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“Zi Yi, you managed to guess it correctly again!” Qin Ze looked at Zi Yi in surprise after he heard what the announcer explained.

Zi Yi did not think of it as a great feat.

Qin Ze asked her, “Then can you guess what the content for the finals would be”



Qin Ze knew the meaning behind the word, but he was unable to comprehend its meaning when Zi Yi was the one saying it.

“What do you mean”

“Its literally what it means.”

Zi Yi could not be bothered to explain to him.

“Youll know when we get to the finals.”

Qin Ze wanted to say something but just then, the robots from eleven teams all stood on the round podium in front of them.

A light beam shone down from above and these robots disappeared into thin air, soon the podium turned into a display screen.

For a moment, the audience in the venue and those watching the stream live were all stunned.

Qin Ze was also shocked.

“Sure enough, Country Ds technology has advanced to such an awesome level.”

Zi Yi took a glance at his expression before she looked away and said, “Is this type of technology that awesome”

Qin Ze thought about Zi Yis robots that turned invisible as and when they liked and he subconsciously shook his head.

“I feel that they amount to nothing in front of you.”

Zi Yis eyes curved into crescent moons and she said, “Youre right about that.”

Having said that, she turned to look at the big screen.

The eleven robots were teleported to the simulation games venue.

They did not all land in the same place instead, the areas in which they landed were filled with terrifying images and danger.

At this moment, Qin Ze asked, “Zi Yi, do you think the robot community of Country D would play any tricks in there For example, can they allow whoever they like to come out as they please”

“Itll depend on if they have the ability to do so or not.”

Qin Ze suddenly thought of Zi Yi ordering Shadow to wait for them in the car and he somehow vaguely understood something.

He then asked in a whisper, “Youre having Shadow watch over them”


Qin Ze remained silent after that.

The eleven robots started their killing journey as soon as they entered the simulation game.

There were dark scenes, withered trees, all kinds of bones, crows, monsters, and also some things that would end the mission after coming in close contact with them.

In this situation, what they were testing was not only the robots fighting power but also the ability to discern things.

Ten minutes into the game, one team was eliminated.

The crowd that was in a heated discussion instantly quietened down.

Everyone held their breaths as they looked at the big screen while their heart rates quickened.

Twenty minutes into the game, another team was eliminated.

Everyone became even more nervous.

In particular, as the robots continued in the simulation game, the scenes they encountered were even more frightening.

Many of the audience members closed their eyes because they dared not watch the scene.

But in comparison, there were more people who felt their blood boiling due to the excitement.

It was the type of feeling that was similar to speeding in a car and it was as though the scenes in front of them were even more exciting than them personally experiencing it.

After forty minutes or so, Qin Ze, who had been clenching his hands, asked Zi Yi in a whisper, “Will Moonlight be the first one to come out”


Qin Ze turned to look at Zi Yi who was looking at the screen.

Zi Yi said, “Moonlight will come out together with Country Ds Zeus.”

Zi Yis guess was proven true at the one hour and thirty minutes mark.

When everyone saw two robots walking out from the exit at the same time and returning to the platform, the audience exploded.

“Heavens! Chinas Moonlight is a dark horse!”

“Based on this match, I feel that Moonlight has the ability to compete for the first place.”

“Perhaps Zeus still has some functions hidden.

Didnt you notice that Moonlight had been unleashing its all in the game whereas Zeus seems to be rather carefree”

“I didnt notice that.

I feel that both robots have given their best.”

Country Ds team.

When they saw Moonlight being transferred back together with Zeus, be it the team members or the leaders of Country D, they were all extremely surprised.

“How is it possible that Moonlight came out together with our Zeus!”

“This game is in HELL mode.

It must be that something went wrong.

How can Chinas robot possibly be on par with ours!”

A few of the team members refused to believe that Moonlight had come out together with Zeus.

Carus furrowed his eyebrows and said to the other leader, “It seems like we have belittled their robots.

We have to pay attention to the next round.”

The other leader also started feeling a sense of crisis deep down inside.

He nodded with a taut expression and said, “I didnt expect their Moonlight to be on this level.

However, the third match is Zeus strong component.

The robot made by them is sure to be inferior in terms of fighting.”

Zeus was a fighting robot and he was confident in this aspect.

“However, its really unpleasant to come in the same place together with them.”

Chinas team.

“Wow! Sure enough, our Moonlight hasnt let us down! Zi Yi is also so amazing!”

The engineers were so excited that they were hugging each other and jumping around.

The two leaders were also rather excited, which can be seen from the bright smiles on their faces.

Only Professor Dou had his hands clasped together as he suppressed his internal excitement.

He knew that the finals were the highlight of the whole competition.

The finals would start in the afternoon.

After the second match, several of the robots required some adjustments.

The audience who were physically present walked out of the entrance one after another.

Everyone was discussing the second match.

Qin Ze craned his neck and looked at Professor Dou standing there and talking.

He then turned to Zi Yi and said, “Sure enough, people will welcome you with a smile as long as you have the skills.

At the start of the competition, Im pretty sure none of the other teams talked to us at all.

Its an unexpected sight to see our team getting surrounded.”

Zi Yi also took a glance in that direction before she followed the flow of the crowd and headed outside.

After waiting for everyone to leave the Robot Exhibition Center, the staff began to clean up the venue.

Carus and another two individuals from the Robot R&D Center were standing on the platform.

Yale asked Carus, “Carus, what do you think about Moonlight”

Carus expression looked a little serious.

“Its even more powerful than what we anticipated.”

Another leader named Alexander thought about it and asked, “Can you identify the materials and properties of Moonlight”

Carus had been researching robots for many years.

What he came into contact with were all the most cutting-edge robots.

It was not weird for Alexander to ask this question.

Carus shook his head.

“I cant.

From the exterior, it looks similar to ordinary robots.

If we want to know how far Chinas robot technology has progressed, we can only do so by studying Moonlight in person.”

His words caused a wave of silence.

Sometime later, Yale said, “Then lets find a way to get Moonlight in our hands and research it.”

Having said that, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

When the other party answered the call, he said, “Find a way to transfer away those who are looking after the robots for ten minutes.”

After hanging up the call, he said to Carus, “I can only give you ten minutes.

As to whether you can identify Moonlights build and abilities, its all up to you.”

Carus nodded his head.

The three of them headed to the place where the robots were being stored.

This was the basement of the Robot Exhibition Hall.

A level ten defense system was installed at the entrance and there were also armed guards keeping a lookout.

Let alone breaking in, its impossible for someone to even stand by the entrance and take a peek.

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