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Whenever Mr.

Tang talked to Zi Yi about the cutting-edge technology in the country, his tone of voice could not help but be full of pride for the country.

However, he was not the type of person that was blindly confident.

After he had said that, he then said, “We are far behind compared to several other countries in space exploration.

However, I believe that the younger generation of young people will definitely catch up to them in the near future.”

Zi Yi raised her lips and asked, “How can Mr.

Tang be so sure”

Upon hearing Zi Yis question, he answered confidently, “Because among the younger generation in our country, theres you and Nangong Yu who is leading the pack.

I trust that you can allow the country to shine brilliantly once again… I also believe that one day, our country will experience the scene of receiving congratulations from all sides again.”


Tang was in his early fifties.

In fact, he never thought that he was old.

As a leader of the cutting-edge technology in this country, his lifelong wish was to develop the technology of the country to a height that was unmatched.

Therefore, he cherishes talents very much.

As Zi Yi listened to Mr.

Tangs plans and imagination for the future of this countrys cutting-edge technology, she inexplicably felt similar emotions.

All of a sudden, Mr.

Tang said, “Little Zi, I wish to introduce my son to you to take up the role of being your assistant.

I wonder if you are willing to accept this.”

Zi Yi looked at him with a puzzled expression.


Tang smiled in a particularly gentle manner.

“My son is twenty-five this year and coincidentally, he just graduated from the countrys Aerospace University.

I heard that you and Little Lu are preparing to build a privately owned aerospace company.

When the time comes, you will definitely need skilled technicians.

You can rest assured that my son has won the top scholarship every single year in his specialization and he has also participated in dozens of international and domestic competitions.

Not to mention, he also won quite a fair number of first place prizes.”

Speaking of this, he looked at Zi Yi who had yet to speak up.

He seemed to have thought of something, as he then said, “Theres no need to pay special attention to him.

If you do take him in as your assistant, you can take care of him in whatever way you like if he doesnt listen.

If he doesnt submit to your discipline, you can beat him up, just as long as you keep him alive.”

Zi Yi remained silent for a moment before she asked, “Mr.

Tang, does your son know that you intend to sell him off”


Tang revealed an extremely gentle smile.

“It doesnt matter if hes aware or not.

As long as youre willing to take him in, I believe that he would not have any objections.”

“Of course, I wont force you on this matter.

My son will be returning in the next two days and Ill get him to look for you when the time comes.

If you think hes suitable as your assistant, you can take him in.

If not, Ill just throw him to the northwest.”

“…” Zi Yi was also the type of person who spoke freely in front of people she was familiar with.

Therefore, she asked honestly, “Mr.

Tang, are you sure hes your biological son”

Unexpectedly, Mr.

Tang did not get angry.

Instead, he burst out laughing.

After he finished laughing, he said in a joking tone, “Before he was of age, he was my son.

Now that hes an adult, he has become my subordinate.”

Zi Yi also revealed a smile that reached her eyes.

In fact, there was no need to explicitly state some things.


Tang clearly had two motives for sending his son to her side.

First of all it was to constrain her and Lu Jingye, while the second was to put his weakness in their hands.

As long as they remain a citizen of this country, it would be a happy ending.

“Little Zi, theres no need to worry that this son of mine would have a rebellious attitude.

When the time comes, you just have to casually reveal a hand in front of him.

He will definitely be willing to become your student.

“Oh… I forgot to mention this, but my sons name is Tang Ze.”

When Zi Yi came out of the base, she was still thinking about the matter with Mr.

Tangs son.

It was only until the driver asked her a question did she recover her senses.

“Second Young Madam, where do you wish to go”

Zi Yi looked at the scenery outside the window.

After some thought, she said, “To Song Jewelry.”

Presently, Lu Jingyes office was in Song Jewelry.


Lus studio was also in the same building.

It just so happened that she wanted to see what the Luo Family wanted to do.

Zi Yi did not call Lu Jingye in advance when she made her way to Song Jewelry.

When the car arrived on the street, she got the driver to stop the car.

She put on a hat and a mask before she pushed the door open and alighted.

The main focus of this jewelry street was high-end jewelry and so, the people who came here all basically drove nice cars.

The parking spaces on both sides of the road were already filled with cars and there was a crowd in every single jewelry store.

Zi Yi walked down the street and would stop from time to time to let the cars pass.

When she was about to arrive at the entrance of Song Jewelry, she suddenly saw a small figure running out.

Zi Yi looked at the small figure running at a fast speed and whispered to Shadow, “Follow her.”

Having said that, she stood there and waited.

Two minutes later, they saw the Luo Familys mother and daughter along with Little Loli running out.

The three of them were clearly looking for someone.

Zi Yi did not make her way over.

She took out her phone and connected to Shadows eyes.

Luo Ran had a small figure and she also ran at a fast speed.

When she maneuvered through the crowd, no one discovered her.

Several of the shops in the middle of the street had their own alleyways.

Luo Ran turned into one of the alleys.

Following that, she continued running.

After running for quite some time, she finally stopped at the back door of a jewelry store that had piled up their sundries there.

Unexpectedly, she ran inside.

When Zi Yi saw this, she continued heading to the Song Jewelry store.

The Luo Familys mother and daughter were clearly anxious as they looked for Luo Ran.

Little Loli was also following them around.

When Zi Yi made her way over, she just so happened to hear Luo Qian speak with a slightly sobbing tone.

“She was clearly right in front of me just moments ago.

Why did she disappear all of a sudden”

Little Loli advised her.

“Sister Luo, dont worry.

The surveillance shows that Little Ranran ran in that direction.

There is surveillance all around this street and she couldnt have possibly run that far as a child.”

“Im only afraid that she will encounter a bad person.”

When Luo Qian said that, she revealed an even more flustered expression.

Luo Qingning burst into tears.

“What should we do now”

Little Loli made a suggestion.

“Why dont we tell brother-in-law or Auntie Lu and ask them to help”

“Yes, lets find Jingye for help.” Luo Qingning headed inside the shop in large strides.

Soon, Lu Jingye came down together with several bodyguards and Luo Qingning.

Luo Qingning was currently explaining to him in a hurry, “We checked the surveillance earlier and she ran in the left direction.

However, there are too many cars and people outside.

We looked around but we didnt find her.

Im worried that she will meet some bad crooks.”

Lu Jingye comforted her.

“Auntie Luo, dont worry.

Ill immediately send some people around to search.”

Having said that, he ordered some of the bodyguards to search for Luo Ran and said to one of the bodyguards next to him, “Immediately retrieve all the surveillance on this street.”

The bodyguard nodded and immediately left.

Luo Qingning stood there anxiously while wiping her tears.

Luo Qians complexion also turned pale from worry.

Zi Yi was just about to make her way over when she heard Luo Qian, who was scared out of her wits, say to Lu Jingye, “Ranran has always wanted you to be her Dad and I gave her a good scolding earlier.

I didnt expect her to secretly run out… Ranran has been very obedient and I dont know what has happened to her to insist on having you as her Dad.

If only…”

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