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Zi Yi no longer deliberately made things difficult for him, since they had reached a consensus.

She took out the jade and passed it to him.

Lu Jingye took the jade and suddenly asked, “Do you know what this jade signifies”

“Isnt it a token representing the leader of a faction” Zi Yi asked and then said, “Dont worry.

Im not interested in it and I wouldnt replace the original with a fake.”

Lu Jingye smiled slightly.

He kept the jade and said, “Ive investigated you too.

Youre considered to have run away from home.

Why dont you take refuge at your grandfathers”

Zi Yi did not expect him to mention this topic again.

She frowned.


Busybody, do you intend for me to get scolded”

The original owner had been instigated by Li Peirong to do something that nearly caused Old Man Dou to have a heart attack.

Old Man Dou and her few uncles had made it clear that they would not care for her anymore.

Since she was not the original owner, why should she find trouble for herself

Lu Jingye watched Zi Yis expression and fell into silence for a moment before he asked, “Do you know what your grandfathers family does”

Zi Yi stared at him.

“I know.

My grandfather is a retired dean of the Capital University.

Eldest Uncle is a special grade mechanical engineer, Second Uncle is a physicist, Third Uncle is a biologist while Fourth Uncle is an economist.

And you… are the most well-liked student of my Fourth Uncle.”

It was because she knew that she had not been angered by his meddling.

After all, this man honoured and respected his teacher very much.

“Since youre aware, you should know how powerful your grandfathers side is”

Zi Yi discovered his motive behind saying these things and gave an eviction order in displeasure.


Busybody, you can go.”

It was almost noon and it was time for her to order takeout.

Lu Jingye looked at her expression for several seconds before he took out a card.

“Theres a billion on here.

Ill continue to transfer the remaining money after youve used up the money.”

Zi Yi took the card.

However, Lu Jingye remained seated.

Zi Yi looked at him coldly.

“Youre my teachers niece and theres a need for me to be concerned about your lifestyle.” Lu Jingye looked at her with his head tilted.

“What are you eating for lunch”


She simply took out her phone and prepared to order food when she saw that he was still unmoving.

“You can stay if you want to.

On the account of your generosity, Ill treat you to lunch.”

After that, she passed her phone and showed him the world of takeouts.

“What do you want to eat Just order as you like.”

Lu Jingye frowned.

“You eat takeout for every meal”

“Thats right.

Cooking is a waste of time.”

She would rather do something more meaningful with her time.

Lu Jingye fell into silence and after a while, he said in disagreement, “Eating takeout is unhealthy.”

When Zi Yi heard him, she suddenly had a bad idea.

She intended to make things difficult for him.

“Since you think eating takeouts are unhealthy, should I buy some ingredients for you to cook me a meal with”

She felt that it was a good idea and it could also cure his meddling habit.

After she tapped on the supermarket website, she placed the phone in his hand.

“You can choose the ingredients.”

Lu Jingye looked at her shining eyes and unexpectedly placed an order for the ingredients.

Zi Yi took back the phone and said with uncertainty, “Are you really going to cook”


“You can treat it as a thank you for taking my brother in for a night.”

After the ingredients were delivered she watched Lu Jingye walk into the kitchen.

She subconsciously followed him and asked, “Mr.

Busybody, are you always so idle”

Lu Jingye glanced at her and motioned to the chopping board.

“If you have nothing to do, you can help me peel the potatoes.”

Afterwhich, he added, “You can just call me by my name.”

Zi Yi said as she retreated, “Since youre the one cooking, you should be responsible to the end.”

She then turned and ran away after having said her piece.


Lu Jingye looked at the young lady who ran away faster than a rabbit and his eyes darkened.


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