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Zi Yis eyes instantly lit up at his words and she hastily nodded.

However, at the thought that something would definitely happen on his end, she said, “If you cant escape from those people, get your robot to take your place.”

Lu Jingyes invisible robot had a skin of his facial features.


Both of them ended the call after that.

Zi Yi noticed Qin Ze had yet to come knocking on her door and she ended up calling him.

As soon as she started calling him, there were knocking sounds on the door.

She walked over and opened the door and just so happened to see Qin Ze waving at her with a smile while holding his phone.

Zi Yi took a glance at Qin Ze who was wearing a suit.

Qin Ze puffed out his chest and said, “How is it I look handsome in a suit right”

Zi Yi did not hold back and said, “Youre a far cry compared to Mr.


Qin Ze did not get angry at what she said.

Instead, he said with great pride, “Well, you also know what my Dad does for a living too.

He wears a suit every day and so how could I possibly compare to him However, the dress youre wearing really makes you look like a European noble lady.”

Having said that, he even gave her a thumbs up.

Zi Yi raised her chin slightly and left the room after lifting her skirt.

Qin Ze followed behind her and asked out of concern, “The hem of your skirt is so wide, will it be convenient for you to run later”

Zi Yi questioned him.

“…Why do I need to run”

She was here to participate in the banquet and not to stir up trouble there.

Why would there be anyone chasing her later

Qin Ze shrugged his shoulders and said, “Alright then, consider it as though I asked the wrong question.

However, I still feel that its inconvenient for you to wear a skirt.”

“Whats there to be inconvenienced about”

There were pants inside this outfit Lu Jingye prepared for her.

Technically, it was a skirt over the pants and if something really happens when the time comes, she can just take off the skirt in the toilet.

Of course, Zi Yi would not tell Qin Ze all of this.

The both of them soon made their way downstairs.

The car was already parked outside the main entrance of the hotel and the driver was Shadow.

After both of them got in the car, Zi Yi grabbed her phone and took a glance.

There was the address Professor Dou had sent her.

Qin Ze strained his neck and took a glance at her phone and said in surprise, “Isnt the banquet in a hotel Why is this address so weird”

Zi Yi changed tabs and searched for the address.

After searching, it was revealed that it was the address of an aristocrats place.

“Saunder This aristocrat is a robot fanatic.

Among the list of sponsors displayed outside the competition venue, his name was there.”

Qin Ze was more attentive and he specially took a look at the names of the sponsors.

Zi Yi nodded her head and quickly checked the layout of the house and also the nearby buildings.

The nobles here mainly lived on the same street.

The luxury villas and distinct architecture that was unique to the country caused Zi Yi and Qin Ze, who were used to Chinas buildings, to stare out the windows.

They continued looking until the car was about to reach Saunders villa.

There were already many cars parked in the driveways nearby and in addition, cars continuously drove in.

Men and women dressed in formal suits and evening dresses had come in together.

When Qin Ze alighted from the car, he finally remembered something and asked, “Zi Yi, what kind of identity are we using to participate in the banquet”

Wouldnt it be a little too high-profile for them if they made their way inside directly

“Well just go straight inside.

Saunders also invited some robot enthusiasts and they wont stop us at the door.”

After Zi Yi said that, she really did openly make her way over.

It was currently the period when the influx of guests was the highest and so, both of them easily followed the other guests and entered the villa.

Inside the magnificent-looking villa, guests were gathered in small groups of three to five as they came together to drink and chat.

There was also another large group of people gathered in the middle.

Qin Ze had a tall physique.

After looking over there for some time, he whispered to Zi Yi, “Do you want to go there and take a look Professor Dou and the rest are over there.”

“Why should we go there Lets walk around first.”

Following that, she stepped in the direction of where the wine was placed.

With that speed of hers, Qin Ze nearly failed to keep up with her.

Tonights banquet was self-service and the guests could help themselves to the drinks and food.

At the sight of Qin Ze following her, she said, “Dont follow me.”

Qin Zes feet paused for a second as he thought, “If I dont follow you, then what should I do”

However, after thinking about it a while more, he stopped following Zi Yi as he turned around and approached the crowd of people around Country Ds team members

Zi Yi raised a glass of wine and just as she was about to turn around, she heard the voices of two females conversing with each other.

One of the ladies in a blue dress said, “Sure enough, the engineers that are involved in robot technology are all ugly.

Ive never seen one that is handsome.

However, those robot enthusiasts look pretty good.

In particular, I saw a very handsome Asian guy earlier!”

The other lady in a green dress did not have the same thought.

“Asian men look like weak chickens and they dont look strong at all.

I cant believe youre fond of that type.”

“Theyre good-looking.

I like men who look clean.”

“Your interest in men is surely strange.

Several handsome and burly men came here tonight and yet, you still find Asian men handsome.

I still like those men over there.” The lady in the green dress pointed in a direction.

Both the ladies were excitedly fangirling around as they praised the appearances of some men at the banquet.

Sometime later, they returned to their mature lady conversation.

The lady in the blue dress said, “I heard that after the second match ended, Carus from our country tried to tamper with Chinas robot.

However, the China team found evidence and in the end, Major General Runge took him away.”

“Really When did Major General Runge go Why didnt I see him”

“It was after all the audience left.

I heard about this from my brother.

Hes a member of the Robot Club and was present at that time.”

“Gosh, why didnt I take my time before I left Major General Runge is the most perfect male god in my heart.

Even in my dreams, I would dream of meeting him face to face.”

“Who doesnt want to have an encounter with him Unfortunately, we do not have the right to meet him.”

“Hmm Isnt Mr.

Saunder Major General Runges Uncle Perhaps Mr.

Saunder will invite Major General Runge tonight.”

“It would be fantastic if that was the case.”

Speaking up to here, each of them took a glass of wine and made their way around.

Zi Yi raised the glass in her hand and took a sip.

She found that the taste was not bad and took another sip.

Subsequently, she found a remote corner to sit down and looked in her Second Uncles direction.

There were many people attending the banquet tonight.

Besides the participants in the robot competition, there were also many robot enthusiasts and the bosses of some clubs.

This type of occasion was a networking session and everyone had a proper smile on their faces.

Zi Yi casually sat there and drank the alcohol.

She did not realize that she had finished the glass so quickly.

Just as she was planning to get up to fetch more wine, she suddenly saw a golden-haired woman with a good figure talking to Engineer Peng.

How could Engineer Peng possibly resist such enthusiasm Whenever that woman raised her glass, he would finish his glass of wine and the woman would fill up his glass again.

By the time Zi Yi finished pouring another glass of wine for herself, Engineer Peng was clearly drunk.

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