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Even though the Ouyang Family was ruthless, Ian was not someone easy to deal with either.

He was capable of enduring his elder brothers arrogant behavior for so many years and the moment an opening presented itself, he flipped the situation around without the slightest hesitation.

This proved that he was not truly like the gentleman he appeared to be on the surface.

As soon as the medicine he was drugged with was removed from his system, he immediately retaliated against the Ouyang Family.

How could the Ouyang Family be capable of withstanding Ians revenge In a single night, their family was removed from the position of the eight aristocratic families.

As for that piece of land, it had also become one of Lu Jingyes assets.

After the removal of the Ouyang Family, the atmosphere within the He Family became increasingly severe.

At Eldest Master Hes funeral, He Fei who was wearing a white suit came in from the entrance.

At the sight of him, He Dong rushed over and wanted to beat him up.

“He Fei, my father must have been killed by the men you hired.

Im going to kill you!”

He Feis body dodged the attack and at the same time, he reached out and tugged He Dongs wrist.

He then raised his foot and kicked his waist.

He Dong staggered backwards for a moment before he pounced over in He Feis direction again.

“He Fei, how dare you hit my son! Im going to fight it out with you…”

He Fei quickly dodged the First Madam who was jumping in his direction and he sneered.

“Do you have proof Dont make accusations without proof.

Otherwise, Ill sue you for framing me!”

The others who came to mourn saw that the First Family and the Second Family were about to get into a fight and all of them stood by the sidelines.

There were some family members of First Madam He who wanted to stop He Fei from fighting by persuasion.

But He Fei took out a gun from his pocket and smiled darkly.

“Take a guess.

Is this gun real or fake”

Whether it was real or fake, the people who came forward had instantly stopped in their tracks as they did not dare to take a step forward.

They sensed that He Fei was not in his right state of mind.

He had gone to the Bermuda Triangle and there was a high chance that the gun was real.

He Dongs eyes turned red from anger and the killing intent in his eyes could not be concealed.

He Fei looked into his eyes and similarly, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

He took out a piece of red paper from his suit pocket and threw it on Eldest Master Hes coffin.

He said with a sneer, “Im not here to mourn.

Im just here to see if the culprit behind my fathers death has died miserably.”

He Dong finally lost his reasoning after hearing He Feis words and he shouted out loud, “Bodyguards, capture him!”

The bodyguards were about to come forward when they heard the sound of a gunshot.

Everyone received a fright.

The gun in He Feis hand was real.

He Dongs complexion also instantly turned deathly white.

However, at the thought of something, he smiled.

“He Fei, dont feel happy with yourself.

I wont do anything to you today, but dont you think of having a good life either.

Unless you kill everyone here today, the news of you carrying a gun without permission will be known by the higher-ups.

You can just wait to be labeled as a wanted criminal!”

He Dong was confident that He Fei would not dare to kill everyone who was present and he smiled even wider.

“Do you think youre all that great with a gun in hand Do you not want to go and make sure that Second Aunt is doing well”

As soon as He Fei heard his words, he stiffened for a moment before the blood in his body rushed to his head.

“What did you do to my mother!”

Having said that, he quickly took out his phone and called his Mother.

However, he could not get through to her.

His heart sank to the pit of his stomach in an instant.

He glared at He Dong and his eyes reddened from anger and anxiety.

He shouted again, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY MOTHER!”

He Dong merely sneered and refused to say anything.

He Fei turned around and headed towards the door.

He was going to check if his Mother was safe and sound.

He Dong looked at He Feis departing back and killing intent flashed through his eyes.

At the same time, he made eye contact with a few bodyguards.

The bodyguards soon followed behind He Fei quietly.

At the same time, He Dong took out his phone and called the police.

He exaggerated the situation where He Fei carried a gun and injured the people at the funeral.

Soon, the police sent people over.

After calling the police, He Dong smiled.

His smile was very cruel.

“He Fei, you killed my father and I want your whole family to be buried together!”

After He Fei strode out from the courtyard, he continued dialing a few numbers.

His expression was frighteningly gloomy right now and his hand holding onto the phone was trembling.

After the call was connected, he hastily asked, “Uncle, did my Mother come home yet

“What You didnt see her

“Quick, go and search for her.

Something might have happened to Mother!”

He Fei suppressed the strong palpitations of his heart and he quickly headed to his own yard.

The moment he went in, he dialed another number and asked anxiously, “Help me check the whereabouts of my Mother.

No matter the price, I must know the results right away.”

After hanging up the phone, He Fei looked at his trembling hands.

He felt that there was a hole in his heart and he found it hard to breathe.

If his mother was really killed by the First Family, he will kill all of them!

It was not known how long he had stood behind the door for, when He Feis phone suddenly rang.

He did not even check the caller ID and said, “How is it Have you found out anything”

However, Ouyang Huis voice sounded from the other end.

“Brother Fei.”

There was no longer the usual confidence in Ouyang Huis voice.

Instead, there were traces of her crying and shaking from fear.

“Brother Fei, help me.

Our Ouyang Family is ruined.

I escaped, but I dont know where to go.”

He Fei clenched his fists.

At the thought of how this woman schemed against him, he did not want to meddle at all.

Just then, Ouyang Hui said, “Im in the vicinity of your house.

There are police cars heading over.

Brother Fei, take me away, Im begging you.”

Hearing this, He Fei narrowed his eyes and he quickly breathed as he said, “Little Hui, find a way to stop the police cars for me.

As long as you can delay them for half an hour, I will take you away.”

Ouyang Hui was desperate, as she had no other way.

Without a second thought, she agreed to it.

He Fei headed to the room of the First Family.

He had already guessed the reason why the police came.

He Dong clearly wanted to send him to prison.

He would not let himself get caught.

After waiting for a few more minutes, his phone rang again.

The other party said, “She has been assassinated.”

Upon hearing this, He Fei felt that his whole world had come crashing down and he didnt even realize that his phone had dropped to the ground.

Moments later, he was like a beast trapped in a cage and he finally collapsed.


He only had a single thought right now.

That was to kill everyone in the First Family and avenge his mother.

At the thought of this, he took his gun and ran outside.

When the Eldest Master Hes mourning hall was discovered covered in blood, the whole capital was shocked.

“Not a single member of the First Family was spared.

He Fei has also gone missing.”

When Lu Jingye came to fetch Zi Yi, he told her about this.

Zi Yi looked straight ahead and did not make any comments.

She merely asked, “What about He Feis Mother”

“She was killed by someone sent by the First Family.”

Even though Zi Yi disliked how stubborn He Fei was, she still sympathized with him right now.

At the end of the day, this happened because of the grudge the First Family had caused.

“Say, where do you think hes hiding”

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye with a slightly surprised expression.

By right, Lu Yunxiao would have told him.


Not only am I unaware, but its also the same for Yunxiao.

He seems to have disappeared from the face of Earth.”

Zi Yi became even more surprised.

She originally planned to take out her phone to check.

However, just as she was about to grab her phone, she changed her mind.

“Perhaps he had already thought of a way to retreat.”

However, with He Feis current situation, no one could guess what would happen.

The news of the He Family was spread throughout the capital faster than that of the Ouyang Family.

In the end, it became the talk of the town.

The He Family was also removed from the eight aristocratic families overnight.

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