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When Zi Yi woke up the next day, Lu Jingye had already left the bedroom.

She was not in a rush to wash up and go downstairs.

She wore her slippers and walked to the window to pull open the curtains.

Their bedroom was facing the rose garden in the backyard.

The moment she opened the window, the fragrance of the roses entered her nostrils.

Accompanying the fragrance the roses were also voices in a conversation.

Luo Ran said, “Mommy, I want him to be my Dad.”

Zi Yi slightly stretched out her head and looked down.

She saw Luo Qian holding onto Luo Rans hand while going for a walk in the rose garden.

Luo Ran was pointing to Lu Jingye who was currently working out with the sports equipment.

Lu Jingye was wearing dark-blue sportswear while he exercised.

He originally had a handsome appearance and when he exercised, he exuded strong pheromones while looking so dazzling that it made it hard for people to shift their gazes away.

Luo Qians gaze fell on Lu Jingyes body and it took her a few seconds before she answered Luo Ran, “Hes that pretty aunties husband.

He cannot become your Dad.”

Luo Ran stopped walking and looked up at Luo Qian as she pouted in displeasure.

“Why not I like him.

I want him to be my Dad.”

“You naughty child.” Luo Qian carried her as she revealed a helpless expression.

“When the pretty auntie comes down later, dont talk nonsense.

Also, dont mention this in front of your Granny Lu or else she will be upset.”

Luo Ran tilted her head to the side.

“Why would they be upset I only want that handsome uncle to be my Dad.”

Having said that, she rubbed her small cheeks on Luo Qians face and acted coquettishly.

“Mommy, I only want him to be my Dad.

If you dont agree, Ranran will cry.”

“Dont cry!” Luo Qian was clearly somewhat angry.

She warned her in a low voice.

“If you continue being so disobedient, Mommy will send you back abroad.”

“I dont wanna~ I want that handsome uncle to be my Dad.”

Luo Qian was worried that Luo Ran would really cry and attract the attention of others.

Looking at the father and son who were training in the distance, she picked up Luo Ran and left.

When Zi Yi saw this scene, a cold light flashed past her eyes and she suddenly had an idea.

She closed the window and tapped her wristwatch.

Little Lolis figure appeared.

Little Loli was currently standing together with A.

When Zi Yi contacted her, she asked using an excited tone of voice, “Sister, why did you contact me so early in the day”

Zi Yi said, “I have something I need your help with.”

Little Loli got even more excited.

“Youve found the right person.

I am capable of everything and anything.”

Zi Yi was infected by her excitement and she curved her lips into a smile as she said, “Come over to the Lu Familys villa later on…”

Zi Yi gave Little Loli a brief rundown of the situation here.

The moment Little Loli heard that, she exploded in anger.

“Its simply outrageous! How dare a little girl dare to snatch the father of the baby in Sisters belly! Ill come over right away.

Lets see how I take care of that clone.”

“Dont make things too obvious.

Auntie Luo and Luo Qian arent clones and we arent clear about their current attitudes.

You will be responsible for protecting Mom then and try to find a way to test them while monitoring Luo Ran.

“Sister, dont you worry.

Leave this to me.

I definitely wont let these bad guys harm Auntie Lu.

Also, I will help you teach that clone a good lesson.”

When Zi Yi came downstairs, Mrs.

Lu and Luo Qingning were seated on the sofa in the living room, chatting as they drank tea.

At the sight of Zi Yi coming downstairs, Mrs.

Lu asked, “Yiyi, are you hungry Your Father and Jingye are training in the backyard.

If youre hungry, get the housekeeper to call them over for breakfast first.”

“Mom, Im not that hungry.” After Zi Yi said that, she looked at Luo Qian who walked in while holding Luo Ran.

Both of them made eye contact and Luo Qian gave her a brief nod.

Zi Yi also returned a nod.

Just then, Luo Ran in Luo Qians arms suddenly started to struggle.

Luo Qian asked, “Ranran, what are you doing”

Luo Ran said, “Mommy, Ranran wants to walk on her own.”

Luo Qian did not have any suspicions about it and so, she put her down.

After Luo Rans feet reached the ground, she dashed towards Zi Yi.

“Ranran, Auntie cannot hold you.”

Luo Qian was one step too late and she did not manage to catch up to Luo Ran.


Lu also stood up in a hurry, as she wanted to stop Luo Ran.

However, Luo Ran was running so fast that it did not seem like a speed a little girl could have run.

Zi Yi looked at Luo Ran who was running in her direction.

A glint flashed past her eyes but she did not retreat either.

The second before Luo Ran made it over to her, a shadow appeared from the doorway.

The shadow quickly flashed and dashed over to hold Luo Rans waist and took her away from Zi Yi.

Luo Ran kicked her legs unhappily and cried out loud when she was carried away.

“I want pretty sister to hug me~ WUUUU~”

Lu Jingye handed Luo Ran to Luo Qian who hastily made her way over.

Luo Qian yelled at Luo Ran with a thunderous expression, “Ranran, are you not going to listen to me anymore”

At the thought of the speed her child dashed towards Zi Yi, she felt lingering fear.

A child was unable to gauge the situation and if Luo Ran really hit Zi Yi, the Lu Family would certainly be very angry then.

Luo Qingning also came over with a fierce expression and scolded Luo Ran.

“Ranran, Auntie is pregnant with a baby and she cant hold you.

Why are you so disobedient all of a sudden”

After Luo Qingning said that, she revealed an expression of lingering fear and she said to Mrs.

Lu, “Lingluo, I also dont know how come Ranran likes Yiyi so much.”

Her granddaughter only wanted Zi Yi to hug her due to her fondness for the other party and Mrs.

Lu could not possibly say much.

“Its fine.

Lets just keep a close eye on the child and lets not let her get in contact with Yiyi.”

Luo Qingning nodded her head.

Luo Ran was still wailing when Luo Qian said, “If Ranran continues to be disobedient, we will be going back today.”

Unexpectedly, her words immediately caused Luo Ran to stop crying.

She then looked at Zi Yi and Lu Jingye standing in front of her with teary eyes.

This time around, she reached out to Lu Jingye and wanted him to hold her.

Lu Jingye only said a single sentence, “Im going to wash up for a moment.”

Having said that, he headed upstairs.

The atmosphere became somewhat awkward.

Zi Yi looked at their expressions and said, “Auntie Luo, Sister Luo, dont take it to heart.

Ah Jing should have been frightened earlier.”

Having said that, she turned to look at Luo Ran.

She slightly narrowed her eyes and said with upturned lips, “I didnt know that Ranran is so fond of us.

However, Auntie really cant hold you.

How about this, Ill get a very beautiful sister to accompany you later.

You will definitely like her.”

Following that, she walked to Mrs.

Lus side and stroked her tummy.

“Mom, Im hungry.”


Lu held her hand and only then did the smile on her face recover.

She said to Luo Qingning and Luo Qian, “Lets go to the dining table first while waiting for them.”

She even said, “Qingning, dont blame yourself too much.

Ranran is still young and so lets teach her well.”

Luo Qingning nodded and smiled before she said to Zi Yi, “Ranran is usually very obedient.

I dont know why she is so clingy to you two this time.”

Zi Yi said with a smile, “It proves that she likes me and Ah Jing a lot.”

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