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Country Ds robot exhibition was held at the National Robot Exhibition Center.

There were already many countries participating in this competition and not to mention, Country D had started publicizing this event in advance.

As a result, there were also many people who had specially flown over to spectate the competition.

Zi Yi and Qin Ze queued up to get their identities verified before they were allowed inside the venue.

People around them were all discussing which Countrys robot team would win in the end.

“It must be Country D.

Their robot technology has been the ever-victorious general.”

“The winner might be Country A.”

“That might not necessarily be the case.

During Chinas robot exhibition in the previous round, the robots Zi Yi revealed were also very high-tech.”

“Cheh~ The teams participating in that exhibition are all from their home country.

Compared to the other robots, hers would definitely look better.”

“Wasnt there another robot club from Country D that attended that robot exhibition Zi Yis robots had completely surpassed that clubs robots.”

“Pft!” That robot club isnt famous in Country D at all.

If their countrys robots cant even compare to an unknown robot club of Country Ds, wouldnt they be too backward Haha…”

“Haha… Say, those people from China who are participating in the competition this time round, do you think they are delusional enough to think that they would win”

“Wouldnt it be even more interesting if they were to get completely annihilated by Country Ds robots”


Qin Zes face turned thunderous when he overheard their conversation.

He turned to look at Zi Yi.

When he saw that she looked rather calm, he asked, “You arent angry”

Zi Yi tilted her head and glanced at him before shifting her attention back to the team in front of them.

She then said indifferently, “Why should I be angry If I were to get angry at a random passerbys comment, wouldnt I get angered to death”

Qin Ze: “…”

Her words were so reasonable that he was at a loss for words.

Just then, the conversation of the people next to them became increasingly overboard.

“Speaking of which, that Zi Yi from China is really pretty.

Itll be great if she came along this time round too.

I came here all the way from Country L hoping that she would participate in this competition.”

“Hehe, me too.

Itll be wonderful if we can have a beautiful encounter.”

When Qin Ze heard this, Qin Ze could not hold back and said, “Are you all hoping for her robot to beat you up”

The two men who were discussing Zi Yi gave Qin Ze an inexplicable look.

One of the men smiled vaguely.

“Say, dear friend.

Dont tell me you have a crush on Zi Yi too.

Is that why youre being so sour”

“Me Having a crush on her” Qin Zes voice turned weird.

However, in the next second, he sensed Zi Yi staring at him.

He quickly changed his mind about wanting to roast her and reminded them out of kindness.

“I would advise you not to have any unrealistic fantasies about her.

Her robots are much more powerful than what you can imagine.”

Both men looked at Qin Ze as though they were looking at a mad man.

Following that, they whispered among themselves in their native language.

“This person obviously looks like Zi Yis lapdog.

To think that hes even trying to advise us I think hes trying to deter us so that he can make a move instead.”


Does this person think that just because hes ok looking, Zi Yi would fancy him”

Qin Ze just so happened to understand Country Ls language and he was stunned.

He glanced at Zi Yi and thought about how Zi Yi was fierce to everyone else with the exception of Lu Jingye.

If she were to really fancy him, then itll be the disaster of his life.

The crowd moved forward rather quickly and soon, it was Zi Yi and Qin Zes turn.

After they finished verifying their identity, they went inside.

Country Ds Robot Exhibition Center was very spacious.

After they made their way inside, the hall was at least the size of a football field and the roof was seven to eight meters high.

Special materials were used to build the hall, which made it look very mechanical and modern.

There was a circular platform at least 200 meters wide in the middle of the hall.

The platform was a meter high, and a 6D virtual display screen was floating in the middle of the platform.

The competition had yet to start and the screen was reflecting the countries that were participating in the competition.

Qin Ze took a look around before he made his way back to Zi Yis side and said, “Ive heard before that the building materials used to build Country Ds Robot Exhibition Center are all X Steel.

Its said that the hardness is a dozen times that of graphite.

It is also capable of withstanding an extremely strong explosion.”

Zi Yi casually asked, “You mean that in the event that some robots were to get into a fight, the place would not be destroyed”

Qin Ze: “…”

Zi Yi looked at the structure above and said, “The roof can be opened.”

Qin Ze also raised his head.

“How are you able to tell”

“Isnt it easily discernible”


Qin Ze felt that there was no way for him to maintain a normal conversation with Zi Yi.

He simply shifted his gaze to her and said, “So what if it can open”

“After opening up the roof, they can get the robots to fly out and fight in the skies.”


The audience slowly streamed into the venue one after another.

In the internal resting area, the participants of the competition gathered together and discussed the drawing of lots for the showcase sequence.

“I wonder which teams lot we will draw for the first match.

I hope that we can encounter a stronger one,” Engineer Chu said with a confident expression.

On the other hand, Engineer Meng did not have the same train of thought.

“There are three matches in the competition and its more interesting if we meet an opponent that is stronger than the previous one gradually.”

Engineer Peng was rather confident about their robot.

“Itll be alright as long as we dont face Country D at the very start.

If we really do encounter them, itll be a little troublesome for us.”

“Whats there to feel troubled about I feel that our Moonlight is the best.”

Professor Dou and another two higher-ups who had also come along with them were seated somewhere nearby.

Leader Lu glanced at the time and said to Professor Dou, “Theres still five minutes before the start of the competition.

In another three minutes time, a staff member will be leading us out to draw the lots.

Professor Dou, you can go ahead and do the honors.”

Leader Li agreed with him.

“No matter which countrys team we get matched with, we have faith in our team.”

Professor Dou was very calm at this moment.

He nodded his head and did not refuse.

Sure enough, three minutes later, a staff member came in and asked each team to send a representative to draw the lots.

Professor Dou stood up and followed the other representatives out to draw lots.

The drawing of lots was done in a room right next to the room they were in.

There was a table placed in the middle of the room and on top of that was a paper box.

At that moment, two leaders of Country Ds Robotics Association stood by the table.

After the representatives came in, one of them said, “For the sake of fairness, we will go with the simplest and most direct method today.

There are lots for 26 numbers inside here.

Whichever number each team draws, the competition sequence will go according to that number.”

No one had any objections.

However, there was no rule about who would draw first or last.

Professor Dou was not in a hurry to fight with the rest on drawing the lots and so he stood by the side and waited.

At the same time, the representative from Country D was also waiting at the side.

His name was Carus and he had a tall and burly physique.

He looked to be around in his forties and was currently wearing a suit.

At that moment, he tugged his suit bow and suddenly looked at Professor Dou with a meaningful smile.

“Professor Dou, do you think we will draw a sequential number If that really happens, wouldnt it be really interesting”

Professor Dou tilted his head slightly and glanced at him with a calm expression.

“If that happens, it would be fate.”

“Haha… I think its better to think of it as Gods will.

After all, we are a country that believes in God… Oh yes, Professor Dou must be very confident in your team.

I hope that you can keep up this confidence for a long time.”

After Carus left behind these words, he headed over to draw the lots.

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