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Engineer Chu snorted.

“It seems like we have to teach her a lesson.

Otherwise, shell think that its easy to create a robot!”

Engineer Peng said, “If we want to teach her a lesson, we should go for something bigger.

Otherwise, she wont know where she stands.”

Speaking of this, he thought of a plan.

He purposely lowered his voice and said to the others, “Why dont we get Moonlight to get up and teach her a lesson When something happens, well just say that we havent debugged Moonlights program properly yet and something went wrong.”

Engineer Meng glanced at Zi Yi and said, “I dont think its suitable After all, shes still a young girl.”

Engineer Peng.

“Its precisely because shes a young girl that its even more insulting to us.

We are clearly the most confidential team in the Robot R&D Center.

How can Mr.

Tang just casually transfer a young girl in here”

This had made people feel extremely uncomfortable, alright!

The other three also had the same thought.

Engineer Meng thought for a moment and said, “Then be more discreet about it and dont let others discover anything.”

Engineer Chang said, “Dont worry.

Only the five of us know all of Moonlights capabilities.

As long as we keep silent, who can guess it”

The engineers made eye contact and they subconsciously surrounded Moonlight.

At the same time, they pretended to be testing the robots performance and quickly did some tricks to the program.

Their voices were very soft while they discussed playing a trick on Zi Yi and she did not hear them at all.

All of a sudden, someone shouted, “Not good! Theres something wrong with Moonlights program.

Quick, control it!”

Subsequently, another voice sounded.


Zi Yi looked up and saw four of them holding Moonlight back while another one was knocked to the ground.

The four engineers who were holding Moonlight back were also thrown down a few moments later.

Looking at the engineers who were thrown to the ground, Zi Yis lips slightly curved upward.

As to what happened to Moonlight, she had identified the problem with a single glance.

Looking at the robot heading in her direction, Zi Yi did not move either.

The engineers on the ground made eye contact and their eyes seemed to be saying: “Dont tell me shes shocked stupid”

Moonlights speed was very fast.

When it was about two meters away from Zi Yi, the screwdriver in her hand was flung out.

When the five engineers heard the screwdriver hitting against the robot, they originally felt some heartache.

However, when the robot stopped moving, they were dumbfounded.

Therefore, when Zi Yi stood up, walked over to Moonlight, and quickly opened up its control panel while swiftly pressing on it… The engineers felt as though a chill had run up their bodies to the top of their heads.

Several of them shouted at Zi Yi simultaneously, but it was already too late.

In the next second, they saw Moonlight moving again and heading toward them.

When Moonlight approached them, it gave them a punch to their stomachs.

However, this was not the end.

After Moonlight gave them a beating until they couldnt get up, it went back to Zi Yi.

She then pointed at the mechanical horse and quickly gave him commands to finish the latter parts.

The five engineers who were holding their stomachs and crying out in pain felt as though they were struck by lightning.

The Super AI robot they had spent nearly half a year researching on was actually subdued by a single screwdriver from Zi Yi.

A few of them had the urge to vomit blood.

A few leaders who had been sitting in the office and staring at the screen could not help but laugh out loud.

Deputy Director Huang said, “I didnt expect Student Zi to be so capable that she was able to make them so angry to the point of puking blood.”

Director Zhang marveled.

“Little Zis talent in mechanics is too high.

Engineer Meng and his team had spent nearly half a year creating Moonlight.

Its still in the debugging stage and yet, she could control it just like that!”

Another leader expressed his surprise.

“How did Student Zi learn all these things Ive never seen someone so talented in mechanics before.

However, if someone like that is loyal to our country, its good.

But if she were to have other thoughts, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

The others also started to be worried.

“Thats right.

Such a mechanical genius… if she were to be bought over by other countries, it would bring about an unimaginable disaster to our country.


Tang, I feel that we should control her and prevent her from leaving the base.”

“I have the same thoughts too.

In particular, during such a crucial time.

What she displayed during the robot exhibition previously has been targeted by many countries and Country D also suddenly wants to hold a robot competition.

The main reason is most likely to test our country and Zi Yi.

We cannot let other countries poach away such a genius.”

The more they talked, the more agitated they became.

It was as though Zi Yi would rely on other countries in the very next second.


Tang looked at the people seated beneath him.

After waiting for them to finish their discussion, he said with certainty, “Little Zi will not be bought over by other countries.”



Miss Zi is too young and its normal that she cant resist such temptations.

We are just afraid of it happening.”

“Thats right.

If she really has second thoughts, it would be too late if we want to control her.”

Seeing how Mr.

Tangs expression turned serious, those who wanted to continue talking quickly kept quiet.


Tang said sternly, “If you have doubts, dont use a person.

If you use them, give them your trust.

I trust Little Zi.

Moreover, I have promised her before that I wont restrict her freedom.”

She was already rather reluctant to come and coupled with Little Lus repeated warnings, how could he possibly restrict her freedom In the event that she really stopped coming in the future, it would be the loss of their research base.

He said, “Right now, we have to create a Super AI robot that can compare against Country Ds robots in the shortest time possible.

Little Zi has the skills and I feel that we should let her be in a good mood while shes here.”

Moreover, he still wanted to get Zi Yi to create a combat robot that can turn invisible.

Therefore, all the more he would not do anything that would result in her displeasure.

With Moonlight working for her, she only needed to sit there and give him commands.

Instantly, she was much more relaxed.

It just so happened that she was feeling hungry, so she stood up and headed to the lounge.

Engineer Meng and the rest waited for Zi Yi to enter the lounge before all of them ran towards Moonlight.

However, when they were halfway there, they heard Moonlights cold mechanical voice.

“Keep your distance or I wont spare my punches.”

The five of them were stupefied: “…”

It was clearly a robot they had created, so why would it have such an attitude toward them

A few of them felt like puking up blood again.

“What exactly did Zi Yi do to our robot!”

“To think that she is capable of controlling our robot.”

“F*ck! Ive never felt so wronged before in my life!”

It was as though their child had recognized someone else as their mother.

In addition, their child was treating his biological parent as an enemy.

Zi Yi came out after she had eaten a snack.

She walked over to the mechanical horse and looked at the five of them as she asked with a cold expression, “Do you accept defeat or not”

Right now, Zi Yi was exuding a powerful aura, as though she was saying: “In my eyes, youre merely so-so.”

Their expressions stiffened.

They felt so stifled, similar to someone getting humiliated and yet, they could not retaliate.

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