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When Luo Qian said that, she seemed as though she had made a huge decision and she said, “Jingye, can you pretend to be Ranrans Dad in situations where Yiyi isnt around Ranran is very obedient.

As long as you…”

Lu Jingyes voice was colder than usual.

He looked outside the jewelry store and said firmly, “I have my own wife and my two children will be born in a few months.

Even if Yiyi isnt present, I wont do anything that will make her unhappy when she finds out.”

“But… I feel that Yiyi will understand.

Ranran is only a child!”

When Luo Qian said that, the rims of her eyes were red as she said ambiguously, “Jingye, to tell you the truth, Ranrans Dad can no longer meet with Ranran.

He… we havent told Ranran anything.

She loves her Dad a lot and its hard for me to see her like this right now.”

Lu Jingye turned to look at her and the chilliness in his eyes intensified.

“Luo Qian.”

Luo Qian felt a strong pressure pressing down on herself.

Following that, Lu Jingye said, “Luo Rans Dad isnt dead, his face is just disfigured.

I think its you guys who dont want her to meet with him instead.”

Luo Qian looked up at Lu Jingye and traces of anger flashed past her face along with the anxiousness of someone else knowing the truth.

Lu Jingye continued to speak, “In fact, Luo Rans Dad secretly came to meet with her after what happened and you guys discovered it.

Thats why you came to the capital.”

Luo Qians complexion slowly turned white.

Lu Jingye wanted to continue, but just then, a bodyguard came from one side while holding Luo Ran.

She was struggling while crying out loudly.

Luo Qingning and Little Loli, who were standing outside, went up to the girl at the same time.

Luo Qingning hastily took Luo Ran into her embrace and said, “Grannys little darling, where have you been Do you want to frighten Grandma to death”

The bodyguard who carried her back said, “Miss Luo Ran was chasing a little kitten and playing in an alley not far away.”

Luo Qingning clearly breathed a sigh of relief.

Little Loli said, “Little Ranran, why didnt you tell sister that you wanted to play I can play with you! See how you frightened your Grandma and Mommy.”

Luo Ran turned to look at Lu Jingye and Luo Qian who were standing inside the jewelry shop.

She raised her hand and pointed at Lu Jingye.

He took a step forward just then and after he came out of the entrance he seemed to feel a connection, as he turned around only to see Zi Yi standing on the other side.

He took large strides toward Zi Yi.

When Lu Jingye walked up to her, he took her hand and headed back to the group.

Luo Qian subconsciously asked, “Why did you come”

Zi Yi took off her mask and put it in her hand before smiling at Luo Qian as she said, “I came to see why Ranran constantly wants my husband to be her Dad.”

Luo Qian instantly felt extremely awkward.

Zi Yi tilted her head toward Luo Ran.

Luo Ran looked at Zi Yi and stretched out her hands, wanting Zi Yi to hold her.

“Pretty auntie, hug~”

Zi Yi unexpectedly reached out to hold her.

Lu Jingye, who was standing next to her, furrowed his brow.

Before Lu Jingye had the chance to finish speaking, Zi Yi took Luo Ran who pounced in her direction.

The moment Luo Ran was held by Zi Yi, her legs attempted to kick Zi Yis belly.

While kicking, she said, “Dont want baby, want Ranran!”

The second before her feet landed a kick on Zi Yis belly, a large hand mercilessly grabbed her two short legs.

Following that, Lu Jingyes other hand took her away from Zi Yi.

At this moment, the Luo Familys mother and daughter were stunned by Luo Rans behavior.

In particular, they had been standing there for some time and there were many onlookers.

With this incident, the way everyone looked at Luo Ran changed.

At this moment, Mrs.

Lus voice was no longer gentle.

Instead, she said angrily, “Qingning, your granddaughter actually wants to harm my grandchildren!”

Panic and bewilderment flashed past Luo Qingning and Luo Qians faces.

When Mrs.

Lu made her way out, the number of onlookers increased and everyone started to point fingers at Luo Ran.

“That little girl is so scary.

Did you hear what she said earlier”

“To think that Zi Yi is pregnant.

That little girl was thinking of causing a miscarriage!”


Lu walked over to Luo Qingning and said with a taut expression, “Qingning, even if you are my best friend, I will not allow someone who tried to harm my grandchildren to stay in our home.

Later on, Ill get Jingye to find a place for you.

In the future, Ranran shouldnt appear in front of Zi Yi anymore.”

“Lingluo, let me explain… Ranran is still young and she didnt mean it.”

“Didnt mean it If not for Jingyes quick response, her foot would have kicked Yiyis belly.

I can accept if she really didnt mean it, but do you think her earlier behavior wasnt a reflection of her intentions She clearly already attempted to harm Zi Yi.”

Luo Qingning was speechless and she could not find any words to retort with.


Lu did not linger on her and she turned to look at Zi Yi.

She asked, while she still felt some lingering fear, “Yiyi, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere”

Zi Yi looked at Luo Ran crying loudly over there and gently caressed her belly.

“I was just startled.”

When Mrs.

Lu heard that, she hastily supported Zi Yi by her arm and said, “Then you should go in and have a seat.

Drink some milk to calm down.”

Having said that, she motioned to Lu Jingye.

“Jingye, hurry and take Yiyi upstairs.”

Lu Jingye nodded his head, bent down, and picked her up in a princess carry before heading to the shop.

Everyones gaze followed them until they disappeared up the stairs.

Following that, there were a few fangirl-like screams.



Lus expression returned to normal and she said to the Luo Familys mother and daughter, “Come in.

There are many people around, lets not make ourselves into a joke.”

Having said that, she turned around and headed inside.

Lu Jingye carried Zi Yi to his office and after placing her down on the sofa, he leaned toward her.

With one arm lying along the back of the sofa and his hand resting on her shoulder, his other hand gently pinched her cheeks as he said sternly, “You clearly know shes dangerous.

Why did you try to hold her”

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingyes tense expression and put her hand around his neck.

She rubbed her cheeks on his and said, “I saw Luo Ran sneaking outside to hide.

I can allow her to remain, but I cant stand her asking you to be her Dad… Most importantly, Luo Qian even wanted to let her get her wish.”

When Lu Jingye heard that, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead.

“My children are the babies in your belly.

No one outside can even think of calling me Dad.”

Zi Yi was amused by his words.

She then held his neck tighter and pulled his head in her direction.

When their lips were in close proximity, she said, “I got a fright just now, so you have to kiss me.”

Following that, she pressed her lips against his.

Sometime later, Lu Jingye sat on the sofa while half-hugging Zi Yi and told her about what he found out after investigating.

“They did arrive in the country yesterday, but this Luo Ran is not the Luo Ran you saw before.”

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