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The first match ended in forty minutes and a total of eleven teams advanced to the next round.

Fifteen teams were disqualified.

After a ten minute intermission, the members of the eleven teams that advanced returned to check up on their respective robots.

“The second match should also be testing the robots response time and adaptability.

Moonlight, do pay attention later.

Since its Country D setting the questions, they would definitely play the game they excel at.”

“Country D recently released an extremely exciting and mind-draining game.

Zi Yi had gotten Moonlight to try out the game before.

Say, do you think they will use this game today”

“We cant be sure, but if its really the case, it would be advantageous for Moonlight.”

“However, we dont even know what the contents of the second match are, nor how the teams are going to be divided.”

“Theres also the possibility that we might not be divided into groups.”

While the engineers were checking out the performance data of Moonlight, they discussed the next round among themselves.

At this moment, they all appeared a little more nervous than before.

Professor Dou and the other two leaders stood at the side and looked at Moonlight.

Leader Li said, “Country Ds robot directly advanced in the first match.

I wonder if there would be such rules again in the second round.

If another team were to directly advance to the next match…”

“I highly doubt so.” Leader Lu felt that it was impossible.

“This type of competition is the best opportunity and stage to reveal the progress of each Countrys robots.

Its impossible that the second match and the semi-finals would allow for a team to directly advance again.

Itll make the competition boring if they do it this way.”

“That might not necessarily be the case.”

Leader Lu and Leader Li held their own opinions and they started to reason it out with each other.

Only Professor Dou stood there quietly and waited for the start of the second match.

Just then, a few staff members pushed a trolly of drinks inside and everyone took whatever they wanted, one after another.

When a staff member pushed the trolley over to Chinas team, a member from Country D and Country G followed over.

“Professor Dou,” the member from Country D called out to Professor Dou with an arrogant expression.

Many people around them looked over in their direction.

Professor Dou looked at the individual who called out to him.

“I heard that the robots in your country have caught up with the most advanced robot in our country, is that right”

Professor Dou looked at him without saying anything.

The member from Country G on the other hand, acted like a bootlicker and added on to what he said.

“Wasnt that what Zi Yi from your country said previously Oh, thats right.

Why didnt she come and participate in the competition Could it be that she knows your country wouldnt win no matter what and is purposely hiding to avoid getting embarrassed Hahaha…”

The member from Country D replied to the member from Country G, “Its not entirely impossible.

That girl named Zi Yi was so arrogant previously and isnt she supposed to be coming over to participate in the competition Dont tell me…”

Speaking of this, he deliberately paused for a few seconds before leaning toward Professor Dou.

He then asked in a malicious tone of voice, “Dont tell me shes having a baby at home and cant come”


The member from Country G joined in and laughed enigmatically.

The participants from the other Countries were all either looking at Professor Dou with a sympathetic gaze or with a gaze as if they were waiting to watch a good show.

“In the previous Robot Exhibition your country held, Zi Yi purposely humiliated the BE robot club from Country D.

At the same time, she let those in the industry feel embarrassed.

Dont tell me he deliberately came here to find fault”

“Its obvious thats the case.

That Zi Yi is also an awesome individual for destroying the reputation of those from the BE robot club.

I heard that the hidden boss behind the BE robot club is someone from Country Ds National Robot Center.

Say, do you think hes the hidden boss”

“Is there still a need to ask Its obviously the case.”

“If Chinas robot cant win against Country Ds robots today, I feel that the former team would end up miserable.”

“Itll surely happen.

Perhaps they would end up even worse than the BE robot club.”

“Therefore, you shouldnt challenge anyone who is within the robot industry of Country D.

Otherwise, when they flare up, I believe they are entirely capable of making the other robots end up as scraps.”

“I suddenly feel some sympathy for the China team and the robot they brought along.”

Professor Dou looked at the two individuals standing in front of him who were talking arrogantly and haughtily.

He had a calm expression from the start to the end.

However, the two leaders and the engineers were all clenching their fists in anger, even their veins were bulging out.

Engineer Peng could not endure it anymore and he rebutted them.

“Dont worry.

Even if Zi Yi doesnt personally make a trip down here, your robots are no match for Moonlight.”

His words caused a wave of silence.

Everyone looked at him with a strange gaze.

A few seconds later, the team members from Country D and Country G started laughing wildly.

There were also a few other members from other teams who laughed along with them.

Contained within their laughter was mocking intent.

Engineer Peng was so angry that he looked as though his eyeballs were about to pop out from all the glaring he was doing.

He looked as though he wanted to smash in the front teeth of the two individuals standing in front of him.

“Engineer Peng, calm down.” Professor Dou pressed his shoulder.

Engineer Peng exhaled roughly in anger.

He turned around and looked at Professor Dou.

As he was fuming right now, his words were inevitably a little blunt.

“Zi Yi is being ridiculed like this and yet you can still keep your calm If I was her Uncle, I would be giving these people a beating until all their teeth fell out!”

Professor Dou looked at Engineer Peng who had lost his reason and said calmly, “That is why you wont ever be her Uncle.”

Engineer Peng: “…!”

Professor Dou said, “If you cant keep your calm whenever some random Tom or Jerry tries to provoke you, and you make a big deal out of it, what kind of consequences do you think it will lead to We are here to participate in the competition.

Are you telling me you can win first place by flaring up”


“Also, as for whether our Moonlights abilities are good or not, everyone will know during the competition.

Do you think a single word from you can prove anything Theyre clearly here to provoke us and if you were to start an argument with them, wont you be falling into their trap”

Engineer Peng finally calmed down a little after receiving a lecture from Professor Dou.

He turned to look at the two men standing there with their chins held high and sneered.

“I wont argue with you.

Youll know the abilities of our Moonlight when we compete.”

Having said that, he opened the soda and drank two large mouthfuls.

Subsequently, the other engineers continued checking Moonlights performance.

Professor Dou was also discussing with the two leaders what kind of setting the following matches might have.

They ended up ignoring the two individuals who came to provoke them.

The member from Country D snorted and said, “If your robot were to encounter our robot in the second match, you will surely be eliminated.”

Following that, he and the member from Country G returned to their places.

After the break, the announcers voice sounded through the speakers once again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the International Robot Competition.

The second match is about to begin soon.

Lets have a look at the rules of the second round.

“In the second round, the robots will be teleported to a simulated environment of an extremely exciting and mind-draining game that Country D recently released.

There will not be any teams or collaboration this time.

The first five teams that come out from the game will enter the finals.”

As soon as the announcer finished explaining the game, both the internet and the audience present exploded.


The second match is a game simulation.

Ive heard of this game before in the past.

Not only is it mind-draining, it is also full of crises all around.

I heard that its extremely difficult to escape.”

“The brain of a robot should be better when compared to humans, right”

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