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Engineer Yang anxiously explained, “No, I didnt.

At that time, my mind was in a blank state and my body was being controlled.”

Deputy Director Huang sneered and Engineer Yangs body trembled involuntarily.

Zi Yi tilted her head to look at Deputy Director Huang.

His expression was as though he hates evil and his gaze was as if he was facing their enemy.

She said to Mr.

Tang, “Why dont we bring out the surveillance on Team Leader Lis side I feel that theres something wrong with this Team Leader Li.”

Speaking of this, she purposely paused for a second and made eye contact with Deputy Director Huang.

He felt his heart clenching tightly, but his face still looked calm.

“I agree with what Little Zi said.”

Zi Yi smiled.

“Since Deputy Director Huang agrees, Ill really bring out the surveillance~”

With that, she snapped her finger in the air and a virtual screen appeared while everyone was staring at her.

Other than Mr.

Tang, everyone else revealed a surprised expression.

“Little Zi, how did you bring this virtual screen inside”

While Deputy Director Huang asked that question, his voice unconsciously tightened.

His heart started beating faster as he tried his best to think about whether there was any monitoring equipment in Team Leader Lis room.

After thinking for a few seconds, he was at ease.

There was a signal barrier in Team Leader Lis room and nothing could be detected.

Zi Yi quickly brought out a virtual keyboard and her ten fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard.

When the scene of what happened last night along with the sound was played in front of everyone through the virtual screen, Deputy Director Huang knew that he was dead meat.

Before everyone could react, he suddenly dashed toward Zi Yis direction.

When Deputy Director Huangs body shot out, the group of people who were about to rush over ended up standing rooted to their positions.

They looked at the robot that suddenly appeared and gave Deputy Director Huang a kick and following that, the robot swiftly dashed toward Deputy Director Huang to restrain him.

Deputy Director Huang did not even have the opportunity to struggle.

He felt an excruciating pain in his arm and when the sound of a bone cracking was heard, his arm had been dislocated.


Tang looked at Deputy Director Huang and said to Director Zheng, “Go and arrest Team Leader Li.

Both of them will be handed over to the higher-ups for interrogation.”

Deputy Director Huang knew that he was dead meat, but he still wanted to try and struggle.


Tang, Im not the one.

Someone must be trying to frame me.

Ive been working for the base for so many years.

Dont you know my personality”

Speaking of this, he looked at Zi Yi with reddened eyes.

“She must be the culprit.

She possesses cutting-edge robot technology and she can do anything she likes in the base.

She must be the spy.”

Zi Yis lips curved up and she said, “Youve used the trick of a robber acting like a cop very well.”

She then put away the virtual screen and looked at him coldly.

Unexpectedly, Deputy Director Huang felt a chill run down his spine from her gaze.

Soon, Deputy Director Huang was brought away.


Tang walked to Zi Yi and said to the five engineers who were still in a confused state, “Do you know why I had brought Little Zi here”

The engineers suddenly recovered their senses and looked at Zi Yi with a complicated expression.


Tang said, “Little Zi alone can compete against the whole lab.

Your skills are merely small tricks in her eyes.”

Having said that, he pointed at the man standing next to Zi Yi and said, “This is the robot she made.”


Tang continued to speak, “When you entered the lab, you had signed a life-and-death contract of not betraying the country, and not revealing any information from here.

Following on, I hope that you can continue abiding by that.

If not…”

He did not finish saying the second half of his sentence.

He was originally a leader who seemed to be easy to get along with.

Even though he did not finish making the threat, it somehow was even more of a deterrent.

The five engineers hastily nodded their heads.

Right now, they had received an even stronger shock than when they realized that Deputy Director Huang was the spy.

Their minds were buzzing and chaotic.

Zi Yi spoke at this moment.

“Theres still one month to go.

I will only be staying here for another half a month.

During this period of time, I will lead you and complete an upgraded Moonlight.”

After catching Deputy Director Huang and Team Leader Li, the evidence was soon obtained from interrogation.

When Country D was still asking China to hand over Zi Yi and Lu Jingye, the latter had already taken out the confessions and evidence of Deputy Director Huang and Team Leader Li.

At the same time, Lu Jingye took out evidence that the man Country D caught was already dead.

Without any more strong pieces of evidence, this matter seemed to have ended like that.

In the following period of time, Zi Yi no longer acted like a bystander and she managed to finish the upgraded version of Moonlight rather quickly.

Even the bottlenecks the engineers encountered previously had been successfully solved by Zi Yi.

In the blink of an eye, it was the weekend afternoon

Zi Yi went to the appointment she had with Dr.


Both of them arranged to meet at a fancy coffee shop.

The weekend in the capital was bustling with activity and there were many people inside the coffee shop.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye made their way inside, they immediately became the focus of attention.

“Isnt that Second Young Master Lu and Miss Zi I didnt expect to run into them here.”

“Second Young Master Lu is so handsome! Miss Zi is so gorgeous!”

“As expected, they are the perfect couple.”

The both of them headed to the booked room under the staff members lead.

Along the way, many people were whispering about them.

There were a few rooms in the coffee shop.


Ellis had already arrived and was waiting in one of the rooms.

Besides Dr.

Ellis, there was a man who appeared to be in his thirties or forties seated next to him.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye appeared at the door, Dr.

Ellis greeted both of them.


Lu, Miss Zi.

Good afternoon.

Come in and have a seat.”

Both of them came in and sat opposite the man and Dr.


The man seated next to Dr.

Ellis was wearing casual clothes and looked taciturn.

He merely nodded at them and did not have the intention to speak.


Ellis introduced him.

“This is also my assistant.

You can address him as Hunter.”

Zi Yi did not care, but Lu Jingye and Hunter had made eye contact.

Following that, both men sat there in silence and acted as though they would not speak.

Zi Yi cut to the chase.


Ellis has been wanting to meet me time and time again.

I dont believe you just wish to accept me as your student.”


Ellis clearly did not expect Zi Yi to take the initiative.

After losing the initiative, he could only continue speaking with a serious expression, “Miss Zi, youve thought of this thing in a complicated manner.

I sincerely just wish to take you in as my student.”

Zi Yis lips curved up.

“I didnt take any subject related to the topic you are researching and it could be said that all my majors also have nothing related to your research.

Why does Dr.

Ellis think Im suitable to become your student”

“What I like is Miss Zis talent in learning.

You were able to learn so many subjects in a single semester and win all the scholarships.

This feat has already proved your abilities.”


Ellis continued to speak, “It doesnt matter if you were not knowledgeable about nuclear in the past.

I believe youll excel in it if you learn.”

Zi Yi laughed at his words.

“However, I dont like this.”

Having said that, she casually glanced at Hunter seated next to him.

She continued to speak afterwards, “Im not interested in this topic and so how could I possibly excel Dont tell me Dr.

Ellis is planning to force me to learn while holding a weapon against my neck”

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