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The helicopter they took did not directly land in Country D.

Instead, they landed in Country S, a neighboring country.

After they alighted from the helicopter, Little Loli and A took their leave first.

Zi Yi and Qin Ze were left behind together.

Both of them took a train towards a small town near the border of both countries.

Zi Yi was planning to rest for a night first.

When they were in the hotel, Qin Ze could not hold himself back and ask, “Are you really planning to have Little Loli and A go just like that”

Zi Yi glanced at him.

Instead of answering his question, she said, “Then how do you want them to get there Should I send them to the entrance of Country Ds aviation R&D base”

Qin Ze: “…”

She was really impossible to talk with!

Both of them stayed in a homestay hotel in the town.

Tourists were rare during this season and they were the only guests in the whole hotel.

The countryside in central Europe was sparsely populated and the design of the buildings was also very localized.

Both of them sat next to a wooden table in the courtyard and above them was a starry sky.

Qin Ze lay down on the wooden bench and looked at the stars.

He pointed at the constellations and said to Zi Yi, “My wish is to visit five planets before I turn thirty-five.”

Zi Yi looked at him before turning around to look at the sky.

“Then your wish is really small.”

“Hey…” Qin Ze sat up and stared at Zi Yi.

“Little brat, youre just a small kid! How do you manage to be so arrogant every time you open your mouth”

Zi Yi gave him an unpleasant look and said, “Do you know how to get out of the Milky Way”

“Tsk, youre looking down on me.

At present, human exploration satellites have long been able to get out of the Milky Way.

Youll know about this as long as you read the secret of the universe series.”

Zi Yi: “…”

“Did I say anything wrong”

“Im talking about humans going out of the Milky Way.”

“Err…” Qin Ze paused for a moment before he had an expression as if she was making a huge joke.

“Ive done research about this before.

Even if it is Country D and Country A, it would still take them hundreds of years before they can travel out of the Milky Way.

In addition, we have to ensure that we can find materials to build manned spaceships during this period of time.”

“Then when do you think our country can get out of the Milky Way”

Qin Ze stopped talking.

It wasnt that he wanted to discredit his country, but their country had only started researching in this area for a short time and many things were still incomplete.

Most importantly… “We have too few scientists in this particular field.”

Zi Yi shook her head.

“What do you mean when you shake your head” Qin Ze was a little unhappy with her reaction.

Zi Yi curved her lips.

“You dont even dare to imagine If I say that we can travel freely to other galaxies in at most two years, do you believe me”

Qin Zes heartbeat quickened when he heard this.

He looked at Zi Yi for a few seconds before lying back down on the bench.

He placed both hands behind his head and said, “I want to believe what you said, but you should at the very least show me some things that will make me believe in what youve said.”

Even though he said that he still revealed a grin.

“If we really manage to accomplish this feat, I will definitely join to become a pioneer.”

At the same time, he silently added deep down inside: “Even if I were to be sacrificed in the vast universe, itll be worth it.”

Zi Yi looked away from his face and took out her phone to send Lu Jingye a message.

Lu Jingye had already returned to the hotel at this time so he replied to her message rather quickly.

Zi Yi: [Qin Ze doesnt believe that I can allow us to travel freely in the universe within two years.

When I mentioned two years, I said it out of consideration that he was unable to accept such a quick development.

If I were to tell him that theres parallel space time and Outerspace outside the space that he knows, would I frighten him to death]

Lu Jingye: [It doesnt matter if he doesnt believe you.

I believe you.]

Zi Yi was delighted with his response and sent him a kissing emoji.

Lu Jingye was not someone who would reply with emojis.

He merely sent a reply: [Have you taken a look at our babies today]

Zi Yi: [I havent had time yet.

Ill slowly look at them after I return to the room.]

The moment he returned to the hotel, Lu Jingye had turned on his laptop and connected it to the camera in the nursery.

He would check on the babies as and when he had time.

In actual fact, what he wanted to see the most was his wife.

Lu Jingye: [Tell me when you have returned to your room.]

At the sight of this message, how could Zi Yi still be in the mood to linger outside [Ill go back right away.

Do you want to have a video call with me]

Lu Jingye: [Mhmm.]

Zi Yi put away her phone and looked at Qin Ze who was lying on the bench.

“Im going back to rest.

You can slowly enjoy the view.”

Having said that, she stood up and headed back inside.

“Hey!” Qin Ze asked, “When are we leaving tomorrow”

“Eight or nine in the morning is fine.”

Qin Ze sat up from the bench and asked, “Why are we leaving so late”

“Why should we go there so early Theres still two days before the robot competition and its not too late for us to arrive on the last day before it starts.”

Having said that, Zi Yi returned to her room, leaving behind Qin Ze muttering to himself, “I really doubt that we are here to do serious business.

Instead, were here for a vacation!”

Following that, he continued staring at the starry skies and started his research.

After Zi Yi returned to her room, she immediately turned on the virtual screen.

Lu Jingye did the same and both of their videos were connected at the same time.

Zi Yi smiled at him.

“Ah Jing.”

Lu Jingye turned his laptop to face her so that both of them could see their babies.

After looking at them for some time, Zi Yi said, “I feel like going home.”

Lu Jingye raised his hand and made the action of touching her head.

“Well go back after everything is over.

We wont go anywhere after we return and just stay home to accompany our babies.”


Both of them looked at the babies for a short while before they talked about other things.

Lu Jingye said to her, “General Hanks residence sent out invitations to all the embassies today.

Hes inviting us to attend a banquet at his place the night after tomorrow.”

Zi Yi snorted lightly and said, “When the fox preaches, take care of your geese.

He clearly wants to deal with you and even invited everyone over as a cover.”

On the other hand, Lu Jingye was rather calm about it.

“Its better this way.

If he only invited me along, itll be hard for my men to take action.”

However, now that he has invited a crowd, as long as he does not give them the opportunity to strike, they wont be able to do anything to him.

Zi Yi was still a little worried.

“There must be people from the Worm Race in Hanks place.

You must pay attention to your safety.

If you really encounter any of them, get the invisible robots to deal with them.”

“I know, dont worry about it too much.”

Zi Yi thought for a moment and said, “The cloned Aisha is still around.

I dont trust her.”

Speaking of this, Zi Yi was even more worried.

“The cloned Aisha will definitely try to do something to you.

You have to be careful.”

Lu Jingye looked at her and the corner of his lips curved up.

“Dont worry, I wont accommodate anyone else but you in my heart.

No matter how powerful she is, she cant do anything to me.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and only then did her worry lessen a little.

Following that, she started telling him about her plan.

“I plan to take a look at the robot competition with Qin Ze first.

After that, well try to sneak into the Aviation R&D Base.”


Both of them conversed for a while more before disconnecting the call.

After they disconnected from the call, Zi Yi connected to Little Lolis eyes.

Little Loli and A had already arrived outside of Country Ds Aviation R&D Base.

The Aviation R&D Base in Country D was even larger than that of Chinas.

The peripheral security facilities were also not to be belittled.

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