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The four men who were looking at Zi Yi asked, “Whats wrong, does it taste bad”

Zi Yi was amused by their questions.

She took a bite and said, “No, its delicious.”

The expressions on their faces turned even more sour.

Engineer Chu snorted and said, “Engineer Yang has surely gotten lucky.

In just two days time, he managed to take down Team Leader Li.”

Zi Yi did not answer his comment.

After all, this was a matter between the two of them and she was not in the position to say anything.

They continued doing work in the afternoon.

After some changes and upgrades, Moonlights functions increased.

The four engineers were preparing to test Moonlight.

“Moonlight, invisible mode.”

Looking at the invisible Moonlight, there were finally smiles on the engineers faces.

At the same time, all sorts of ideas surfaced in their minds.

Engineer Chu made a suggestion.

“Why dont we get Moonlight to take a walk inside the base and see when the security system will detect him”

Engineer Peng said, “Thats so boring.

Why dont we get Moonlight to see how Old Yang is doing”

Engineer Meng, and Engineer Chu said, “I agree.”

Zi Yi saw through their thoughts.

What they really wanted to do was to go and check up on what Engineer Yang was doing.

However, she did not say anything to stop them.

After all, it was indeed a good idea to test out Moonlights functions.

Soon, Engineer Meng gave Moonlight an order.

“Go to our dormitory and broadcast what Engineer Yang is doing.

Dont get discovered by the bases security system.”

After Engineer Meng said that, Engineer Chu went to open the door.

At the same time, he opened the main entrance with his permission level.

The others stood in front of the controller that was connected to Moonlight.

They watched the situation outside the building through the display system linked to Moonlight.

As Moonlight was currently invisible, he did not get discovered by anyone when he went out.

Zi Yi was a little surprised.

“Moonlight is able to escape all the detectors”

Zi Yi was well aware of Moonlights abilities.

According to reason, it was still a little difficult for him to avoid all the detectors here.

Unless the higher-ups had given special orders and lowered the security level on purpose it wasnt possible for him to remain completely undetected.

“Well… we walk through this road every single day and we are well aware of which places have monitoring and detection equipment.

Therefore, we had set up a route program for Moonlight in advance.”

So based on what they were saying, they had already planned this ages ago.

After Moonlight avoided all the monitoring and detection equipment, he soon arrived at the lobby of their dormitory.

It then went up the building and stopped outside a room on the third floor.

Unexpectedly, the door to Engineer Yangs room was half-closed.

Engineer Chu giggled and said, “Coincidentally, it saves us the trouble of thinking how to get Moonlight to get inside the room.”

Soon, Moonlight made his way inside the room.

All of them had a room to themselves.

When they saw how clean and tidy Engineer Yangs room was, the other engineers felt jealous again.

Engineer Peng said, “When did this lads room become so tidy and neat He must be waiting for Team Leader Li to visit him later and purposely cleaned his room.”

The room was a suite with a small living room, a bedroom, and a semi-opened washstand.

Moonlights field of vision looked around the small living room and finally settled on the bedroom door.

The room to the bedroom was also wide open.

Moonlights field of vision headed in that direction.

When they saw Engineer Yang lying on the bed with a pair of underpants and without a quilt cover, the four engineers subconsciously blocked Zi Yis line of sight.

“How restless is Old Yang To think that hes lying there naked without a quilt.”

“I didnt expect Old Yang to be an exhibitionist in private.”

“It seems like I had belittled Old Yang.

Not only is he an exhibitionist, but he also didnt even close the door.

Was he waiting for someone to visit him”

“F*ck! Hes too shameless!”

Zi Yi whose vision was blocked had narrowed her eyes.

She had caught a glance at Engineer Yangs face earlier.

His complexion did not seem right.

She thought for a moment and said, “Are you all planning to continue looking at Engineer Yang sleeping naked”

The men collectively spat in distaste.

Engineer Peng said, “Move Moonlight to the living room and wait.

Looking at his shameless sleeping position, Im pretty sure someone will go and visit him later.”

Engineer Chu immediately agreed.

“Thats right.

We have to protect Old Yangs chastity.”

These four people must have been soaked in lemon these days, every comment they made was so sour.

As someone who was married, Zi Yi simply could not understand the feelings of the four single otakus.

Soon, Moonlight headed to the living room.

All of them widened their eyes and waited.

Zi Yi found it too boring to wait and so, she turned around to the other materials.

After she had worked on the materials for around an hour or so, she even went to enjoy some snacks.

When it was almost time to knock off from work, she walked over to the four men standing there who were about to turn into stones and asked, “Did anyone enter Engineer Yangs room”

The engineers suddenly recovered their senses.

Engineer Peng touched his face and seemed a little unwilling to admit defeat.

“We waited all afternoon but no one came in.”

On the other hand, Engineer Chu seemed to have detected something amiss.

“Since no one came, why did Old Yang leave the door open Moreover, didnt he sleep for a little too long”

Engineer Chu made a guess.

“It must be because he sprained his waist last night and didnt sleep a wink.

Thats why hes sleeping like a pig right now.”

The thermos flask that Team Leader Li had prepared for Engineer Yang was brought over by Engineer Meng.

He said to the others, “When I brought the food over for him in the afternoon, he woke up and ate some.

However, I cant remember if I had closed the door for him when I left.

After Engineer Meng said that, the four of them suddenly felt that it was boring.

“Get Moonlight to come back.

Its so uninteresting.

I thought that someone would go and visit him.”

In fact, they wished that no one had gone to visit Engineer Yang.

Engineer Meng ordered Moonlight to come back.

It just so happened to be time for dinner and the four of them left to eat.

Zi Yi purposely left later.

She walked to Moonlight and checked up on him for a short while before she left.


Tang was available today and he was the one who sent her out of the base today.

After Zi Yi got into the car, the first thing she did was to say, “Get your men to pay more attention to Engineer Yang and Team Leader Li.”


Tangs expression turned serious.

“Did you discover anything”

“Mhmm.” Zi Yi thought for a moment before she said, “Engineer Yangs complexion seemed off.

He seems to have been poisoned.”


Tang pondered for a few seconds and nodded his head.

“Ok, I understand.”

When the engineers were making their way back to the dormitory at night, Engineer Chu suddenly made a suggestion.

“Old Yang has spent the whole day in his room.

Why dont we go and visit him”

Even though they were jealous, he was, after all, a teammate whom they had hung out with for half a year together.

It was impossible for them to really ignore him.

However, when Engineer Gong knocked on Engineer Yangs room, there was no movement even after a long time.

“Hmm Dont tell me Old Yang went out”

“Knock again.

Perhaps hes fallen asleep.”

He increased his force and knocked a few more times.

However, there was still no movement inside.

“Dont tell me he went on a date with Team Leader Li again”

In the end, the four of them lost interest and went back to their rooms.

Engineer Yang had indeed left to look for Team Leader Li.

Both of them were standing in a dark corner and playing kissing games.

Team Leader Li pushed the man who was burying his head in her shoulder and said, “You should go back.”

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