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The three men entered the basement through a secret door and the members of each team who were tasked to guard the robots were all lured away.

The participating robots from all 26 countries were there.

The three of them headed towards the area where Chinas robots were kept.

The basement was extremely quiet, and their footsteps echoed in the space.

When they located the robot, the three of them stopped walking and stood there to look at Moonlight.

Alexander touched his chin for a few seconds and said, “I find this robot a little familiar.

Do you think China has used the faces of characters from the mythology of their country”

“It should be the case.”

In fact, Carus and Yale did not pay any heed to that at all.

Carus stretched out his hand towards Moonlight and said, “Ill check where Moonlights control panel is first.

As long as I take out the chip inside and have a look, I should be able to discern the abilities of this robot.”

Just as his hands were about to land on Moonlight…

Moonlights eyes suddenly flashed.

“Ah! They did not fully switch off this robots program.”

The three of them got a fright at the same time.

Just then, Moonlights steady and powerful voice sounded.

“Dont touch me, or Ill retaliate.”

The three of them subconsciously took two steps back after hearing Moonlight speak.

“What should we do”

They made eye contact with each other.

Yale said with a determined expression, “Why dont we resort to violence Our men have blocked the signal in the basement anyways.

We cant possibly let China stand in the limelight in this competition.”

Country D was reputed for its strong robots and they should be taking the lead in this competition.

It was impossible for them to watch on helplessly as some other countrys robots took the spotlight.

“Lets resort to violence then,” Alexander said to Carus, “Be careful.

If anything were to happen later, we will do first aid on you.”

Having said that, both of them retreated to a safe distance.

Obviously, Carus would not be doing it himself.

This type of Super-AI robot might be even more aggressive and lethal when its system wasnt fully switched off.

Carus took out an extremely small controller from his pockets and after he pressed a button, a robot appeared out of thin air.

“Hades, locate Moonlights control panel!”

“Command received!”

After Hades responded, it headed towards Moonlight and stretched out its hands.

“Danger approaching.

Activating electric shock mode!”



Looking at Hades who had electric currents running through its body, Carus got a shock.

The two leaders who were standing some distance away were also startled.

“Carus, whats going on”

Carus did not think of it as a threat.

He waved at the two leaders, indicating for them not to worry.

Subsequently, he said to Hades, “Hades, copy all the programs on his control panel.

At the same time, measure his performance and hidden functions.”

Hades replied, “Command received!”

On the other side.

In the hotel.

Zi Yi and Qin Ze returned to the hotel after having a meal.

When Zi Yi entered her room, she said to Qin Ze, “I wont be heading back to the Robot Exhibition this afternoon.”

Qin Ze guessed that she was most likely trying to do something and so he asked with a raised eyebrow, “What are you going to do”

“Watch the broadcast.”

Qin Ze did not believe what she said, “In that case, Ill come to find you when the competition starts.

Well watch the broadcast together.”

Zi Yi glared at him.

Qin Ze acted as though he had not seen it and headed to his room.

Before he went in, he turned around and said with a grin, “The competition is starting at 2 p.m.

You can have an afternoon nap right now.

Ill come to you at 1:55 p.m.”

Having said that, he opened the door and headed inside.

Zi Yi walked into the room and she just so happened to receive Lu Jingyes call.

He was in the capital of Country D and it was a three to four hours ride away from where she was.

He had been attending banquets one after another ever since he arrived here.

He originally planned to make his way over today, but there was General Hanks banquet tonight and he had no choice but to go.

Zi Yi turned on the virtual screen.

At the sight of him seated in the car and dressed up like an elite, she knew that he was still socializing again.

“Dont drink behind my back.”

Lu Jingye chuckled at her words.

His voice was hoarse and magnetic as he said, “I had a meal with people from the economic ministries from various countries during lunch today.

I only drank a little wine.”

He drank in moderation and in fact, Zi Yi never had to worry about him.

She had such a reaction only because she felt tempted to drink too.

“Where are you planning to go in the afternoon”

“Im staying back at the hotel to see Second Uncles team compete in the competition.”

“Im also planning to do so too.

I watched it live for the first half and Im planning to continue watching the second half in the hotel.”


Ill accompany you when the time comes.”

Following that, both of them kept their call connected while they each did their own stuff.

Unexpectedly, there was a feeling of intimacy as though the other party was around in person.

Zi Yi checked up on Moonlight.

Unexpectedly, she noticed that someone had touched Moonlight.

After checking and watching the playback device installed in Moonlight, Zi Yi smiled like a fox.

“The higher-ups of Country D are trying to play tricks on Moonlight.

He copied the virus program I had set up for Moonlight.”

Lu Jingye watched the playback with her and the corner of his lips curved up as he asked, “Can the other party detect the virus you made”


As long as they activate the virus, I can reverse control this robot later.”

At the mention of this, Zi Yi brought out the virtual keyboard and her fingers quickly tapped around.

Sometime later, she smirked.

“They have already activated it.”

By the time Qin Ze came looking for Zi Yi, he noticed that Lu Jingye was on the call with Zi Yi and he hastily greeted him.

“Second Brother Lu.”

Lu Jingye nodded at him.

With Lu Jingye around, Qin Zes strong self protection instinct caused him to maintain a two-meter distance away from Zi Yi.

In fact, Zi Yi and Lu Jingye did not pay him any attention.

Both their gazes were on the broadcast.

By this time, all of the audience members had returned to the venue.

Everyone was discussing what the last match would be.

The basement of the Robot Exhibition Hall.

At around half an hour before the start of the competition, the team members of the various teams who had advanced to the finals were all doing a final inspection of their robots.

When Chinas team realized that someone tried to touch Moonlight, they exploded.

“Who! Who touched our Moonlight!”

“To think that someone tried to touch Moonlight Moonlight, who was the one who touched you”

Moonlight opened its eyes and said, “I dont know.”

His words caused the engineers to jump in anger.

Soon, they had attracted the attention of other teams.

“What happened”

“Whats going on”

Everyone was asking about the situation.

Engineer Meng was furious.

“Moonlights data was changed.

Someone must have touched him!”

Engineer Peng looked at everyone around him and his gaze landed on Country Ds side.

He said with a sneer, “In my opinion, I think some people are afraid that our robot would surpass theirs and are deliberately trying to tamper with Moonlight!”

The other teams started whispering among themselves.

“Oh my.

Chinas team is actually suspecting that Country Ds team touched their robot!”

“Who doesnt know that Country Ds robot is the top robot worldwide Would there even be a need for them to tamper with Moonlight”

“We cant be sure about that.

All of us left in the afternoon and only people from Country Ds Robot Association were allowed to come in.

If it was not them, who else could it be”

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