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Zi Yi recognized the guy at a glance.

He was Qin Ze, she was able to guess his identity because he resembled Mr.

Qin quite a bit.

“Yes.” Zi Yi did not bother saying anything unnecessary.

“Since Mr.

Qin told you to be my assistant, you must listen to me on everything.”

Qin Ze scoffed in anger at her words.

The young lady standing in front of him had a beautiful appearance and she was also Second Young Master Lus wife.

It seems like she is now so spoiled that she has forgotten who she is and her mind is drifting in the clouds.

He had never seen such an arrogant person.

Not to mention a little kid that was younger than him by seven years.

Qin Ze looked at her and rudely said, “Let me remind you that I did not come here today to become your assistant.”

“Then what are you here for” Zi Yi looked at him inexplicably.

“Since youre not here to be my assistant, then dont block the way.”

In fact, she did not like having an assistant, not to mention, it would be troublesome for her to take care of him.

If not because it was on the account of Mr.

Qin, she would not have even bothered spending time talking to him.

After she said her piece, she was about to walk past him.

Qin Ze looked at Zi Yi who walked away just like that and he felt even more uncomfortable deep down.

Zi Yi was unhappy with how he addressed her and she stopped walking.

She then turned around and looked at him with a cold gaze.

Qin Ze raised his eyebrow.

He was not affected by her unfriendly gaze at all as he said, “Dont tell me you arent a little brat Youre only a little brat who is full of pride just because youre slightly skilled.”

Zi Yis face turned taut.

Qin Ze turned fully in her direction and walked up to her.

He sized her up from head to toe and continued to speak, saying, “My Father told me to come looking for you.

In the beginning, I was still thinking that at least you looked like a smart person… but right now, I think you had better go back to being a rich young lady.

Youre not suited for this line of work.”

Qin Zi held his stomach and looked at Zi Yi, who withdrew her fists, with disbelief.

It had been a long time since Zi Yi had fought and she found it a little unfamiliar.

She even deliberately moved her wrist and said sullenly, “Mr.

Qin said that if you are unwilling to submit, I can feel free to give you a beating.

It just so happens that I feel like hitting someone.”

Qin Ze never thought that a little brat who looked weak and gentle would have such great strength.

He felt an intense pain in his stomach.

A moment after his face distorted from the pain, he gnashed his teeth and said, “Not only are you a little brat, you are also a violent person.”

Following that, he straightened his back and looked at her with an unkind expression.

“I dont wish to lower myself to the level of a little brat.”

Zi Yi laughed when she heard that.

“Well, sorry about that.

But I insist on wanting to lower myself to your level today.”

After that, she turned around and said, “Do you dare to follow me”

Qin Ze narrowed his eyes and looked at the back profile of the young lady heading outside and he followed to catch up with her.

What was there for him to be afraid of

He would like to see what someone who his Father had high praises for was up to, and also maybe learn what other skills she has other than being good at fighting…

The both of them soon walked out of the entrance of the Department of Archaeology.

They continued walking to a remote corner, when Zi Yi finally stopped.

After she stopped walking, she turned around to look at Qin Ze.


Qin said that if I didnt like you, I have the option of not accepting you as my assistant.”

“Hey…” Qin Ze interrupted her discontentedly.

“What do you mean by that”

From the first time he met her, he didnt think she was anything great either.

Zi Yi gave him a glare and said, “Lets settle this matter right now.

After this, you can go wherever you like and dont ever appear in front of me again.”

Qin Ze did not expect Zi Yi to dislike him to that extent.

Clearly, he was supposed to be the one that disliked her, alright

The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he was.

He straightened his posture and asked, “How do you want to settle this”

Zi Yi revealed a smile and said, “Ill give you ten minutes to walk out of here.

If you are able to do so, you dont have to be my assistant.”

Qin Ze revealed an expression of disbelief.

“Its just that simple”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Its just that simple.”

Qin Ze still did not believe her.

However, he said his condition, “No need for ten minutes.

I will walk out right now.

You will call my Father right away and tell him that Im not fit to be your assistant.”

“Then why dont you give it a try”

Zi Yi took a step back after she said that.

Qin Ze had yet to manage to react, when he saw someone appearing in front of him.

He then heard Zi Yi saying, “Shadow will give you a weapon.

It will count as your win if you manage to defeat him with this weapon and walk away.”

Having said that, she turned around and left.

“Hey…” Qin Ze subconsciously called out to her.

However, the man before him blocked his line of sight and said, “Mr.

Qin, heres your weapon.”

After Shadow II said that, he passed a gun to him.

Qin Zes main research area was about this and when he saw the gun that was passed to him, his eyes instantly widened.

“This gun…”

He felt a surge of excitement.

He was so excited that his hand started trembling.

Just then, Shadow II said, “I am my Masters robot.

You can call me Shadow II.

As long as you leave my line of sight with this gun, itll be considered your win… Well start right now.”

After Shadow II said his piece, he turned invisible.

Qin Ze widened his eyes and in the next second, he instinctively felt that there was danger approaching.

He quickly dodged to the right and in the next second, he saw a bullet flying past the position he stood in earlier.

Qin Zes heartbeat instantly increased, but it was mostly due to excitement.

He spoke to the air.

“Would other people notice such a huge commotion here”

Shadow IIs voice sounded in the air.

“Theres no need to worry, Mr.


I used a barrier and no one will find out what has happened here.”

After Qin Ze heard that, he suddenly calmed down and a sharp glint flashed past his eyes.

He raised the gun in his hand and looked around his surroundings as he tried walking outside.

However, the moment he took a step, he felt a strong sense of danger.

He quickly evaded and at the same time fired a shot in a certain direction.

The might of the gun was more powerful than he thought, which made his heart rate speed up once again.

After Zi Yi walked out of the corner, she saw Lu Jingye walking over in her direction.

Her phone was with him and so Lu Jingye located her with the location function on her watch.

Zi Yi increased her pace and walked over to him.

Lu Jingye raised his hand to touch her cheeks and he asked her, “Why are you here”

Zi Yi looked up at his face and smiled.

“A clueless guy came to find me earlier and I got Shadow II to take care of him in a remote corner.”

She then turned her head and looked in a certain direction behind her.

Lu Jingye managed to guess who it was in a second.

He did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Qin Ze is a typical guy that studies science.

Its normal that he would be more traditional in his way of thinking.”

“Hmph! He told me to go back to being a rich lady, and not to harm him.”

Of course, she added the last bit of information herself.

Lu Jingyes expression also turned serious.

Zi Yi continued to speak, saying, “He also called me a little kid and looked down on me.”

Lu Jingye furrowed his brow and said, “You can get Shadow II to take care of him longer.”

Following that, he stroked her head and asked, “Are you hungry”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Im hungry.”

She then held his hand and leaned on his arm, while acting spoiled.

“Im too hungry to move.”

Lu Jingyes lips curved up and held her hand tightly while he said, “The car is parked in front.

Lets go and have a meal first.”

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