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After Zi Yi said that, she turned to look in Dr.

Ellis direction.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and took out a folder from the briefcase next to him and passed it to her.

“Miss Zi can take a look at the two nuclear weapons I casually designed.

Perhaps you might be interested.”

Zi Yi looked at the folder but did not have any intentions to take it.


Ellis kept his hands outstretched and the atmosphere turned into a standstill…

The man seated next to Dr.

Ellis remained silent.

It was as though it was none of his business if Dr.

Ellis failed to convince Zi Yi.

Just then, Lu Jingye suddenly spoke and his tone of voice contained a strong momentum.


Ellis, my wife only studies because she is interested in that particular topic.

If you are planning to impose something on her that she dislikes, Im afraid I will not allow such things to happen.”

Following that, he turned to Zi Yi and asked, “Do you want to go back now”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Mom made some desserts for me.

I want to go back and eat them.”

Subsequently, both of them stood up from their seats.

Looking at the two individuals making their way out, Dr.

Ellis, who was still sitting there, furrowed his eyebrows.

While they were making their way out, he said, “Since Miss Zi is interested in many disciplines, you should also know that many of the majors in A.Uni in Country A far surpasses M.Uni.

You dont necessarily need to be a researcher in developing nuclear weapons.

There are also technicians and this field includes computer technology.

If Miss Zi is willing, you can transfer to our Information Technology University to study.”

Zi Yi stopped and turned to look at him as she said with a straight face, “I wonder if Dr.

Ellis has ever heard of the phrasethe tables have turned.

Its possible that some of the majors in Country A are stronger than M.Uni, but it doesnt mean you would always surpass us… I feel that in at most a year, M.Uni will be surpassing A.Uni.”

After she said her piece, she left the room together with Lu Jingye.

Looking at the closed door, Dr.

Ellis could not hold his temper in anymore and he slammed the folder onto the table.


Ellis, why the need to get angry” the man seated next to him suddenly said.

His tone of voice carried an imposing aura.


Ellis body trembled for a second before he carefully checked the mans expression.

Only then, did he say, “This Zi Yi isnt tactful at all.

I feel that we wont be able to convince her like this.”

The man seemed to have anticipated this result and his expression seemed calm.

“It doesnt matter.”


Ellis looked at him in surprise.

“Why doesnt it matter”

The man did not answer him.

He stood up and headed towards the door.

After Zi Yi and Lu Jingye got in the car, Lu Jingye said, “The man seated next to Dr.

Ellis has clearly suppressed his strong aura.

Hes not Dr.

Ellis assistant.

He should be someone sent by Country A.”

“What are they planning to do”

Lu Jingye held her hand and said, “No matter what they are thinking of doing, well just strike first and gain the upper hand.”

Zi Yi tilted her head in his direction and asked, “What are your plans”

Lu Jingye smiled and said, “It just so happens that theres an infectious virus going around these days.

If they will be staying here for some time, then well make them get infected.”

By striking first and gaining the upper hand, he would not have to worry that these people would have the spare energy to scheme against his wife.

Zi Yi also smiled when she heard his plan.

She discovered that her man also knew how to act like a villain sometimes.

The news of an infectious virus going around the capital had soon spread around in private.

Moreover, the spreading got even worse.

In particular, the bar street was suddenly sealed.

The higher-ups gave a statement that the bar streets needed to be re-organized and will be closed for three days.

However, this story became even more terrifying as it spread around.

For a moment, the whole capital was in a panic.

“Now that this matter has become so serious, is there someone behind it who is deliberately fanning the flames”

When Zi Yi returned from work, Mrs.

Lu mentioned this incident to her.

“In fact, I feel that there arent many cases of people who are infected with this virus.

Why did the story spread around to become so frightening”

“Someone did it on purpose.”

Zi Yi accompanied Mrs.

Lu and sat on the sofa.

Lu Jingye and Second Master Lu had yet to return.

Zi Yi ate the snacks Mrs.

Lu prepared for her and said, “Mom, dont worry.

Usually, for this type of incident, the rumors are always even more exaggerated than the truth.

It will soon be clarified.”


Lu nodded her head.

She had somehow always believed in what Zi Yi said.

Zi Yi changed the topic and said, “Mom, didnt you mention that your best friend was coming during these two days Why isnt she here yet”

“I got her to delay their arrival,” Mrs.

Lu said, “After all, they have a child with them and if something really does happen, I would feel bad.”

Zi Yi agreed with her actions.

“My teacher will be able to create the cure for the virus very soon.

When it is created, you can call your best friend to come over.”

“Mhmm… Her surname is Luo and she is someone who is…”


Lu started telling Zi Yi her stories with her best friend with a smile on her face.

Zi Yi paid attention to what she was saying and would occasionally say a few remarks.

Both of them waited until the father and son returned for dinner.

A weeks time passed by very quickly.

The country took out the cure for the virus and at the same time, it started going after and arresting those who spread false rumors on the internet.

Professor Tang said in an interview with the reporters, “This type of virus has never appeared before and this was the reason why we were unable to come up with a treatment plan right away.

Since we were able to develop a cure in such a short period of time, it proves that this virus is similar to common influenza.

“Some people are wantonly spreading rumors and the reason we didnt step out is that we wish to take out strong evidence.

Right now, I wish to ask these people; what kind of mentality did you have when you were spreading those rumors”

In a certain study room in Country D.

A coffee cup was smashed on the ground.

Several people standing opposite the person looked at the spilled coffee and the smashed cup, and none of them dared to breathe.

“A bunch of fools.

Why did Chinas Robot R&D Center come and bite us in the back”

The people standing opposite lowered their heads and did not dare to reply.

Hanks chest heaved up and down in anger.

Looking at the group of people standing in front of him, he got annoyed with them and chased them out as though they were flies.

“Get out of here.”

The group of people hastily made their way outside.

The moment the door closed, there was a suddenly static sound on the big screen next to him.

Shortly after, he saw a man wearing a black coat and it blocked his face from appearing on the screen.

The man said, “Mr.

Hank seems to be rather angry.”

Hank kept a straight face and did not answer.

However, the man laughed.

After he finished laughing, he said, “Ive said it before, if you want to compete with that woman with robot technology, the whole robot team in Country D is not at her level.”

Hanks expression looked even more ugly.

He stared sharply at the man and said, “If Im right, you were the culprit behind the infectious virus going around China”

“Yes.” The man did not have the intention to conceal anything as he said, “I only wanted to create a little trouble on the other side.

Its normal that they are able to solve it so quickly.”

“Who resolved it That woman named Zi Yi”

“Why does she have such capabilities”

“Because… shes not from Earth.”

When Hank heard this piece of news, it was not known what he had thought.

His expression instantly changed and he said, “Shes the same type of species as you”

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