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Country A was purposely provoking them that day, but they could not take out any evidence.

The other party did not launch the missiles into their territorial waters and this matter can only be left alone just like that.

“Theyre intending to forget it just like that”

Zi Yi furrowed her eyebrows with displeasure.

“Dont tell me Father and Third Uncle can swallow this anger”

“They cant make rash movements at this time.”

Country A was doing a military exercise and the firepower they displayed was the most advanced, technologically, worldwide.

If they moved on their end, Country A would have an excuse to counterattack.

The consequences were unimaginable and the country had many things to take into consideration.

Zi Yi snorted and did not say anything else.

After they returned, both of them accompanied Mrs.

Lu for dinner.

After dinner, Zi Yi went out to have a walk with Mrs.

Lu in the backyard.


Lu was a little out of sorts these two days.

A while after she started strolling with Zi Yi, she did not manage to hold back her thoughts and asked Zi Yi, “I wonder whats the situation at your Fathers side I saw that the situation between the two countries is a little tense lately.

Will there be a fight”

“It wont happen.” Zi Yi analyzed the situation for her.

“Even though our Countrys comprehensive strength is weaker than Country A, we cant be underestimated in terms of our nuclear weapons.

At most, they would do some dirty actions to disgust us but they would not dare to really take any action.”

After Mrs.

Lu heard Zi Yis analysis, she was finally a little at ease.

However, she still said, “I can still get to know about the situation on your Fathers side through the news, but there isnt any news on Yunxiaos end since the very moment he left.”

Zi Yi held Mrs.

Lus arm and said, “Mom, dont worry.

Yunxiao does keep in contact with Ah Jing and I can also get into contact with the invisible robots that are protecting him.

Hes currently hiding and hell be fine.”

“Im glad that hes not in danger.”

Zi Yi knew that just one or two words from her could not possibly remove all of Mrs.

Lus worries and so, she changed the topic and talked about interesting things that happened in the lab.

When Mrs.

Lu heard that Zi Yi taught the engineers a lesson, she laughed out loud.

After they finished their stroll, Mrs.

Lu got Zi Yi to go back and take a rest.

“Youve been busy for this period of time, you should go to bed early tonight.”

Zi Yi had some things to do and after she said good night to Mrs.

Lu, she went up to the second floor.

At the same time, she had pulled Lu Jingye to follow her.

“Lets go and check up on what Father and Third Uncle are doing.”

After walking into the study room, Zi Yi took out the virtual screen and quickly connected to the control room of the warship Second Master Lu and Third Master Lu were on.

At this moment, Third Master Lu was currently stomping his feet.

“You wont let me do this or that, if this continues, well become soft persimmons and be easily kneaded like dough by them!”

Several of the subordinates seated around him wisely chose to be invisible.

Second Master Lu was seated on a chair and he asked with a stern expression, “How do you plan to retaliate Fight with them openly Or do you want to intercept their missiles”

Country As military exercise was the focus worldwide and as long as they did not launch missiles into their territory, it would only be a military exercise.

Whoever takes an action would be regarded as purposely sabotaging their display.

Third Master Lu was so angry that he kicked the table in the conference room, causing the heavy table to shift half a meter to the side.

The teacup rocked left and right, looking as though it was about to tip over when Second Master Lu quickly grabbed it.

Second Master Lu lectured him.

“You better keep hold of your temper!”

“Father, Third Uncle, good evening~”

The sudden greeting caused everyone to subconsciously look at the screen.

When he saw Zi Yi and Lu Jingye reflected on the screen, Third Master Lus eyes brightened up and he asked without a second thought, “Little Zi, do you have any way to help us vent this anger I cant take it anymore!”

Second Master Lu did not expect Third Master Lu to ask this question in front of everyone and he hastily warned him in a serious tone.

“Third Brother, stop with the nonsense.”

Third Master Lu also finally reacted and realized that it was not suitable to ask this question in front of everyone and he tried laughing it off.

“Arent I just turning to any doctor in a desperate situation”

Following that, he tried asking Lu Jingye, “Jingye, do you have any ideas for us to extinguish Country As arrogance”

Second Master Lu said sternly, “Third Brother.

Thats enough.

Well take care of this matter ourselves.”

Following that, he said to the rest, “Go down and get ready.

As long as Country A doesnt enter our territorial waters, no one is allowed to do anything else.”

The group of people stood up and left the room.

The moment they closed the door, Zi Yi looked at the two mens ugly expressions and said, “Father, Third Uncle.

Actually, its easy to vent this anger without anyone knowing.”

Third Master Lu was excited after hearing that.

“Really What should we do”

However, Second Master Lu furrowed his eyebrows.

“Little Zi, you dont have to intervene in this matter.”

Third Master Lu looked at Second Master Lu and wanted to say something.

However, he was stopped by Second Master Lus sharp gaze.

Third Master Lu could only sit down while fuming in anger.

“Alright, alright.

Well just continue enduring this.

After all, its not the first or second time we have submitted to such humiliation.”

Second Master Lus frown tightened and his expression looked even more stern.

He clenched his fists and said, “Our country is developing at a rapid pace and there will be a day when we surpass Country A, and have everyone respect us.”

Third Master Lu sneered.

“Second Brother, do you believe in what you just said When we are desperately developing our missiles, perhaps Country A might have already built spaceships and headed to another planet to develop civilization there.

At that time, they can simply blow up Earth whenever they feel like it.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

Seeing that the two brothers were about to get into an argument, Zi Yi tugged Lu Jingyes sleeve.

Lu Jingye called out to the two men, “Father, Third Uncle.”

He successfully stopped the impending quarrel.

“I feel that we can let Little Zi have a try.”

He had faith that his wife was able to do it.

Second Master Lu furrowed his eyebrows.

“The whole world is paying attention to Country As military exercise.

If the other party were to discover anything, it would be very troublesome for Little Zi.”

“They wont discover anything.” Zi Yi said, “Ill use other identities to take action.

Father and Third Uncle only have to act as though you dont know anything.”

“No.” Second Master Lu was still worried.

“The news of you helping Third Brother to deal with the pirates got out and if you were to take action again this time, even if you used other identities, they would definitely be suspicious.

We cant take the risk.”

“What Father said is reasonable.”

Lu Jingye held Zi Yis hand and stopped her from talking.

“Since thats the case, well go and rest up first.”

Having said that, he motioned for Zi Yi to turn off the virtual screen.

Zi Yi looked at him with a frown.

“Are we really not going to help Father and Third Uncle Country A is so arrogant and even in my opinion, theyre so infuriating.”

“Who says we wont be helping” Lu Jingye squeezed her hand and released it.

“Country As military exercise lasts for three days and there are still five hours before it ends.

Their secret weapon will definitely be displayed at the very last minute.

Its not too late for us to do anything at that time… Right now, you can go and sleep for four hours first.”

Following that, he held her hand and they headed downstairs.

“Ill wake you up later.”

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