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Zi Yi wanted to stand closer to see Dou Yuruis situation more clearly.

At the sight of Zi Yi coming closer, Dou Yurui quickly retreated.

“Cousin Yiyi, dont come over.

Im pretty sure this is contagious.

Stay away from me.”

“Its fine, it wont spread to me.” Zi Yi took out a circular ball and threw it in the air.

Immediately after, an invisible barrier covered Dou Yurui.

She then led Dou Yurui down to the underground lab.

This was Dou Yuruis first time going into Zi Yis underground lab.

As soon as she went in, there was a corridor where the end could not be seen.

On both sides of the corridor were different laboratories.

The walls were all made of transparent materials so everything inside the lab could be clearly seen.

There were all kinds of different experiment equipment she had never seen before, robots who were doing experiments, all kinds of experimental carriers, and ongoing chemical reactions.

Dou Yurui could not hold herself back anymore and asked, “How many different kinds of experiments are you doing here”

Zi Yi led her inside.

They walked for a few minutes and stopped outside one of the laboratories.

Zi Yi pressed a button near the door and it opened.

She then took a step inside first.

Dou Yurui remained standing outside as she did not dare to take a step.

Everything inside was of cutting-edge technology and she was suddenly worried that she could not afford to compensate if she were to damage anything.

After Zi Yi made her way inside, she directly headed to the operating bed and brought up a virtual screen.

Subsequently, a series of data appeared on it.

After the data finished flashing, the screen turned blue.

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at Dou Yurui standing outside the door.

“Cousin, come in.”

Only then did Dou Yurui carefully make her way inside.

Zi Yi pointed at the operating bed beside her and said, “Lie down here.

Ill check the toxins in your body.”

Dou Yurui walked over and lay down.

“The test will last half an hour.

If youre tired, you can take a short nap first.”

She suddenly had a thought that the disease she was infected with did not seem to be serious at all.

At the thought of this, Dou Yurui realized that she was really exhausted.

As soon as she closed her eyes, she fell asleep.

Zi Yi finished setting up the program and the robot soon extracted Dou Yuruis blood and skin cells.

Just then, Lu Jingye came in from outside and told her, “Right now, there are more than two dozen people with this infectious disease in the city.

The higher-ups are paying more attention to this.

Zi Yi nodded her head and the two of them looked at the virtual screen in front of her.

The data was constantly fluctuating.

Around five minutes or so later, the blood test and analysis of the skin cells were completed.

Zi Yi took a glance and said to Lu Jingye, “There is a toxin that is extracted from poisonous algae found in the deep sea and the toxin of the worm races mucus.”

Lu Jingye furrowed his brows.

“The culprit behind this is that male worm”

“Yes… the worm race is a vengeful race.

In particular, since we killed the female worm.”

“Is this type of poison easy to detoxify”

“It is, but there are two types of medicinal ingredients that are a little hard to find.”

“What are the medicinal ingredients”

Zi Yi told him the names of the two ingredients.

Lu Jingye nodded his head.

“Ill send someone to look for it right away.”

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment and quickly created a list on the virtual screen.

“In case you cant find those two medicinal ingredients, you can send someone to prepare these things for me.

I can extract the elements I need from these ingredients and its the same if I create them through chemical reactions.

After Zi Yi said that, she sent the list to Lu Jingyes phone.

He took out his phone and took a glance before sending it out.

When they were done, both of them looked at Dou Yurui who was lying on the bed.

Lu Jingye asked, “Are you planning to keep your cousin here”


Ive developed a medicine that can suppress hundreds of poisons before, Ill have her eat it later.

The red spots on her body will subside tomorrow morning.

As long as the antidote can be developed within a week, shell be completely fine.”

“What will happen if the antidote cant be developed in time”

“Nothing much.

At most, she would feel the whole process of the disease attacking her body.”

Lu Jingye realized that he was the only one who was nervous.

Zi Yi seemed to have sensed his thoughts and suddenly chuckled before she explained, “The infectious diseases on Earth are not exactly a big deal.

As long as I can find the source of the infection, I can create the antidote.

The reason why other people cant create the antidote is that the medical equipment is too backward and many elements cannot be extracted.

Whats really terrifying is interstellar viruses.

The source of the virus cannot be found at all.”

Lu Jingyes lips could not help but curve up.

He raised his hand and touched her face.

Zi Yi rubbed her face in his palms and said, “We can wake her up now.”

Dou Yurui was a little confused when she woke up.

“Cousin Yiyi, have you finished the examination for me”


The check-up is done.”

Zi Yi pointed to the medicine and water placed on the side and said, “Take this medicine first.

It can suppress the poison in your body for a week.

I will create the antidote in a week.”

Dou Yurui got even more confused.

“Thats all”

Zi Yi nodded her head and her tone of voice sounded light.

“Yes, thats all.”

She thought that at the very least, she had to be isolated and she would suffer plenty from the toxin attacks.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye waited for Dou Yurui to finish the medicine and arranged a room for her.

Following that, they went to rest.

The next morning, Zi Yi passed Dou Yurui a bottle of medicine.

“Take these to your colleagues.

As for the remaining ones, you can give them to infected individuals that you encounter along the way who are suffering from the same symptoms.

However, you should keep them under control.

When I make the antidote, I will get someone to send them over.”

Lu Jingye added and said, “Dont mention that Yiyi is involved in this for the time being.”

Dou Yurui glanced at Lu Jingye and knew that this incident was definitely not as simple as it seemed.

She nodded and said, “I understand.”

Dou Yurui left soon after.

Zi Yi contacted Elder Tang and told him about this incident.

Elder Tang was already aware of this situation.

He was preparing to study this infectious disease with several other traditional Chinese medicine organizations.

He didnt spect Zi Yi to already have a countermeasure and he immediately agreed to her plan.

Zi Yi headed out to the Robot R&D Center.

The moment she entered the building, she smelled a strange smell.

She asked the engineers who were making preparations, “Whats that smell”

“Zi Yi, isnt your nose too sensitive” Engineer Yang smiled triumphantly.

“Its my perfume.

A males scent!”

Her Ah Jing had never sprayed such pungent perfumes before and as it turns out, there were such perfumes.

“How is it Doesnt it smell good”

Zi Yi looked at him sullenly and warned him.

“Dont get too close to me.

I cant take the scent of this perfume.”

The other four engineers did not hold back at all and started laughing loudly.


“See what I told you You suddenly started spraying perfume and Zi Yi definitely cant stand it.

To be honest, Zi Yis not the only one.

All of us cant take it either.”

After Engineer Chu said that, he quickly increased his distance from Engineer Yang.

The other three engineers also stayed far away from him.

Engineer Yang clicked his tongue.

He felt that these people were just jealous of him.

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