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Looking at Qin Ze who drove over, Zi Yi muttered to Lu Jingye, “Hes here again.”

Lu Jingye looked at his wife who wrinkled her nose with a slight smile on his face and stroked her head without saying anything.

After Qin Ze parked the car in front of them, he revealed a grin and said to Zi Yi, “What a coincidence.”

Zi Yi crossed her arms and looked at him.

Just then, Mr.

Qin immediately explained, “Little Zi, this brats arrival is absolutely by accident.

I didnt tell him you were here.”

After Qin Ze heard that, he smiled even more widely.

“Isnt it a coincidence I came here at my Mothers command to fetch Old Qin and just so happened to bump into you.”

Speaking of this, he alighted and quickly came over to ask her, “Zi Yi, where have you been the past few days”

“Who says I must go to M.Uni every day”

Zi Yi looked at Mr.

Qin after she said that.


Qin said to Qin Ze, “Arent you here to take me home Lets go.”

“Wait!” Qin Ze quickly took out a palm-sized notepad from his pocket and started asking Zi Yi as though he was a fanboy, “Zi Yi, I have a question to ask you.

Ill go after I finish asking.”

Zi Yi and Mr.

Qin revealed speechless expressions at the same time.

Lu Jingye made a suggestion.

“If Mr.

Qin and Little Mr.

Qin arent in a rush to go home, why dont we sit down for tea”

“No rush.

We arent in a rush at all.”

Qin Ze looked at Mr.

Qin and revealed a begging expression.


Qin could only say, “I have time for a cup of tea.”

Thus, the four of them headed to a relatively quiet teahouse.

After they took their seats, Qin Ze immediately took out his notepad and opened it to show it to Zi Yi as he started asking his questions.


Qin who was seated next to him did not know whether to laugh or cry, and said to Lu Jingye, “This boy has been enchanted ever since he came into contact with his field.

In particular, these two years.

He even went behind my back to the space station for half a year.

By the time he came back, I almost couldnt recognize him.”

Qin Ze had gone to the space station and stayed there for half a year.

He did not only look like a beggar but also a madman.

He was simply a maniac.

Even though Mr.

Qin was saying things as though he disdained this son of his, his tone of voice was full of pride.

“I didnt expect him to be so interested in aviation technology, but its good this way.

Young people should spend some time in their lives pursuing the field of futuristic technology.”

Lu Jingye looked at his wife who was discussing with Qin Ze with an expression of disdain and the corner of his lips curved up.

Just then, Mr.

Qin said, “You two are headed for Country D and I believe Zi Yi would definitely be visiting the Aviation Research Institution there, right”

Lu Jingye tilted his head and looked at him.


Qin knew of his and Zi Yis plans because they had briefly mentioned it during the meeting today.


Qin said, “In fact, my son is somewhat reliable at times.

Perhaps he might be able to be of help during some instances”

Parents always tend to worry about their children.

Based on Mr.

Qins high position, as long as he gave the order, Zi Yi would have no choice but to bring Qin Ze along with her.

However, he did not force them to do so.

Every single time, he had brought up the request from the standpoint of a father.

Lu Jingye did not answer him immediately and only said, “This has to be decided by Yiyi.”


Qin nodded his head.

The four of them sat in the teahouse for over an hour.

Seeing that it was about to be dinner time, Lu Jingye had no choice but to remind them.

“Yiyi, Mother is still waiting for us at home.”

Zi Yi immediately cut off the discussion with Qin Ze and said, “Thats it for today.”

Qin Ze was not the type of person who had no tact.

He immediately put away his notebook and grinned.

“Thank you, Zi Yi.

What you said today is much more useful than what Ive learned.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and stood up with the intention to head outside together with Lu Jingye.

Qin Ze hastily asked, “Zi Yi, whens the next time you will be free”

Zi Yi thought about it and said, “Im heading abroad the day after tomorrow.

If you want to tag along, come to my house at half past seven in the morning.”

“Which house”

Qin Ze knew that Zi Yi had several places of residence which led to this question of his.

However, Zi Yi did not answer him.

After she said her piece, she left the teahouse together with Lu Jingye.

Qin Ze got anxious and wanted to follow them outside when Mr.

Qin called out to him.

“No need to chase them.

Little Zi is referring to Second Master Lus place.”

When Qin Ze heard that, he stopped his movement and scratched his head while smiling at Mr.



Qin said helplessly, “If you can be just as proactive when you meet a girl you like, your Mother and I wont be so worried about your future anymore.”

Qin Ze smiled ingratiatingly at Mr.


“Old Qin, dont talk nonsense in front of Mom.

I still havent accomplished anything yet and I wont be finding a girlfriend until Im at least thirty-five.”


Qin originally wanted to lecture him.

However, he knew that one should work hard in this field when they were young.

When they were older, their health and condition might not be able to catch up even if they had the will.

In the end, he did not say anything else.

By the time Zi Yi and Lu Jingye returned to the Lu Familys villa, Eldest Master Lu, Second Master Lu and Third Master Lu were all at home.

They were all seated in the living room and chatting.

Both of them came over and greeted them.

Second Master Lu said to Zi Yi, “Your Mom and your Third Aunt are in the nursery.

Go and call them down for dinner.”

“Ok.” Zi Yi nodded her head and went upstairs.

“How is it My two grandchildren are pretty, arent they”


Ive never seen such pretty babies.”

“Haha, in another two months time when their facial features become more defined, theyll definitely look even better.”

“When can the two babies come out from here”

“They can come out after the full term of pregnancy is met.”

“Thatll be August then.

Ill go back and make them some clothes to wear.

Its always more reassuring to wear what we make than to buy them outside.”

“Haha, Ill thank Third Sister in advance then.”

“Whats there to thank me for They are also my grandchildren.”


Zi Yi pushed open the door and heard their cheerful laughter.

The corner of her lips could not help but curve up too.

“Mom, Third Aunt.”

“Yiyi has come back.”

Zi Yi walked to the container filled with nutrient solution and looked at the two babies inside.

They were currently fast asleep and the umbilical cord inside the solution was making a small ripple.

She could see their shallow breathing.

Zi Yi looked at them both and said, “Mom, Third Aunt, its time to go down for dinner.”

Only then did Mrs.

Lu and the Third Madam reluctantly walk to the door.

While walking, the Third Madam asked Zi Yi, “Yiyi, since you are able to extract the babies and put them in the nutrient solution after just a few months, can you directly culture the sperm and egg”



Lu asked the Third Madam, “Third Sister, why are you asking about this”

“Its nothing, Im just asking out of curiosity.”


Lu said with a smile, “Theres already such technology available outside.”

Third Madam smiled and said, “The technology outside is still not safe enough.

I feel that Zi Yis method is the safest out of them all.”

After the three of them went downstairs, everyone started to have dinner.

After dinner, Mrs.

Lu and the Third Madam headed back to the nursery.


Lu seemed to be enchanted.

As long as she does not see her grandchildren for a second, she would feel uneasy.

The other five sat in the living room and started talking about the upcoming Global Economic Forum.

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