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When Zi Yi arrived at the front yard to check the outside situation through the monitor, the fight had begun.

There were a group of killers surrounding Lu Jingye and his bodyguards.


Lu Jingyes bodyguards were clearly skilled.

Lu Jingye stood among them and was well protected.

However, those killers were not amateurs either.

Some of them were fighting with the bodyguards and others aimed their guns at Lu Jingyes vital points.

Zi Yi discovered that Lu Jingye had his usual calm appearance and muttered to herself, “Youre so unperturbed even in such a situation.

I honestly wonder what would make your expression change.”

The fight outside became increasingly fierce, and Lu Jingyes side was a little overwhelmed.

Zi Yi thought about how the man outside still owed her nine billion and decided to help him out.

“If you get killed, who would pay me the remaining money”


She gave a command to two robots.

“Help those men in the suits.”

Upon receiving the instruction, the robots jumped and flew over the two meter high wall.

The two robots descending from the skies surprised the group of men outside.

The next second, the robots started to attack the killers.

The killers fought back immediately, but regardless if they used knives or guns, it was ineffective against those robots.

When they realized something was wrong, all of them retreated and quickly withdrew.

The robots were about to chase them when Zi Yi opened the doors and called out, “One, Two, return.”

Following this, the two robots turned around and walked back in.

Zi Yi stood at the door as she looked at Lu Jingye approaching her.

With a faint light in his eyes, Lu Jingye asked, “Those two robots are yours”

“Thats right.

I just bought them to guard the house.”

Lu Jingye seemed to agree with her actions.

He nodded and said, “Two of my bodyguards are injured.

Can they enter your villa to dress their wounds”

Zi Yi stood there with a sullen expression.

“You led those killers to my door.

What if they think Im in cahoots with you Wont I be implicated”

Lu Jingye stared into her eyes and explained, “Apologies.

I also have a place of residence in the vicinity and I originally intended to stay there for the night.

I hadnt expected to encounter killers on my way and they chased me all the way here.”

He then added, “If youre afraid, Ill send more people to protect you later.”

“Theres no need.” Zi Yi glanced at the pale complexion of those bodyguards as they put pressure on their wounds and decided to let them enter.

She led them to the living room in the front yard for receiving visitors and said, “I have nothing here.”

“They have medicine with them.”

After he said that, those unwounded bodyguards started to dress the wounds of those who were injured.

They were very quick with their actions as if they were accustomed to doing such things.

After they finished dressing the wounds, Lu Jingye left with his bodyguards.

He also reminded her before he left.

“If you discover suspicious people approaching your house, you can give me a call straightaway.”

Following this, he left.

Zi Yi browsed through the black market and purchased tons of semi-finished destructive weapons before she went up to her bedroom to sleep.

What she didnt know was, the killers had come back soon after they had left.

“The person in this villa must be related to Lu Jingye.

Take her away.”

Just as they wanted to climb over the wall, the sound of a sharp weapon piercing through the air came from behind.

Those killers immediately dodged and turned around to fight, only to discover there was one assailant.

A man with a mask.

He radiated strong hostility which shocked the group of killers.

“Youre Third Young Master Lu Impossible.

He was seriously injured half a month ago and its impossible that he recovered so quickly! Who are you”

That man had not spoken a single word.

He immediately attacked, with a whip and a gun in his hand.

In the end, those killers could not even fight back in the slightest.


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