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Engineer Yang only wanted to hold hands with Team Leader Li when he got so unlucky enough to sprain his waist.

Since he was able to take such advantage of Team Leader Li today, how could he be willing to leave

Team Leader Li put her hands on his shoulders and her tone of voice contained a hint of dissatisfaction.

“Was the lunch and dinner I prepared for you delicious”

Engineer Yang did not immediately notice what she said.

His blood was boiling.

As someone who had been a virgin for thirty years, the only thought he had in mind was to take advantage of Team Leader Li.

It was only a few seconds later that he vaguely responded.

“It was delicious.”

“Really” Team Leader Li asked, “Did you finish all the food”

Engineer Yang anxiously tried to reach his hand into her clothes.

“I finished it.”

Finally, a trace of displeasure flashed across Team Leader Lis face before disappearing.

She suddenly blew a breath of air in his ear and whispered, “Get off early from work tomorrow.

Ill bring you to my dormitory.”

The moment Engineer Yang heard that, his body trembled with excitement.

He hastily raised his head from her shoulder and nodded repeatedly.

“Ok, ok!”

Team Leader Li tidied up her clothes and said, “Go back early tonight.

Your colleagues will definitely come looking for you later.”

Following that, she took out a cross pendant and passed it to him.

“I specially bought it for you.”

Engineer Yang looked at the pendant Team Leader Li handed him and he was absolutely elated.

He hastily took the pendant and looked at it closer before he said in surprise, “Why does it seem like something is moving inside”

“Thats glitter powder.

I had it added inside.

Doesnt it look beautiful”

Since Team Leader Li said that it looked beautiful, Engineer Yang would certainly agree with her.

“Yes, its beautiful.”

Team Leader Li smiled and said, “Then you should always wear it on you.

You can regard it as always having me by your side… Hurry and go back, you still have work tomorrow, so dont tire yourself out.”

Engineer Yang was captivated by Team Leader Lis gentleness and he put the pendant in his chest pocket before he took his leave.

After Engineer Yang left, the smile on Team Leader Lis face disappeared and she turned around.

She then headed in the other direction.

The first thing she did when she returned to her dormitory was to take a shower.

After she finished showering, she saw a man standing by the bed.

Team Leader Li only had a bath towel wrapped around her body.

She was delighted at the sight of the man and hurried over as she hugged his waist from behind.

She then leaned her head on his back and her tone of voice contained traces of grievance.

“Did you see how that guy took advantage of me Im disgusted to death.”

The man did not turn around, but he gently appeased her.

“Its been hard on you.”

Team Leader Li felt a little better deep down inside and she asked, “Can I stop being in contact with that engineer from tomorrow evening onwards… Hes so ugly and short and acts as though he has never seen a woman before in his entire life.

He even wanted to sleep with me just after meeting me a few times!”

Speaking of this, Team Leader Li recalled the scene where Engineer Yang gnawed on her shoulder and she felt nauseated.

Her hands on the mans waist reached the buckle of his belt.

She wanted to have the man in front of her remove the disgusting feeling that the engineer gave her.

However, as soon as she was about to unbuckle his belt, the man stopped her hand and spoke in displeasure.

“Its dangerous here.

Do you want our relationship to be exposed”

“But…” Team Leader Li felt even more aggrieved.

The mans voice turned gentle.

“As long as this matter is complete, Ill take you abroad.

At that time, Ill be yours.”

Team Leader Lis heartbeat suddenly accelerated and she asked, “Really”


I have a villa abroad and you will then become the female owner of it.

I will let you live a life of luxury.”

“However, you still have to follow the plan tomorrow night.

Its the only way we can get out of here faster.”

The man removed her hand and left after he said his piece.

Team Leader Li looked at his back and placed her hands on her chest.

She imagined the scene of her living with her beloved in a foreign country, and living the life of a wealthy lady, and the corner of her lips curved up unconsciously.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye returned to the villa near M.Uni today.

She wanted to check what kind of poison those people on the bar street were inflicted with.

The robot in the lab had already gotten the results.

Zi Yi took a glance at the results and said to Lu Jingye, “The poison they were inflicted with can be transmitted, but it will remain latent for a week.”

After Lu Jingye heard what she said, he unconsciously furrowed his brow.

“What kind of reaction will this poison cause”

“At the beginning, there will be red spots all over the body.

In slightly serious cases, their whole body will start shaking and they will get hallucinations.

For the more serious cases, they will die.”

“Can you detoxify the poison”

“I can, but I need someone who is poisoned for me to research on.”

Lu Jingye furrowed his brow further upon hearing what she said.

She was currently pregnant and he did not wish for her to be involved at all.

Both of them came out of the lab and were about to rest for the day, when Zi Yis phone rang.

The call was from Dou Yurui.

Dou Yuruis voice sounded a little anxious.

“Cousin Yiyi, can you recommend me a doctor that treats skin diseases”

Zi Yi was a little surprised.

“Whats wrong Is there something wrong with your skin”


There are many red spots on my skin that suddenly appeared during these past few days.

I wanted to find a doctor to get a check-up.”

Zi Yi furrowed her brow and she asked, “Where are you right now”

“Im at the workplace.” Dou Yurui said, “Ive been too busy these days and I havent had time to go home.”

Zi Yi was relieved and asked, “Other than you, does anyone else in your unit have the same symptoms”


The whole group of us are showing the same symptoms.” Speaking of this, Dou Yuruis voice sounded more constricted.

“Cousin Yiyi, do you think we are infected with some kind of virus from the corpse”

Zi Yi responded affirmatively and did not hide it from her.

“Come to the courtyard of my villa near M.Uni… Forget it, Ill get someone to fetch you.”

After hanging up the phone, Zi Yi called out Shadow II.

“Immediately head to the forensic department to pick up my cousin.”

Shadow II drove out with Zi Yis racing car.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye sat on the sofa.

Both their expressions looked very serious.

Zi Yi said with certainty, “This has been done by either Country D or Country A.”

“Mhmm.” Lu Jingye held her hand.

“We should inform Father about this first.

If this is really something that either of the two countries did, we cannot settle it in private.”

Lu Jingye took out his phone and dialed his Fathers phone number.

Second Master Lu and Lu Jingye were on the same wavelength.

They would not allow Zi Yi to settle this problem in private.

“Little Zi, you can give your cousin a check-up first.

Ill report this incident to the higher-ups right away and they will come forward when the time comes.

Little Zi, its best that you dont do anything.”

After hanging up the phone, Lu Jingye said, “If this problem becomes serious, many other things will happen and its not convenient for us to step out then.”

What Lu Jingye meant was appeasing the citizens.

Zi Yi nodded her head.

After thinking for a moment, she said, “Then Ill break down this type of poison first and create the antidote.

When the time comes, Ill hand it to Teacher and the rest.”

They did not have to wait for long before Shadow II brought Dou Yurui over.

There were red spots in many different places on her skin, but her mind was still sober, which proved that the poison had not been active for a very long period of time.

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