runges direction.

He wanted to enter Runges body while he wasnt paying attention.

How could Zi Yi not know Lucas plans She reminded Runge with a warning.

“Concentrate on your mental energy.

Dont let this worm enter your body.”

Runges expression looked grave.

Instantly, he released a powerful aura.

In the next second, the worm clinging onto Runge was shaken off and dropped to the ground.

Runge took out his gun and fired several shots at the worm crawling on the ground.

Zi Yi did not have time to stop him from doing so.

Green liquid flowed out from the worms body and Zi Yi said to Shadow II, “Bring him over.”

Shadow II directly jumped toward Runge and carried him over to Zi Yis side.

Zi Yi said to Shadow, “Take care of the worm.”

Shadow took out a bottle that was full of liquid, opened the cap, and poured it on the worm.

After the crackling sounds ended, the worm soon melted into a puddle of water.

The pungent smell in the room was too much and Zi Yi turned to leave.

There were the sounds of footsteps catching up with her from behind.

Both of them left the room and after walking for a few steps, Runge finally asked, “What the hell was that thing”

Zi Yi turned around and stopped to look at him as she said coldly, “The worm race who came here from outer space.

This type of worm can inhabit a humans body and achieve its purpose of ruling the world through its host.”

Runges expression froze and he continued asking, “They have such intellect”


They are even smarter than humans.”

Zi Yi was about to leave after that when Runge suddenly called out to her, “Stop.”

Runge took out his gun and aimed it at Zi Yi.

“Why do you know all these things Are you one of them too”

Zi Yi started laughing at his words.

She turned around and faced Runge, and there was a hint of sarcasm in her smile.

“If I was one of the worms from the worm race, I wouldnt have saved you.”

“Who knows if your actions are all part of a conspiracy.” Runge said, “Dont think of leaving today.”

“Do you think you are capable of keeping me here”

Zi Yi turned around to leave after she said her piece.

The sound of the wind whistling by was heard from behind her.

Zi Yis body leaned to the side and she received his attack.

Both of them started fighting in the corridor.

Whistling and punching sounds echoed.

Zi Yi realized that the skirt she was wearing was too bothersome.

While Runge was surprised at how good Zi Yi was, he also noticed that the skirt she was wearing was a hindrance to her movements.

The concept of gentlemanly behavior did not pass through his mind at all as he purposely used his feet to hook her skirt.

When Zi Yi noticed his intentions and nearly got tripped over, a thin knife appeared in her hand.

Seeing Runge about to step on her skirt, the tip of the knife sliced the skirt, and her skirt turned into a mini skirt.

Pants of the same color could be seen underneath.

Runge did not expect Zi Yi to cut her own skirt.

He looked at the skirt that fell to the ground like an umbrella and was momentarily distracted.

In the next second, he was scratched by the knife in Zi Yis hands.

The tip of the knife just so happened to scratch his chin.

Blood poured out like beads and he wiped it with his thumb as he stared at Zi Yi.

“Your skills are good.”

“Hmph!” Zi Yi coldly snorted and turned to leave.

While walking, she said, “You better not follow me anymore.

You are Country Ds Major General and so I wont touch you, but its very easy for me to finish you off.”

Runge did not chase her anymore.

He touched the blood on his chin again and his lips were pursed into a straight line, where one could not discern his emotions.

When Zi Yi made her way out, she saw Qin Ze wandering around in the courtyard in a hurry.

At the sight of Zi Yi, he was surprised by her current appearance.

“Zi Yi, wheres your skirt”

Zi Yi tugged the mini skirt.

“Isnt it here”

Qin Ze looked at her speechlessly and said with certainty, “You must have done something big earlier.”

Zi Yi did not answer his question and instead, she asked, “Did anything happen in the living room”

“Nothing happened.

Ive kept my sights on Professor Dou throughout the whole time.”

Zi Yi relaxed and headed towards the living room.

Qin Ze hastily called out to her, “You arent going to take care of your skirt”

Zi Yi looked at her surroundings and said, “Ill go look for a washroom to take off my skirt.”

She left as soon as she finished speaking.

Qin Ze waited in the courtyard and just then, he saw a man in military uniform walking over from one of the directions.

He was surprised to see him.

Runges sharp gaze glanced at Qin Ze before he headed to the other side.

The imposing aura he radiated made Qin Ze feel dazed for a second.

“The Major General Runge of Country D is actually here”

Just as Qin Ze was thinking of why Runge would be here, Zi Yi who had taken off her mini skirt came out.

Qin Ze said with a smile, “Fortunately, you were wearing pants underneath your skirt.

Otherwise, it would have been awkward.”

Zi Yi shot him a glare and did not answer him.

Both of them headed to the living room together.

After they headed inside, Runge walked out from another side.

He said to the air, “Follow her.

I want to know where she is staying.”

Following that, a response came from behind him before the air turned silent again.

Runge stood in the corridor for some time when there was a sudden wave of footsteps approaching him.

“Cousin, why are you here Wheres Luca”

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