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After Zi Yi and Lu Jingye left for quite some time, only then did Qin Ze come out of the remote corner while limping.

He first checked the surroundings and upon confirming that there was no one around, he gasped and held his stomach as he squatted down on the ground, without a care in the world for his image.

The robot was really ruthless.

The robot would fire a shot at him and launch a sneak attack at the same time.

Therefore, even if he dodged all the bullets, he could not dodge the fist.

At this very moment, he felt as though all his bones were broken and the pain could not be described using words.

Other than the physical pain, what he was suffering more was the damage to his self-esteem.

He felt that his self-esteem had been pressed on the ground and been trampled on repeatedly.

Just then, his phone rang.

He took out his phone while trembling in pain.

When he saw the caller ID, he suddenly stood up from the ground and tried his very best to keep calm as he answered the phone.



Qin asked, “How is Little Zi”

Qin Ze gnashed his teeth and tried to make his voice sound normal.

However, he still accidentally revealed a slight hint of anger.

“That little brat is a violent maniac!”

What Qin Ze could not accept was that after he said that, there was a chuckle from the other side.

From his laughter, it seemed to convey that this situation was within his expectations.

Qin Ze felt that he was unloved.


Qin said, “You must have said something that made Little Zi unhappy.

In actual fact, she is really easy to get along with.”

Qin Ze: “…” He felt that they werent talking about the same person.


Qin continued to speak, saying, “However, when her feathers get ruffled, she is indeed a little fierce.”

How was that merely a little fierce It was clearly brutal!

At the thought of this, he felt his bones aching even more.

Seeing that Qin Ze had been silent for such a long time, Mr.

Qin asked, “What do you think about Little Zi Other than how she is a little violent toward you”

Qin Ze said in protest, “Ive only felt her violence…”

At the mention of this, he suddenly stopped talking.

He thought of the gun the invisible robot handed to him along with how the invisible robot fired shots, he said as though he had made a huge decision, “I will try my best to have her accept me as her assistant.”

Even though he felt that being an assistant for a little brat made him feel unhappy, the robot and the gun had indeed shocked him.

As an avid lover of all kinds of weapons, he would get excited at the sight of powerful weapons.

As for the fact that he had been beaten up badly just moments ago, he had already forgotten about it.


Qins laughter could be heard from the other end.

“Youve offended Little Zi right now and so you had better be nice when the time comes.

Otherwise, no one will sympathize with you.”

Qin Zes mouth twitched unconsciously.

It wasnt even as if his father had sympathized earlier when he learned that his son had got beaten up!


Qin said, “Im hanging up if theres nothing else.

I have to go and get dinner.”

He hung up the phone after that.

Qin Ze looked at the phone call that was disconnected.

Why did he answer the phone earlier It was simply asking to get humiliated.

After putting his phone into his pockets, he took a deep breath and tried to ignore the pain he was feeling, and headed outside.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye walked into the third canteen, everyone inside there was in a state of excitement due to their arrival.

“AHHH! The god and goddess have appeared in the third canteen at the same time!”

“This should be the first time both of them have come to the canteen together, right”

“Thats not the only major thing.

They rarely appear in M.Uni together anyways.”

“Quick, take pictures of them.

I want to use their photo as my wallpaper and look at them every day.

I feel that by looking at them, I would have the motivation to study.”

All around them were students who were taking photos of both of them.

Lu Jingye used his hand to block Zi Yis face and said, “Everyone, photos are ok, but please do not block the way of other students who are ordering their food.”

As soon as Lu Jingye said that, everyone put away their phones in embarrassment and made way for them to easily walk to the ordering station.

The food at the ordering station had been cooked in advance and all the dishes were placed on a one-meter wide table.

Lu Jingye grabbed a tray and Zi Yi took the lead.

Whichever dishes she had pointed to, Lu Jingye would swipe the card and take the plate of food.

Those people following behind them also subconsciously selected the dishes they grabbed.

For a moment, several types of dishes were sold out at the canteen.

After they finished choosing the dishes, they found a two-seater table to take a seat.

Halfway through their meal, there was a pretty big commotion in the canteen.

“Wow! Whos that handsome guy”

“Even though hes not as handsome as Professor Lu, he looks more down to earth.

He must be a student.”

“Dont tell me hes a transfer student Someone like him can be the campus beau.”

“He is indeed handsome, but why do I feel that the way hes walking is a little weird Whats wrong with his legs”

When Zi Yi heard the commotion, she tilted her head to take a glance.

Sure enough, she saw Qin Ze coming in from outside.

Qin Ze clearly was not aware they were in the same canteen.

After he came in, he directly headed to the ordering station.

However, he froze for a second when he arrived.

He did not bring along M.Unis campus card.

Qin Ze bent down and asked the staff member through the window, “Can you accept cash here”

“No.” The staff member then made a suggestion.

“If you dont have the campus card, you can head to the side to buy a temporary card.”

The staff member pointed over to the side

After Qin Ze gave his thanks, he turned around to walk over.

However, the moment he turned around, he saw Zi Yi and Lu Jingye sitting over there.

He directly made his way over in their direction.

After he came to where they were, the first thing he did was greet Lu Jingye.

“Lu Jingye.”

Subsequently, he turned to Zi Yi.

“Little… Zi Yi, can you lend me your campus card”

Qin Ze thought that Zi Yi would refuse, but unexpectedly, she simply handed the card to him.

When Qin Ze took the card, he was thinking about how that little brat was finally not as irritating as before.

Yet, after he turned around, Zi Yis voice sounded.

“Pay me back the amount you use later.

I accept both cash and transfer.”

Qin Ze replied, “Got it…”

After Qin Ze finished ordering and was about to discuss with Zi Yi the incident from earlier but she simply buried her head to eat as though she did not wish to talk to him.

In particular, what was really grating was that Lu Jingye then said something, “There are seats over there.”

Qin Ze could only head to other empty tables to sit down.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye left after eating and Qin Ze hastily gulfed down his food and rushed out.

Zi Yi turned around and said crossly, “Dont follow us.

You didnt come out within ten minutes and its considered as if youve failed the test.”

Qin Ze stared at her.

“I came out!”

Zi Yi said sullenly, “You didnt come out in time.

You exceeded the limit by a second.”

Looking at her departing back profile, Qin Ze clenched his fists.

His refusal to concede defeat made him make up his mind.

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