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With Little Lolisoutspoken speech, Mrs.

Lu who did not take what Luo Ran said to heart, due to the fact that she was a child, started to take things seriously.

However, she did not mention this out loud.

When she brought the Luo Family out to play, she also had Little Loli tag along.

With Little Loli following them, Zi Yi and Lu Jingye were at ease.

On the way to the Robot R&D Center, Zi Yi thought of what her Second Uncle said yesterday afternoon and she grabbed Lu Jingyes laptop to watch the competition at the School of Technology.

Recently, the School of Technology has participated in five international competitions.

One of which, they won first place and as for the rest, they came in either second, third, or were in the top five.

After checking for a while, she subconsciously took a look at the competition forum.

She snorted in displeasure after one look.

“These people are really strange.

My schoolmates from the university didnt win first place and they are all bringing my name into the conversation.”

Lu Jingye tilted her head and glanced at the screen.

There were all sorts of sour and mocking comments.

“M.Unis Zi Yi is so capable, why didnt M.Uni win first place in this competition”

“Therefore, it shows that M.Uni only has this one student that they can bring out.

Unfortunately, the student doesnt participate in competitions.”

“Therefore, M.Uni has nothing to be proud of.

Without Zi Yi, you are still inferior to the top universities in Country D and Country A.”

“Thats right.

I advise the students of M.Uni to keep a low profile and be modest.

Not everyone is capable of winning first place.”

“Its a fact that they cant compare.

Even if Zi Yi is here, she wont win first place.”

“Haha… M.Unis Zi Yi is only capable of robotics and medical skills.

I dont even know what else she is capable of.”

Just then, Lu Jingye closed the laptop and said, “You dont have to look at these comments.”

Having said that, he put his large hands on her stomach and said, “Dont let it affect your mood.”

Zi Yis lips curved up and put her hands over his.

“Im not angry.

I just feel that these people are so baffling.

Isnt my current situation something similar to being dragged into the situation and getting scolded”

“Who dares to scold you”

Lu Jingye furrowed his eyebrows.

Zi Yi held his hand tightly and said, “I only meant it as a metaphor.

Dont take it seriously.”

Having said that, she leaned her head on his shoulders and said, “Its been a long time since I went back to M.Uni for lessons.

I suddenly miss the feeling of sitting in the classroom.”

Lu Jingye tilted his head and looked at her beautiful face.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “The Financial Department of M.Uni called me twice this month, asking when I would be available to hold a public lecture.

If you want to go, I have around half a day to spare.”

“Really” Zi Yis eyes lit up.

“I want to go.

Well go tomorrow.”

Having said that, she put her arm around his and said with a bright smile.

“Im going to disguise myself when I attend your lecture.

In this case, no one will notice me.”

Lu Jingyes lips also curved up unconsciously and he said, “Ill let you know after I confirm the time.”

There was no need for her to frequent the Robot R&D Center these days.

The remaining tests would be conducted by a few other departments together.

“Sadly, theres a meeting today and I cant go.”

When Zi Yi arrived at the base, she was directly led to the office building.

There were already a few leaders and people from several other departments waiting for her in the conference room.

When Zi Yi made her way inside, Mr.

Tang waved at her.

“Little Zi, come and sit here.”


Tang got Zi Yi to sit next to him.

His actions surprised many people.

However, at the thought of Zi Yis abilities, everyone felt that there was nothing wrong with her sitting next to Mr.


After Zi Yi made her way over and sat down, Mr.

Tang started to talk.

“We will be participating in this international robot competition as a national group.

Therefore, the participating countries would all show their best abilities.

According to the information weve received, there are already fifteen countries who are preparing to participate at present.”

There were not many countries capable of creating cutting-edge robots and the ability of Country D has been proved by the sheer number of countries participating.

“For the robot that is going to represent our country, we have decided on Moonlight.

Therefore, during this period of time, we will be selecting personnel to lead Moonlight to participate in the competition.”

Speaking of this, Mr.

Tang tilted his head and looked at Zi Yi as he asked, “Little Zi, who do you think would be better”

Zi Yi shrugged her shoulders.

“In any case, Im not going.”

Her words caused the group of people to chuckle.

One of the leaders joked with a smile.

“Little Zi, why arent you going You contributed the most to Moonlight and so arent you worried that others would not know of your abilities if you dont go”

“Theres no need for everyone to know how good I am.

I know it myself and that will do.”


Tang was aware that Zi Yi would not be attending.

After all, she would be three-months pregnant during the robot competition.

Right now, it was still summer and her belly wasnt obvious when she wore loose clothes.

However, a few months later, perhaps even loose clothes could not hide her belly.

It was a Lu Familys child and he did not dare for any mishaps to happen.


Tang said, “Professor Dou has rich experience in leading teams for competitions.

When the time comes, Professor Dou will lead the team, and as for who will be going with him…”

Speaking of this, he turned to look at everyone and said, “Two leaders will be following along and four technicians.”

Everyone turned to look at Engineer Meng and the other three.

After Team Leader Lis incident, Engineer Yang suffered a huge setback and he took a leave of absence.

“Since thats the case, its best to have Engineer Meng and the rest go.

They are more knowledgeable on Moonlight than us.”

The others did not have any objections and so, this matter was settled just like that.”

After they finished the discussions, the others returned to their work posts.


Tang asked Zi Yi to stay back.

“Little Zi, have you paid any attention to the robot named S among the latest robots released by the Robot R&D Center in Country D”

“Ive seen it before.” Zi Yi nodded her head.


Tang furrowed his brow and said, “Dont you feel that the robot has many functions similar to that of Moonlight”

In fact, all the similarities are the functions Engineer Yang and the team designed in the past.

Zi Yi did not take them seriously before.

“Before, it was obvious that Deputy Director Huang passed Moonlights technology to Country Ds side.

So what if its similar Well just see whose robot is more capable then.”


Tang shook his head and said, “In fact, what Im concerned about isnt about this.

Instead, Im concerned about the fact that they added a combat function to their robot.

This type of function was not supposed to be used in competitions, but I feel that Country D will definitely use it then.”

“Mhmm…” Zi Yi looked at him and said seriously, “Mr.

Tang, dont worry.

Moonlight also has a combat function.

When the time comes where they really want the robot to fight, Moonlight will not lose.”


Tang who was originally a little worried was amused by Zi Yis serious expression.

He nodded his head and took out a remote control to open the large screen behind him.

Unexpectedly, it showed a laboratory of a base.

Zi Yi was a little surprised.


Tang said, “This is the most cutting-edge research laboratory for robot materials in our country.

The researchers here are not only those who possess technical skills but there are also researchers who excel in chemistry.”

Speaking of this, the corner of his lips curved up.

“This laboratory also cooperates with the Space Agency and they would provide us with materials from space.”

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