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With Zi Yis robots as a comparison, and coupled with the words Zi Yi said when she walked past them, the BE robot clubs team members made frequent mistakes when they were directing their robots to display their functions.

Thus, they ended up becoming an international joke.

In the end, their manager even refused Zi Yis request for an exchange of pointers with the reasoning that one of their members was unwell.

It was only because of this that they managed to escape their fate of being crushed by Zi Yis robots.

When the robot exhibition ended, the group of people secretly got into their cars and drove back to the airport.

They originally wanted to return home quietly.

However, they were blocked by the reporters at the airport.

“Hello, can I ask what your opinions are on Chinas robot exhibition”

“I heard that the BE robot club members previously wanted to exchange pointers with Miss Zis robots.

Why is your team member coincidentally feeling unwell right now”

“Weve found out that after your team alighted from the plane, you sat down and had coffee in a coffee shop for an hour.

Were you purposely trying to make everyone wait for you”

“Excuse me, why arent you answering our questions”

With how rampant they were when they came, they were equally flustered at this very moment.

In a certain special conference room.

After the group of people watched the robot exhibition, their expressions looked grim.

Just then, one of the middle-aged individuals said, “Chinas robot technology has already advanced to this standard.

Why didnt we get any news about it before”

Another middle-aged man furrowed his brow.

“We arent the only ones in the dark.

Its also the same for other countries.

I feel that there must be something fishy about this.”

“Could it be that theres a traitor in our Robot R&D team”

“We must undergo a check! If there really is a traitor, I will make China pay a huge price for this!”

A few of them felt that there was a traitor in their Robot R&D team and that the traitor had handed their confidential core technology to the other country.

They began discussing how they would deal with the traitor when the time comes and how they were going to ask China for compensation.

At this moment, the door of the conference room was pushed open and a gray-haired man walked in through the doorway.

Even though he looked old, those eyes of his were so sharp that they made people dare not make eye contact with him.

The group of people seated in the conference room immediately stood up and greeted him.

After Hank walked in, his sharp gaze swept across everyone.

In the end, his gaze stopped at the video that was on pause, which was currently showing Zi Yis robots.

He opened his mouth and spoke in an extremely chilly tone of voice.

“Ill look into this matter.”

Everyones heart sank.

They knew that Mr.

Hank was heavily influenced by his personal feelings and they were worried that he might make an irrational decision.

One of the people hastily said, “Mr.

Hank, if there is indeed a traitor, we have to find evidence first.


“I can do what you cant.” Hank interrupted him and there was no room for refusal.

“I will bear all the consequences.”

His grandchildren died and it was all because of that woman.

As their grandfather, who else but him would get justice for them

Therefore, no matter if there was a traitor or not, there must be a traitor in the end!

The man seated in the main seat furrowed his brow and reminded him.


Hank, we know how you feel, but some things cant be too obvious.”

Hank was an old general and it was hard for them to refuse his request.

The leader said, “Mr.


Country D will hold the World Economic Forum Summit in mid-March.”

Upon hearing that, a light flashed past Hanks eyes.

The leader continued to speak.

“Even though we will investigate the members in the Robot R&D team, we cannot rule out that theres no traitor at all.

Therefore, we will hold an International Robot Competition at the same time and see how far the robots in China have developed.

Hank nodded and said, “My grandson had told me before that Zi Yi has great talent in robotics.”

His words caused the expression of several people to stiffen at the same time.

Hank added.

“You all should know about that robot bar of hers.

Ive sent some people to investigate it before.

All the equipment inside has exceeded the knowledge of those I sent.”

After Hank said his piece, he turned to leave.

The group of people remained seated there with a serious look.

A long time later, someone made a guess.

“Say, could it be that this Zi Yi really has such skills”

Someone else said, “No matter if she is that skilled or not, theres a need to send someone to investigate her and her robot bar.”

With everyone agreeing, this matter was settled like that.

As soon as Hank returned to his residence, a young man came out and welcomed him.

“Grandfather,” the young man respectfully called out.

Hank asked, “Have you found out who caused the companys funds to evaporate”

The young man hastily responded, “Not yet.”

The young man was so frightened that he got nervous.

Hank headed to his room after having said that.

The young man stood there as his calf slightly trembled.

He did not dare to chase after Hank.

After Hank entered his study room, he closed the door.

There was not a single soul inside, but he had spoken to the air.

“Come out.”

A person appeared in front of him.

Hank stared at him and said, “Lu Jingye and his woman will be coming over in mid-March.”

The man smiled.

“Isnt it good this way Congratulations to General Hank for being one step closer to the time of ending your enemy.”

When Hank heard his words, he furrowed his brow.

“Behind Lu Jingye is his younger brother who is in charge of the secret guards.

Hes not easy to deal with.”

“Whats General Hank worried about” A gun appeared in the mans hand.

The body of the gun reflected a deep green color.

Hank stared at the gun in his hand.

He somehow felt extreme danger from it.

This type of sensation was not something he would feel from ordinary guns.

The man looked at Hanks expression and asked with a smile, “What do you think about this gun of mine”

Hank kept his mouth shut and did not answer.

Clearly, the man was not really asking him a question.

He shifted his body and fired a shot toward the large wooden frame beside him.

What came out from the barrel was not a bullet.

Instead, it was a bluish liquid.

The moment the liquid came into contact with the wooden shelf, it instantly dissolved.

“What do you think would happen to those who face this gun”

While saying that, the man aimed the gun at Hank.

Hank looked at him sharply and remained tight-lipped.

“Haha…” The man laughed wildly.

After he finished laughing, he said, “They will be in the same state as this wooden shelf.”

Hanks expression remained unchanged and he asked, “Can this gun kill them”

The man said, “That womans skills cannot be underestimated.”

The man then said, “However, as long as we can find a few things from space, I am confident in killing them.”

The man leaned over to him.

There was still a smile on his face, but his eyes were radiating blue light.

“Theres no need for you to know.

I heard that a spaceship from Country D had flown to the X constellation some time back.

They brought back some specimens from one of the planets.

Find a way to bring that to me.”

“The specimens were something the astronauts managed to get with great difficulty.”

“You dont want to Then lets call off our cooperation.”

The man was about to leave when Hank suddenly said, “I will find a way to give it to you.”

As soon as the exhibition was over, Zi Yi did not accept an interview with the reporters.

Instead, she directly left the racing club through a special exit and got into a car that was already parked there in advance.

Lu Jingye was currently seated in the car and fiddling with the computer.

Upon hearing the door open, he looked up.

Zi Yi took a seat next to him and looked at the laptop screen.

It was a personal social media account.

Obviously, he had been managing her social media account earlier.

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