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Zi Yi wore particularly loose overalls and on top of that, she also wore an oversized casual coat.

Coupled with her hair hanging down freely and the mask she was wearing, not a single person recognized her when she arrived on the campus.

Lu Jingye was giving an open lecture in the multimedia classroom of the School of Finance.

He had yet to arrive but all the seats were filled with people.

When Zi Yi made her way inside, she realized there were no more empty seats.

Just as she was planning to remain standing, she heard someone discussing.

“Theres still a seat in the first row.

I wonder who has the courage to sit there”

“Of course, it must be those high achievers in the School of Finance.

That seat is just right under Professor Lus eyes.

What if Professor Lu calls them up to interact with him”

“Who can possibly answer Professor Lus questions The topics he talks about are all examples in international finance and there is tons of knowledge involved that is not taught in textbooks or the professors lectures.”

“Not necessarily so.

We have so many secret admirers of Professor Lu.

Im pretty sure there must be an extremely courageous female student who would take the seat in the first row.”

“Thats true… but I really admire the courage of those female students.

They clearly know that having a crush on Professor Lu will produce them no results.

They cant compare to Zi Yi in any of the aspects and yet they insist on having a crush on him.”

“Therefore, some girls are really just asking for it.”

While the two male students were talking, there was a hint of indignation in their tone.

Unexpectedly, a female student standing next to them said unhappily, “As to why we would rather have a crush on Professor Lu than other guys, shouldnt you guys go back and reflect on yourselves”

The two male students felt stifled.

When Zi Yi was listening to their conversation, she was having mixed feelings.

She then said to the people in front, “Hi, please make way.”

She decided to sit in the front.

When Zi Yi walked over, there were only two seats left near the corridor.

She took a glance.

Sure enough, there were quite a few good-looking female students seated in the first row.

Of course, the students seated in the middle looked to be smart students.

After Zi Yi took a seat, the last seat was soon occupied by a student.

The male student next to her turned his head and took a few sneaky peeks at her.

In the end, he could not help but ask, “Student, why are you wearing a mask during the lesson”

Zi Yi slightly tilted her head and looked at him.

Just as she was about to answer, the male student acted as though he understood why.

“It seems like you arent Professor Lus admirer.”

Zi Yi looked at him strangely.

Does wearing a mask mean that you cant be Professor Lus admirer

The male student seemed to have understood her gaze and used his chin to point at the female students sitting on the other side.

“See that All of them have makeup on and they are currently flipping through the books at a fast speed.

Why do you think they are doing that”

When Zi Yi asked, the male student became more enthusiastic.

“It proves that they wish to get Professor Lus attention!”

“So what if they get Professor Lus attention”

Zi Yis question had stumped the male student.

Zi Yi then said, “Professor Lu is already married and he loves his wife very much.

Besides, I dont think anyone here can compare to his wife either.

Even if they dress up and perform well, it will still be a waste of time.

Why bother”

The male student gave her a thumbs up.

“What you said makes so much sense.

Unfortunately, some people just can see the facts of the matter.”

Zi Yi did not continue the conversation, as there was the sound of movement from outside the door.

Soon, Lu Jingye and several school leaders were standing by the door and talking.

After they finished their conversation, Lu Jingye walked into the multimedia classroom alone.

The originally rowdy classroom became silent due to Lu Jingyes arrival.

Lu Jingye was not holding onto any textbooks or teaching materials and was empty handed.

He walked over to the podium and glanced across the room with a gentle yet serious gaze.

Everyone subconsciously straightened their posture and held their breaths.

Lu Jingyes glance only swept across the room for a few seconds before he looked away and started his lecture.

The male student sitting next to Zi Yi whispered to her, “Student, did you also feel that Professor Lus gaze lingered on us for a second or so longer than usual”

Zi Yi casually answered, “No.”

The male student trusted his intuition.

“No, it did happen.”

Having said that, he came to a realization.

“It must be because you are too eye-grabbing while wearing a mask.

I feel that its better to take it off, or else youll keep getting attention.”

Before Zi Yi could say anything, a calm and restrained voice suddenly spoke out a warning.

“If some students want to talk, you can slowly have the conversation when you go out later.”

When everyone was looking in their direction, Zi Yi simply raised her hand and covered her face.

No one saw it, but traces of a smile flashed past Lu Jingyes eyes.

The male student sitting next to her smiled awkwardly.

At the same time, he assured Lu Jingye.

“Professor Lu, we guarantee that we wont talk again.”

Lu Jingye nodded slightly and looked away to continue his lecture.

Zi Yi waited for everyone to shift their attention back to Lu Jingye before she put down her hand.

The male student next to her also seemed to have breathed out a sigh of relief.

Sometime later, Lu Jingye talked about the macro-control of the market economic system.

Similar to what everyone knew he would do, he did not talk according to a script.

What he discussed were the major events in the development of the worlds economy.

When he mentioned the latest economic war, he suddenly asked, “Who can tell me, what was the best way to regulate the situation when the entire financial circle was embroiled in the economic war”

A small wave of whispers sounded from among the students.

Soon afterwards, a male student from the first row stood up and said, “I feel that it was very necessary for the country to step forward to regulate it.

When the country steps forward…

The male student talked a lot and Lu Jingye listened to him with a gentle expression.

After the male student was done, Lu Jingye only said, “This student got half the answer right.

Who else wants to stand up and add on to his point”

Another wave of whispers sounded.

The male student sitting next to Zi Yi was clearly a chatterbox.

He started talking to Zi Yi again.

“Is there a better solution other than the country coming forward I feel that Professor Lu is digging a hole for everyone.”

Zi Yi tilted her head to look at him and was about to say something.

Just then, Lu Jingyes voice sounded.

“The female student with a mask seated on the left side, I wonder if you have any other different opinions”

She felt that her man had done it on purpose.

Zi Yi stood up while everyones gaze was on her.

Everyone thought that she would feel uncomfortable.

After all, she was directly called up and it would be embarrassing if she did not manage to say anything.

The male student seated next to her thought that he was being kind and so reminded her.

“Student, Professor Lu is asking you to stand up and answer the question.

Why dont you take off your mask”

There were already some people whispering behind them and they were all talking about why she did not take off her mask.

Zi Yi pretended not to hear them and said, “It also depends on who started the international economic war.

There are wars that are started by countries and also individuals…”

When Zi Yi started talking, everyone was shocked.

After she was done, Lu Jingye nodded approvingly.

“This student answered very well.

Take a seat.”

Just then, someone asked loudly, “Dont you think that this students voice is very similar to Zi Yis”

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